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4 Business Roles that Form the Backbone to Industry

From construction work to factory operations, here are some underappreciated overachievers for your perusal.

We don’t think too often about where the things we use come from. We don’t spend enough time contemplating over how our chairs were put together, how the screws that hold them in place are formed, or even whether it is done by hand or not. Most industrial practices happen without your Average Joe ever having to think about them. Instead, they churn away in the background until we decide they need updating.

Therefore it’s a little-known fact that these processes are being kept alive by a small group of people. They are the fixers, the patcher-uppers, the people who supply the factories that churn out the products we so need. 

So, this is an appreciation post for all the little guys. Here are four roles you probably haven’t thought about before, but that the world would simply stop without.

The 4 Roles Industry Wouldn’t Work Without

Our factories only operate thanks to the dedicated effort of several individuals. Here are four of the best.

1 – Air Traders

That’s right. You don’t know this, but all that pneumatic machinery runs on compressed air. Any factory that needs gas bottles or whose machinery works with pistons and air needs to have all that air topped up. So to keep industry flowing, an air compressors parts and repair service is essential. You simply can’t keep running without it. 

These service engineers will come to your factory, plug in some hoses, and fill your air supply right back up. They work away, day after day, and most of us don’t even know they exist.

2 – The Machinists

Machinists are nothing like the film whatsoever. Rather than chasing people down assassination style, your average machinist can be found in your factory, ensuring that their assigned machines don’t break down. If it weren’t for them, you would never know when to call the air compression people to fill up your air supply. There would be no production since the machines couldn’t operate.

3 – The Mechatronics Engineers

If we go beyond machinists to the people who design and build the machines and AI that factories use, we come to the mechatronics engineers. These are the brains behind the operation of factories. They are the people who think up all the cool devices we use to create our goods. Without them, factories would still consist of numerous people standing in a production line, and there would be no factory tech at all.

4 – The Programmers

That’s right! You might never have thought of this before, but programmers are needed in factories to make sure they run smoothly. In particular, those that can code in Python and C++. These coders are masters of communicating with machines, and they write the code that tells them what to do and how to do it. Without programmers, factories would grind to a halt as the code became old and buggy. 

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