4 Best TMS Treatment Tips & Tricks to Get Stellar Results

Whether you have found out about TMS therapy on your own or recommended by the doctor, either way, it is important to learn about this effective treatment for depression. TMS has a stellar reputation for helping patients disappointed with other treatments to overcome depression.

If medication and talk therapy fail, choosing a TMS treatment program sounds like a rational step. Since most patients do not know about this treatment, it is hard for them to figure out how to make the most out of it.

4 Best TMS Treatment Tips & Tricks to Get Stellar Results 

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy works by stimulating the brain with the help of electromagnetic waves. As a result of the simulation, new connections between the neurons are developed. It helps overcome depression and a number of psychological disorders for treatment-resistant patients.

After checking the medical history, the doctor may recommend TMS therapy sessions to the eligible patient. If you have been suggested TMS therapy, here’s what you can do to get stellar results.

Things to Do Before the Treatment 

The patient must go prepared, pack necessary items, and have someone by your side for moral support. Pack a bottle of water, a pain reliever for the headache, and other medications. Moreover, prepare yourself by drinking lots of water and refraining from alcohol before the treatment.

Sleep well before the session to stay awake and alert during the treatment. Better sleep boosts energy, mood, and concentration, if you are unable to sleep, drink caffeine before treatment if it does not trigger anxiety.

Follow a Nutritious Diet 

Provide your brain with the essential nutrients and vitamins to keep up the energy and concentration during the treatment. Good nutrition and healthy vitamin levels will help achieve stellar results. Specific vitamins and nutrients help against depression, for instance, vitamin B, vitamin D, iron, zinc, and omega 3’s. Moreover, exercise regularly to increase the production of Endorphins and get better sleep.

Continue Taking Prescription Medicine 

To optimize the results, doctors may recommend TMS in addition to the prescription medication. Further, simply because you are recommended TMS treatment does not mean you have to give up on the medication you are already taking.

In fact, following the regular prescription routine will give you a better idea of how these TMS therapy sessions are working. Since each patient has a different treatment plan, ask your doctor if there should be any changes to the medication after the treatment.

Stay Active 

Along with TMS therapy, adopt a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, and engage in physical activities to improve mental health. Staying active and exercising will produce endorphins which will help the patient overcome past traumas and depression.


Lastly, Just because TMS is effective in treating depression does not mean that you will get results instantly, after just one therapy session. Be patient as you will surely see improvement after some time. Moreover, have a trusted friend or relative by your side who will cheer you up when you are not feeling good and celebrate your small achievements.

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