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Basic grammatical mistakes can be embarrassing. Poor grammar in your write-up immediately smashes your reader’s interest, and this is the last thing that you would want to happen. A well-articulated piece of writing with absolutely no grammar and spelling errors stands second to none.

But to err is human nature, and no matter how much knowledge you develop, you may still leave one or two faults unattended. At your rescue are some online AI-based tools. These grammar checker tools bring to your notice errors that may slip from the human eye while writing or proofreading.

The best part is that such tools are readily available, and some can be used for free. We have analyzed some of the best grammar checkers to help you enhance your content. Here are our best picks for you.

Best Grammar Checkers Online

This analysis is not only based on a personal experience, but it represents a conclusive experience of many profound writers who leverage such tools in their daily routines.

A human proofreader and an editor from a professional write my paper service can’t be replaced by any code-based program, but if you use these online tools consciously, you can finish your assignments perfectly.


Grammarly is hands down a writer’s best friend in the online world. This AI-based grammar and spell checker serves more than 20 million users as a writing assistant. With its exceptional user interface, the tool is best used for long articles and emails.

Grammarly scans your content thoroughly and looks for all kinds of errors in it. It indicates spelling mistakes, typos, grammatical improvements, and misplaced words in your written piece.

The premium version also suggests the restructuring of sentences that removes unnecessary or redundant words. It even points out punctuation mistakes and offers the correct ones that you can replace in a click.

The program lets you select your preferred English dialect, writing style, and tone of your article. But not all of its suggestions are always accurate. The accuracy can be labeled at 95% with a scope of 5% wrong recommendations.

This happens because sometimes the algorithm fails to identify the context and provides false corrections. Hence, always use your reasoning before accepting the corrections.

Hemingway Editor

When it comes to accuracy and user-friendliness, Hemingway App is the second best tool out there. This editor primarily offers a readability score that helps you determine how easy or tough your language is.

Along with a readability check, the program identifies lengthy sentences that make your writing more complex. It also examines your content for sentences with passive voice, phrases with simpler alternatives, and adverbs that can be omitted.

In short, the editor takes you in self-editing mode with color-coded highlights pointing to different areas of improvement. It makes your write-up bold and clear with crisp and short sentences.

You can determine whether your essay is perfect for your target audience with the help of its readability score. Besides, similar to Grammarly, it underlines misspellings and basic grammar errors too.

The only drawback of this program is that it does not show as many suggestions as its counterparts.

Ginger Online

If you fall in the category of those who do not prefer a distracting interface, Ginger is an ideal tool for you. This grammar checker has a simple user interface and a limit of 600 characters in its web version. This tool checks your text for grammatical mistakes, wrong spellings, and punctuation errors quite quickly.

It also allows its users to use Ginger extension that spots inaccuracies in real-time as you write. Ginger is available on the web, as browser extensions, and as an app for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Besides, the software also offers a range of features such as sentence rephraser, spell checker, translation, synonym suggestions, online proofreading, and personal trainer to help you improve your grammar.

It has some flaws and usability issues, such as it doesn’t suggest corrections; you need to hover the mouse over highlights to find out the mistake; and sometimes, it doesn’t find punctuation errors.


PaperRater is specially designed for high school and college students. This tool inspects your papers and essays for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. To make it more beneficial for students, this checker compares your content with other students’ essays who are at the same level as yours.

Like other online checkers, it indicates lengthy sentences, vocabulary usage, passive voice, and weak phrases in the text. Analyzing your essay for an automated essay scoring system is one of its best features that gives you an idea of what grade you may acquire from the teacher.

Some Honourable Mentions

The tools mentioned above are the best in our list based on the experience and preferences of most writers. However, there are more tools at your disposal that you may try your hands on. Some of such grammar checkers are ProWritingAid, WhiteSmoke, Writer, and Virtual Writing Tutor.

If you are tight on budget, you can choose a plan for one of these online tools. But know that these tools have their limitations.


The best way to finalize your draft is to proofread it from different sources. To increase accuracy, you may run more than one checker on your text and still apply your knowledge to assess whether a suggestion is appropriate.

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