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3 Winning Tips To Hire Your Next Marketing Operations Talent The Definitive Guide

As we’re drifting into the future the importance of your Marketing for your business is dramatically increasing and finding the right talents that will help you take your rocketship to the next level becomes a tedious task.

That being said, there’s one function in Marketing that seems to have the most influence on your B2B Saas business bottom line revenue but never seems like getting the right credit for all the work their doing – We’re talking about the Marketing Operations people, the ones who tirelessly work behind the scenes to make sure a healthy and consistent flow of your leads routes to the appropriate place and continuously working to optimize your website and campaigns spend.

Today, we’ll discuss why Marketing Operations should be a top priority for your B2B SaaS business and why it’s so hard to find the right talent for this particular Marketing discipline in 2022? The Definitive Guide For Marketing Operations Pros – Let’s dive right in.

Why Is Marketing Operations The Most Important Function In Your B2B Marketing Team? 

We are all very much aware of the fact that having a solid structure for your campaigns, marketing automation tools, and email marketing is paramount to success in the digital era, but where do Marketing Ops make the most impact for your business? Is it just governing the lead flows? Or evaluating new software to improve performance for your Sales and Marketing team?
The answer is simple, they should be involved in any strategic decision you’re taking regarding your Sales and Marketing go-to-market approach.

Here are a few reasons why Marketing Operations should be more involved in your day to day business decisions:

– They continuously strive to improve the customer experience. 

– They are in charge of streamlining processes both internally and externally.

– They always ensure scalability and predictability.

– They know the numbers, they can predict trends, and they are always on top of budget spending.

In 2022 Marketing operations should definitely get a bigger seat at the table as they are the ones to optimize for revenue, in everything they do.

Why Is It So Hard To Hire Marketing Operations Pros In 2022?

When looking for the next rockstar to join your growing Marketing team you’re probably facing many challenges, especially nowadays when the hiring process has dramatically changed and companies are offering more competitive salaries and perks. But why is it so hard to find talents when it comes to Marketing Ops?

Here are a few reasons why companies struggle when it comes to finding their next Marketing Ops rockstar:

– More companies are looking for the same personas which increase the demand for Marketing Ops Pros in 2022 and beyond.

– Experience is what matters in MArketing Ops, so ideally you would want someone experienced enough in Marketo, HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.

– Understanding Demand Generation Marketing, this one is super crucial since Marketing Ops Pros should be able to support your Demand Gen function and constantly optimize their performance.

As you can see, this person must be analytical, with a keen eye for details, being able to see the big picture, having vast knowledge in marketing technology and sales funnel, but even more, they’re required to show value and move the needle for the entire marketing team from the begging of their journey at the company.

3 Winning Tips To Hire Top Talents In Marketing Operations

So now that we have a better understanding of why Marketing Ops is so crucial for the success of your B2B Saas business, and why it is so hard to find the right talents, let’s discover what you can do to overcome these common misconceptions.

When looking for your next Marketing Ops Pro here are 3 things you should be looking at:

Are they capable of owning processes end-to-end? Are they qualified enough to see the entire funnel and identify potential pitfalls for your business? Could they draft an annual Marketing Ops plan that focuses on optimizing for revenue? 
In case they can, they are the people you want in your Marketing team, they are the Generalists you’ve been looking for to help your business grow.


These are most powerful for Marketing Ops Pros simply since their entire daily routine is around how they can create efficiencies by leveraging the power of your existing integrations and automate what can be automated to avoid employee burnout and eliminate repetitive tasks.

Their potential to become RevOps leaders

Marketing ops provides continuous support to RevOps, whose main goal is maximizing your company’s overall revenue potential. The best Marketing Ops Pros are the ones who essentially shitting towards RevOps, and the reason being simple, they already knowledgeable in everything that is related to your business processes and efficiencies, now they would just need to shift their mindset towards a more holistic revenue-oriented approach, as they would potentially want to grow their career path.

Summing up

The whole idea behind hiring your next Marketing Operation talent is to allow your company to remain agile and be prepared for whatever changes the future will bring. The most important factor to keep in mind is longevity. When looking to bring Marketing Operation talent to your company, don’t expect results overnight!
Be realistic with your goals, know exactly the areas you need improvements on, and make sure of the fact that the new talent is getting the credit for their efforts right from the start. Give them the credit and they will help you grow your business like never before. 

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