3 Ways to Make Your Own Mobile App in 2021

A high-quality mobile app is a great way to increase brand awareness, attract new customers, increase sales, and achieve continuous communication with consumers. The number of smartphones used is constantly growing, and soon more than 70% of the population will use them. Clients will always have all the news related to your product at their fingertips with a mobile application. Read about the main ways to create your own product in this article.

How to Make an App

Like any software development, creating mobile applications is a rather laborious process. Before starting this task, you need to think over all the details on paper:

  • formulate an idea;
  • consider the needs of your target audience;
  • analyze your competitors and their apps;
  • think over the design and basic functions;
  • decide on the main marketing steps.

Now you can start choosing the development method that suits you best.

1. No code

You can build applications without having to write code. This option is perfect for those with no programming experience and those looking to save time and money. You can use Flipabit to create a no-coding product. With this free app builder, you can get a cross-platform application from scratch or use ready-made templates that can be customized using an extensive library of components. All this is done quite simply, quickly, and without the need for coding knowledge. Apps developed with builders are a good option for startups, marketing strategy testing, and MVPs.

2. Studio

Some studios develop turnkey software. Since these services usually employ experienced engineers who know how to code, you may set even complex requirements to satisfy all your needs. If you do not have the desire or time to independently engage in market analysis, customer needs, and product development, you can turn to outsource. A quality studio can do all this for you. However, keep in mind that it significantly increases the cost and raises the amount of time spent on development. Besides, there is always the possibility that the result will not turn out the way you saw it.

3. Own IT-department

Medium and large companies may consider developing an application with their own IT department. Of course, you will have to take some time to find the right people or address specialized recruitment agencies. But you can be sure that full-time employees are more involved in the development process than a third-party studio or freelancers. This way, you can control every stage of work and ensure that you get exactly the product you intended, no matter what exactly you developed: a sports betting app or an online store catalog.

Pick Your Method

All three described methods have certain benefits and several disadvantages. Of course, these are not the only ways you can go about creating your own application. You can hire freelancers, use open resources or ready-made UI templates, or take IT courses and learn how to code. The choice of the best one depends on your requirements, needs, and business specifics.

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