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3 Ways Hiring A Quantity Surveyor In Dublin Can Help Your Building Project

Are quantity surveyors in Dublin worth hiring today for building projects? Experts at Rory Connolly QS receive this type of question almost every time. To clarify this question, these professionals have outlined 3 different ways in which hiring a QS in Dublin for your building project is worth it today.

1.  Cost estimation

Cost estimation is one of the first important things you need to take care of before starting your building projects. This move is crucial, as it’ll assist you in setting the right budget for the project. That’s not all; cost estimation also makes it pretty easy to allocate resources the right way. It also provides you with insights into how to plan your entire project.

Cost estimation isn’t something you can just do on your own. Instead, you need the help of professionals, who’ll help you acquire accurate figures. Here’s where the need to hire a reliable quantity surveyor in Ireland comes into play.

  • To arrive at an accurate estimate of the entire project, the QS will start by reviewing the bid package. This helps them get familiar with the construction processes. They also ensure that every aspect of the project is captured in the bid package.
  • The cost estimator also visits the project site to conduct quantity takeoff. This helps them to count all items needed for the project.
  • They also solicit prices from different vendors and suppliers. In addition, they also evaluate labor requirements, such as daily work hours.
  • Insurance & bonding costs, profit & contingency, and overhead costs are other factors that will be considered during the cost estimation process.

With reliable quantity surveyors at Rory Connolly QS today, you can always get an accurate estimate of your entire project.

2.  Cost control

Cost control is a project management process that involves managing and regulating various expenses for the entire project. This move is crucial to ensuring that all expenses align with the set budget and objectives of the project. You need to hire a reliable QS in Dublin for effective cost control of your project.

Expert QS works by doing the following things:

  • They start by carrying out cost estimation.
  • After cost estimation, the QS expert will proceed by carrying out the tendering process.
  • After estimating costs, the QS helps in creating the budget for the projector.
  • Cost control follows and this continues till the project reaches completion. QS in Dublin often employs different techniques when carrying out cost control. Some of these techniques include cost reduction, accounting, budgetary evaluation, variance, and cost-benefit analysis.

3.  Contract management

Contract management is a crucial aspect of every building project and you must never joke with it. This ensures that the entire project reaches completion based on the laid down budget and timeline. It also ensures that the project meets quality standards upon its completion.

Contract management doesn’t only focus on how quickly the project gets completed without quality compromise. In addition, it also focuses on keeping monitoring and managing costs, ensuring they are within the set budget.

Quantity surveyors for builders in Dublin can help you handle your entire contract management needs. Experts at Rory Connolly work by helping you to oversee contract-related aspects of the project. These include:

  • Creation of contract
  • Contract analysis
  • Execution of contract
  • Contract Compliance
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