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3 Tips for Finding a Good Vacation Deal Online

3 Tips for Finding a Good Vacation Deal Online

In the past I would have worked with travel agents to plan trips, especially to far away places. There are still some benefits to working with an agent in this day and age, such as trip support and help should anything go wrong and you need to lean on your travel insurance package or make any changes to your flights. However, it is often considerably cheaper to book your own flight and hotel packages independently, but you need to keep a few things in mind to make the most of it. Here are my top 3 tips for finding a good vacation deal online. Whether you’re looking for the best vacation rentals orlando or wanting to get your flights booked, keep reading to learn more.

1. Use a Variety of Sites
Using a variety of sites means that you can check out different price points and see how different options compare. Depending on where you travel to, you’ll have a bunch of different options such as different airlines, different hotels and even other options such as Airbnb. For flights my favorite site to use is Google flights and for accommodation I like sites like Priceline that offer a variety of options and price points. Be sure to compare pricing on a few sites as it can vary significantly. Looking for a gift? Check out the best sterling silver earrings here. 

2. Be Flexible With Dates if Possible
If you have some flexibility when you travel, it can make a big difference to the price. I prefer using sites like Google Flights that allow you to quickly try out different dates and even come up with date prompts to see the different price points. In general shoulder seasons – so Spring and Autumn often have the best pricing, especially in high demand areas like Europe. You’ll want to check when school holidays are, as well as any national holidays, to avoid peak travel times if you’re looking to keep the budget more modest. If you manage to get cheaper flight prices due to lower seasons, you’ll find that many hotels will also offer more competitive pricing during the lower seasons too, which will result in a considerable cut in expenses. You can use Google to quickly learn more about the national holidays you might prefer to avoid.

3. Consider Other Places
You might have your heart set on a certain location, but if you think objectively about that destination you may quickly realize somewhere else could be a better fit for you. For example, flights may be considerably more expensive to Asia than traveling to Europe, or locally, but once you’re there all of the expenses will be significantly lower which will mean you can either upgrade the quality of your trip, or extend it for longer. If you’re set on going to Europe, for example, why not head to Eastern Europe which still has a lot of the European charm but much more affordable pricing. I’m all about getting more bang for your buck and being open to traveling to other destinations is a great way to get more value for your money while still having a fabulous holiday.

Finding a good vacation deal online can feel challenging if you’ve never done it, but hopefully these tips help you feel more confident that you can nab a great deal. 

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