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3 Tips for Finding a Better Work Life Balance

3 Tips for Finding a Better Work Life Balance

Finding a work life balance that leaves enough room for you to have a social life, to feel energized, and to spend time with your family can be a real challenge. Modern life makes it pretty hard to fit everything in, but this year I’ve been really focusing on how to make my work time more productive, so that I can take better and bigger breaks to focus on what’s really important to me. If you’re interested in learning how to have a better work life balance, keep reading.

1. Use Technology as Much as You Can
Many of us are apprehensive about using technology in our business, whether it’s because of the cost of it or the learning curve required to get used to it. The truth is there are many pieces of tech that can make our lives considerably easier – from a dedicated customer relations manager such as BluMortgage floify, through to project management tools such as Asana, there are so many things that can help streamline your work. It can be hard to find what works best for you, so if you have friends in a similar industry why not ask them about their favorite technology that helps free up their time and allows them to get more done.

2. Learn About Deep Work
We live in a world that’s filled with distractions like never before. Our caveman ancestors didn’t have to worry about essentially having a computer in their pockets at all times. One of the biggest challenges our generation will face is figuring out how to focus and do deep work, so if this is a skillset you can master you’ll rise to the top. Deep work has so many benefits, like allowing you to get to a deeper level of concentration and creativity. But what I love most about it personally is that I quite simply get more done in less time, so then I have more free time to do what I enjoy and love with my friends and family. Check out Horizon Measurements for some great surveying options. 

3. Explore Your Hobbies
It can be really hard to find the time, especially if you’re a parent, trying to juggle your relationships, pets, work, everything. But it’s really important to find time for the things you love and the things that energize you. Whether you love a weekly yoga class, or you prefer something more intensive like a boxing class. Maybe you like to knit, or love painting – whatever it is that makes you come alive, you should carve out time each week to pursue that. Often when we’re busy, it’s our hobbies that slide to the bottom of the priority list, but that’s a mistake. Keeping up with them, even if it’s only once a week, can make a big difference to our moods and energy levels which has benefits in all areas of your life. So whatever it is for you, whether it’s wearing the ​​best authentic cowboy hats and going to a rodeo, or doing laps in a swimming pool, make sure you do that regularly.

Finding a work life balance can be really challenging, but making these changes slowly can help improve how you feel about your life and how satisfied you are. 

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