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3 Thought Leaders to Follow in 2021 to Reach Your New Year’s Resolutions 

The new year 2021 arrived full of many challenges, especially with the global COVID-19 pandemic. You may find it helpful to follow these 3 thought leaders to reach your new year resolutions.

1) Kayla Itsines

fitness new year resolutions

Follow Kayla Itsines for resolutions relating to Fitness. In a 2019 survey, 59% of respondents said their New Years Resolution was to exercise more and 3 out of the top 4 responses were all related to losing weight or eating healthier. Going into 2021, you need to prepare your mindset for success. This begins by creating a support structure and changing the major voices in your life. Fitness Guru, Kayla Itsines, has amassed a following of 12 million followers on Instagram by providing her audience a support structure and daily motivation along with daily workout content. 

Mindset is one of the biggest factors in not carrying out your New Year’s resolutions. Following an account like Kayla Itsines is crucial to staying motivated and seeing that it is possible. She often posts her followers before and after photos to showcase her Bikini Body Guide program success stories. By seeing daily reminders of success, you are sure to continue your fitness journey long enough to see progress, build momentum, and ultimately succeed. 

According to many fitness instructors, will power is the biggest factor in success, and the only way to keep your will power high as possible is to see other people going through the same struggles and conquering them successfully. If you are looking to exercise more, lose weight,  or be healthier in 2021, make sure you follow Kayla Itsines for daily motivation and a community of like-minded people who are determined to do the same thing!

2) Shawn Sharma

Finance. new year resolutions

Follow Shawn Sharma for resolutions relating to Finance. According to the same survey, the only factors in the top 5 responses that were not health-related, were related to reducing debt and improving personal finances. Going into 2021, it is very important to set yourself up for success by having the right information. According to finance influencer, Shawn Sharma, the biggest factor stopping most people from financial success is that they don’t have the proper information. Shawn Sharma graduated from Cornell, and despite an Ivy League education, realized most formal education does not teach you the proper personal finance lessons that are necessary for real-world success. 

Shawn Sharma has dedicated his social media brand of 2 million Instagram followers to spreading financial literacy and teaching people how to leverage their credit to travel for free and use creative financing to start and scale their own business. Like Kayla, Shawn Sharma frequently posts success stories and has a community where like-minded people can network and learn and grow together. If you are looking to fix your credit, or learn how to leverage it to start a business or travel the world for free using points and miles, make sure to follow Shawn Sharma on Instagram. 

Most importantly, if your goal is to really change your finances it begins by being exposed to people who are managing their finances properly and then executing upon the same strategies that are working right now. Shawn Sharma prides himself upon giving away tons of free knowledge and advice and encourages people to take his free financial literacy class if they want to learn the right tactics that work. If you are looking to improve your credit, reduce debt, or be financially healthier in 2021, make sure you follow Shawn Sharma for daily motivation and a community of like minded people who are determined to do the same thing!

3) Jay Shetty

Relationships new year resolutions
Follow Jay Shetty for resolutions relating to Relationships. In the same study, 30% of all respondents said they want to spend more time with their family, fall in love, or have better relationships. Family is very important and world-renowned psychologist Maslow posited that it was the 3rd most important need in his hierarchy of needs only behind self-actualization and esteem. When it comes to spending more time with family and having happier relationships, there is no better expert to follow than Jay Shetty. 

A self-described purpose coach and storyteller, Jay Shetty has 7.7 million Instagram followers and has built a massive brand following shedding light on tough topics that everyday people deal with daily. In one video skit, a female protagonist is seen struggling with her husband spending less and less time with her to the point where she feels invisible. In the skit, Shetty sheds light on her experience and looks to educate and entertain his audience so they can better understand and deal with issues they might be facing in their own relationships and life. 

He provides solutions and helps bring light to topics that many individuals commonly struggle with but there never was a voice for them to follow and take advice from until now. Shetty has seen massive growth in his social media following and wide acclaim due to the impact he has had in helping people improve their relationships with their family and loved ones and find happiness. 

He recently launched his genius mobile application which allows users to master 5 key areas of life including personal development, relationships, and spirituality. If you are looking to spend more time with your family, have better relationships, and be happier, then Jay Shetty is the influencer for you. Not only have his strategies led to him having the number 1 podcast on health and purpose, he also is a New York Times bestseller and has amassed a community of 41 million like-minded individuals who also want to improve their relationship, their love life, and their happiness as well! 

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