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3 Things You Must Know About Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are some of the most helpful tools that marketers have in this day and age. Billions of people all around the world use Facebook on a daily basis. They make many of their purchasing decisions in a wide variety of areas on the platform. Facebook has grown to become one of the world’s largest companies almost exclusively through their advertising power. It was the original secret to make sure that Facebook would be both free and a money-making venture.

But marketing on Facebook is not the most simple process for a marketer to undertake. The vast majority of marketers are focused on traditional marketing techniques and applications. They do not have experience in digital, social media-based approaches to marketing. They need to do some basic research and embrace the Facebook model before they are able to use it to its fullest extent.

Different Types

Many outside observers believe that there is one basic type of Facebook ad. They think all Facebook ads are the ads that they say when they scroll through their news feed. But Facebook also offers two other forms of advertisements. One type is the side ad. These are the more expensive advertisements that are seen on the sides of the news feed. They are particularly pricey because they do not disappear. They stay with the user as he or she scrolls and are seen throughout their time on the screen.

Consequently, these advertisements are often more expensive than other options. They can be helpful for brief bursts of marketing that helps push a particular product launch. Both of these forms of advertising have been established for at least the past decade on Facebook.

A much more recent addition to the Facebook marketing mix is the Facebook Marketplace ad. Marketplace is the option that Facebook has launched recently to compete with local selling companies such as Craigslist. It allows a person to post about a product or service in an easily searchable format for people are directly interested in the product.

These ads are most likely accessed through individuals who are already connected with the Marketplace. An experience partner like a Facebook ad agency will know how to design and choose search engine optimization tools in order to make sure these ads work their best.

They do not have the exact same structure and reach of features of the traditional Facebook ad. These ads crucially do not simply appear while the person is scrolling through their feed and seeing what their friends are up to. It is only appealing to people who go through the extra effort to go to the Marketplace site because they want a particular product or service. Therefore, it should be considered an entirely different marketing approach then the simple news feed ad.

Different Tiers

In order to properly advertise with Facebook, a marketer needs to decide how much he or she is going to spend on their ad. Spending is essential to determining the proper reach and depth of a Facebook ad buy. Facebook dictates how far the ad will go based on how much money is spent. A person can stretch their ad to thousands of people and dozens or hundreds of different subsets. They need to determine how much they want to spend before even embarking on the social media marketing process.

Different Focus

According to a trusted Facebook ad agency, the genius of Facebook advertising is the wide variety of people that the company can reach on a granular level. Facebook has so many users that it has collected literally trillions of data points over the past 15 years.

It has hired some of the world’s best data scientists in order to organize, track, and put this data into certain cross sections. These cross sections have been used to create specific groups and characteristics for marketers to take advantage of. Marketers can search groups to focus on by age, interest, and the amount of times they are online.

They can take the information that they have about their prospective customer base and find the users that will be interested in their product. Facebook’s marketing approach solves the age old dilemma for marketers who spend thousands or millions of dollars every year reaching people who will never be interested in their product. Mass mailers and television advertisements are ignored by large majority of people because they are simply not in the groups that would be interested.

Mass marketing for rock climbing adventures sometimes go to people who have never left their hometown. Television advertisements for Italian restaurants go to people who hate eating out. Facebook marketing allows the marketer to completely bypass all of these previous constraints and only talk to people who are proven to be most interested in the project.


Any marketer who wants to use Facebook for their company needs to be aware of the ways in which Facebook can reach its audience. They need to closely examine the people they are trying to reach and the different demographic groups that they believe they need to talk to.

Marketers also need to take a serious look at their budget and their marketing needs. Should Facebook compliment their marketing strategy today or replace it entirely? Questions like this will help the marketer succeed and survive into the 21st century with social media marketing.  

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