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3 Lifestyle Changes That Will Transform Your Energy At Work

3 Lifestyle Changes That Will Transform Your Energy At Work

I think our modern lives are quite unnatural – most of us are expected to spend at least 8 hours, often up to 12, sitting at a desk staring at a glowing screen all day. Not only is our posture unnatural, but we’re surrounded by artificial lighting and our diets are a far cry from how they used to be. When we get home to rest, most of us stare at a screen in one form or another to pass our evenings, and then we get up the next day and repeat it. No wonder so many of us feel sluggish, struggle to concentrate and feel productive and suffer from fatigue. If you want things to be better, keep reading to learn about my top 3 lifestyle changes that will transform your energy at work.

1. Look at Your Diet
If your diet is anything like the average person’s diet, then it’s probably low in fruits and vegetables and high in processed foods, carbohydrates and low in actual nutrients. One of the best ways to improve your energy is to simply increase the quality of the foods you eat. This could mean swapping your morning bowl of cereal for a bowl of fresh fruit and granola. It could mean buying organic food, organic coffee beans, and ensuring that you are fuelling your body with clean and healthy products. It could mean swapping out those takeaways for a home cooked meal a few times a week. If you’re looking for a more dramatic change, you can even try doing a Whole30 to see what foods you find inflammatory and what things deplete your energy levels. Small changes like using low carb tortillas, can make a big difference to your energy levels as you wont have that post carb crash.

2. Move Your Body
Think about how you get to work each day? Do you commute in a car or train? Then you’re spending the majority of your life either laying down in bed, and then sitting on your butt. Is there any way you can add in a little exercise to your commute? Maybe it means cycling to the train station instead of taking your car, maybe you choose to get off one train station early when the weather is good so you can walk a few blocks. Maybe you would prefer to go to some regular classes each week at the gym. Or maybe it means an evening walk each night with your kids. Find excuses to move your body more, and you’ll quickly see how this positively impacts your energy levels throughout the day. Don’t forget to check out this great site for insulated cladding.

3. Limit Your Screen Use
If you have a job that requires you’re on a computer, then you probably need to find a different way to unwind each evening. Can you find a creative hobby that you enjoy that helps you relax? I personally love having a long, luxurious bath whenever I can, but you can think of other things you can do each evening to unwind. Maybe doing a puzzle or a game as a family? You could try doing an adult coloring book to see how you feel about that. Some people enjoy scrapbooking as a way to relax and unwind. Or maybe you would prefer to focus on a sport or exercise based activity, such as boxing, running or even cycling. If you need any Winters Instruments digital gauges, don’t forget to add them to your cart.

It can be challenging trying to find ways to improve your energy levels and focus at work, but if you find yourself falling behind I think these are some of the best changes you can make to get yourself back on track. 

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