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3 Issues Mihir Sukthankar Sees in Entrepreneurs and Traders

Entrepreneurs and Traders

When someone’s at the head of a business that’s used by thousands of stock traders, and they’re not even 20 years old, it’s a safe bet to say that there’s some substance behind the stellar rise. With Mihir Sukthankar, the substance comes from his readiness to put an incredible amount of work into market analysis and distill his insights to help thousands of people grasp the ins and outs of the stock market.

That’s at least one part of what makes up the offering of Traders Circle X, Mihir’s company. The other part is the TCX Academy, the company’s educational project that offers courses and guides for avid learners.

Nevertheless, being a part of this business at such a young age puts Mihir in an interesting position to have enough experience to form solid viewpoints and still be young enough for them to be honest and uncompromising. As with any other career path, though, there are issues, problems, and roadblocks he’s encountered with traders and fellow entrepreneurs.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the desire to postpone, the thing called procrastination, is one of the major walls Mihir sees standing between people and success. It is “people,” though, and not just entrepreneurs, because procrastination is a problem faced by anyone, from high school students to creatives, from teachers to traders.

However, for traders, TCX is offering a clear path through procrastination for new and experienced traders alike. That was one of the reasons behind forming the company in the first place, and for now, it seems like it’s doing its mission pretty well.

Starting Too Late

It’s an irrefutable fact of life that some things take more time to happen than others. Sometimes people put things in motion that will come to fruition in months. Sometimes, it takes years for things to bear fruit. Websites might load in seconds, and trades might occur in milliseconds, but life happens at a much slower pace.

That’s one of the reasons to start implementing the changes that lead to success early enough. Mihir sees starting to implement changes too late as a big problem. People get stuck with their busyness and don’t do the work that matters to them. Issue number one kicks in, and they postpone. All the while, trades are happening, there’s money to be made, and most importantly, precious time is lost.

Not Doing Whatever It Takes to Succeed

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy. While everyone’s focusing on the success stories, the unicorns, or the small teams that made it big through sheer willpower, thousands upon thousands of businesses are folding. It’s just a normal part of being in business. Some ventures will be successful, and others won’t.

While it certainly is true that there’s plenty that is out of the entrepreneur’s hands in any endeavor, there are still many things an entrepreneur can do to ensure the success of their ideas. A lack of willingness to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes and dedicate themselves fully and solely to their business’s success is one of the failings of entrepreneurs Mihir has often seen.

The harsh reality of being an entrepreneur is that a lot of it comes to vision, idea, and powering through tough times on little more than fumes. An entrepreneur who doesn’t believe in their ability to succeed will eventually fail for a lack of trying.

If you want to keep up with Mihir Sukthankar, you can follow him on Instagram at @mihirtrades.

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