3 Easy Solutions to Fix SD Card Read Only Error

SD cards are widely used in digital cameras, smartphones, and other portable devices to store photos, videos, and other data. However, sometimes while accessing the SD card, you may encounter an error saying that the card is read-only.

When this error appears, it will prevent you from making the changes to the data present on your SD card or SD card is write protected. This can be quite frustrating, especially when you need to delete or add new files to the card. In such a situation, you may wonder about how to fix SD card read only error. 

Today, in this article, I will show you what causes this error & how can you get rid of it.

So, let’s get started now……!

What Causes SD Card Read Only Error?

There are several possible reasons why an SD card may become read-only error. Some of them are listed below:

Physical damage: Physical damage to the SD card, such as scratches, dents or cracks, can also cause it to become read-only.

Physical write-protection switch: If the physical switch of the SD card is toggled to the “locked” position, the card will become read-only.

File system errors: If the file system on the SD card becomes corrupted or damaged, the card may become read-only.

Full storage capacity: If the storage capacity of the SD card is completely filled, it may become read-only to prevent any further data from being added or modified.

Malware or virus infections: Malware or virus infections on the SD card can cause it to become read-only.

Incompatible device or reader: An SD card may become read-only if it is used with an incompatible device or card reader.

As you have known the causes of this error, now it’s become easier for you to troubleshoot this issue.

How To Fix SD Card Read Only Error?

Here are the few ways applying which you will be able to fix microsd card read-only error.

Solution 1: Check the Physical Switch of SD Card

3 Easy Solutions to Fix SD Card Read Only Error

Many SD cards have a physical write-protection switch that can be toggled to protect the contents of the card from being overwritten or deleted.

This switch is designed to prevent accidental deletion or modification of data on the card. When the switch is in the “locked” position, the card becomes read-only, and you cannot write or delete data from it.

To fix this issue, you need to make sure that the switch should be in the unlock position. 

Solution 2: Run Check Disk Utility to Fix SD Card Read Only Error

If you are experiencing an SD card read-only error, you can try fixing it by running the Check Disk utility on your Windows computer.

Here are the steps:

  • Insert the SD card into your computer’s SD card reader.
  • Open Windows Explorer and locate the SD card drive.
  • Right-click on the drive and select “Properties“.
  • Click on the “Tools” tab and then click “Check“.
  • 3 Easy Solutions to Fix SD Card Read Only Error
  • Select “Scan and repair drive” and click “Start”.
  • Wait for the Check Disk utility to complete the scan and repair process. This may take several minutes depending on the size of the SD card.
  • Once the process is complete, remove the SD card and reinsert it to see if the read-only error has been fixed.

Solution #3: Reformat the SD Card

Formatting an SD card can sometimes fix the read-only error that occurs when trying to write data to the card. 

However, before you reformat the card, it’s important to save the backup of all your entire data because it will deleted everything from your SD card permanently.

Here are the steps to reformat an SD card:

Step 1: Insert the SD card into your computer or card reader.

Step 2: Open the file explorer on your computer.

Step 3: Find the SD card in the list of drives, right-click on it, and select “Format“.

3 Easy Solutions to Fix SD Card Read Only Error

Step 4: Choose the file system you want to use for the card. The most common ones are FAT32 and exFAT.

Step 5: Select the “Quick Format” option to speed up the process, but note that a full format is more thorough.

Step 6: Click “Start” to begin the formatting process.

Step 7: Wait for the process to complete. This may take a few minutes depending on the size of the card.

Step 8: Once the formatting is complete, eject the SD card and re-insert it to your device.

Step 9: Try to write some data to the card to test if the read-only error has been resolved.

If the read-only error still persists after reformatting the SD card, there may be a physical problem with the card itself. In that case, you should consider replacing the card.

Wrapping Up

I just hope after going through this whole post, you will able to fix SD card read only with ease. As you can see, above I have mentioned 3 quick and easy ways to resolve this error. 

So, keep trying the given methods one by one to get rid of this error.

Good luck!


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