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3 Driving Tech Investments Any Business Can Make

3 Driving Tech Investments

Sometimes you really do have to spend money to make money. Nowhere is this more evident than in the business world, where companies need to shell out large amounts of cash for everything from acquiring new talent, to marketing their products and services. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners struggle to determine exactly where they should be using their budget when they’re trying to prepare their company for success. 

One of the most important, yet frequently overlooked areas, is in the business vehicle landscape. It’s surprisingly common to see countless companies spending less on vehicles and second-hand trucks just to keep costs low. However, if you want to make your team as efficient and cost-effective as possible, the right step may be to invest in making your drivers and their cars more tech savvy. Here are just some of the tech investments you could use to make your business more successful.

Fleet Management Tools

Fleet management tools and fleet telematics are probably some of the most common vehicle-focused investments made in the business world. Companies need to know how staff are using their cars if they’re going to ensure they’re being as efficient and productive as possible. However, a lot of companies don’t really know what they’re looking for when they’re searching for software and technology to enhance their fleet. 

If you want to make the most out of your vehicle investments, you need to make sure you’re not just tracking your vehicles wherever they are with a GPS signal. You should also be looking into tools that can help you to make teams more efficient, by planning intelligent routes for them. There are even solutions out there that can use artificial intelligence to determine more fuel-efficient paths to consumers and clients. Go beyond the basics when investing in this tech, and you’ll thank yourself for it later. 

Driver Assistance Tech

Driver assistance tech is so common these days that it’s usually included in most modern vehicles. This will usually be the technology you see listed under the convenience features section on your car’s product listing. The right driver’s assistance tech will depend on the kind of fleet you’re running, but most professionals will benefit from things like cruise control, to help them maintain the right speed for maximizing fuel efficiency, and lane drift warnings. You can also implement tools that help your employees to be safer behind the wheel. For instance, some of the more modern cars on the market come with things like alerts which inform your driver when they’ve been behind the wheel for an extended period of time and may need a break.


Finally, cameras might not be the newest technology in the vehicle landscape, but they are one of the most valuable. As you consider this option pay attention to upgrades that won’t void your warranty when applicable. You can use cameras in your cars to help your employees park into tighter spaces and keep track of what’s going on around the vehicle, to reduce your threat from things like theft when your staff aren’t in the car. Cameras in a modern vehicle can even send information back to the operations center in the form of real-time streaming video, so your staff members can access assistance and support from business leaders when in a challenging situation.

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