3 Cybersecurity Start-Ups to Watch Closely


In this day and age, it is incredibly important that businesses and individuals alike are taking the time to adequately protect themselves from threats that could affect their cybersecurity. Given the number of businesses that are being hacked even now, it is very important that companies take the necessary steps to ensure that they are fully protected. As we move into more of a tech-dominated society, this is only going to prove to be more and more prevalent of an issue. Here are three cybersecurity start-ups to watch if this is a concern for you.


With offices placed around the world and staff standing by ready to help, Snyk is an open source security platform that is ready to help software-driven businesses with their security needs. They have a variety of products that could prove to be helpful to various companies, including a cloud native application security platform. This CNAS solution allows developers to build their own application through Snyk’s foundation.

No matter whether a customer wants to be able to work with code or whether they are looking into cloud infrastructure and other possibilities, the flexibility of Snyk’s programs means that they will be able to get the protection that they need across all levels. They also offer development resources so a client is able to further their own understanding of cybersecurity issues rather than rely wholly on the expertise of Snyk.


Perimeter 81 offers a Secure Access Service Edge Platform to their customers. This is a cloud-based secure access network that is designed to connect and protect remote workforces no matter where they might be located. They have ensured that set-up is much easier to manage, with their processes taking minutes instead of days. What’s more, their set-up means that it is easier than ever to boost and scale your services if needed. 

They offer several styles of access to their network, so you should be able to construct the program that you need to ensure security. The information on their site has been arranged and organised into industries and roles, so it should not take you too long to track down the solution that could prove to be the right one for your company. 

In addition to their security resources, they also offer educational programs. Their blogs and webinars provide useful insights into this industry, and could help a company grow their own knowledge and expertise of cybersecurity. Since this is becoming more and more of an issue, seeing a tech company offer this support is a great move.


The developers at SafeBreach want to ensure that their customers are going to be able to deal with any issues that might come their way. This is why their solution will help you to optimise the security controls you already have in place. It can test your defences to work out where your weak points might lie, visualise these results in a way that is easy for you to understand, even if you do not have the most technical of backgrounds, and prioritise and make the changes needed for you to improve your system.

Their aim is not to saddle you with a complicated system that you might not necessarily understand. Instead, they want to make sure that you are able to properly manage what you already have, and use this as a foundation to build a more comprehensive system. Their aim is to ensure that your resources are used in a way that is best for you while also delivering the protection you need to properly protect yourself from common cybersecurity threats.

Address Your Company’s Cybersecurity Threats

It is becoming more and more important that companies put in place a good level of cybersecurity regardless of the industry that they might be working in. One of the big issues here is that hackers and other nefarious characters tend to target smaller businesses as they are aware that their security might not be as good. As a smaller company, you have to ensure that your data is properly protected.

Many businesses cannot operate without their computer systems, and a loss of data from an attack can result in a big break in trust with your clients that could see you lose business. Therefore, it is incredibly important that you are able to adequately protect yourself.

The companies listed above are all experts in the world of cybersecurity, and they are well-accustomed to helping small businesses lay out the foundations for a robust security network. If you feel like your cybersecurity could use some improvements, working with them could prove to be a brilliant move for your company. Do not make the mistake of neglecting your cybersecurity – this needs to be something that you address and correct, especially if your current set-up could use some improvement.

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