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3 Categories of Pest Infestation in Melbourne

  • Category 1: Mild Infestation – $240
    Minor infestations in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry can be treated with our 1st level treatments, which include non-toxic sprays and other premium products that discourage the pests from coming back.
  • Category 2: Moderate Infestation – $280
    If you observe pest activities throughout the day, you need second-level moderate treatment that reduces the population of pesky pests and eliminates them within a few days after treatment.
  • Category 3: Severe Infestation – Get a Quote
    If you are facing a serious issue, you must consult with an expert for urgent pest control services. The service includes natural baits, traps and fumigation to show you the desired result within 6 weeks. Get a quote after an inspection.

Have you noticed blood spots on your bedding? Yellow stains on personal belongings? Holes in wooden furniture or walls? These are signs of pest infestations.

We offer a wide range of pest control services in Melbourne, so if you are facing any of these issues, please feel free to call our 24/7 service.

One of our experts will reach your location and offer same-day service to resolve your issues as early as possible.

If you’re having difficulties keeping pests away from your property, hire Mark’s Pest Control for a completely pest-free environment. We provide the highest quality pest extermination services, in which we can efficiently exterminate both the main and breeding nest of these pests.

Moreover, all of our pest control products that our Pest Control Melbourne team uses are extremely safe for you and your family along with any pet you own. Our pest control services are fast and we provide super effective pest control.

haring your property with pests is very risky and annoying. These pests spread many diseases and your family will always be at risk of infection. Therefore, for the safety of you, your family, and pets, it is essential to get your home pest-free. These costs depend on many features like infected area, types of pests, tools used, professionals required to complete the task, and many more. We use the right tools and skills to eliminate pests from your home or office. Additionally, all of our pest control services Melbourne are budget-friendly and safe.

When looking for fast, effective, and efficient pest controllers, we are the NUMBER 1 choice in Melbourne for controlling pests. Moreover, our Melbourne pest control services are active 24/7 throughout the year.

Book today for the best pest control in Melbourne and enjoy 15% discount on the services now!

Rapid and Effective Pest Treatment

Mark’s Pest Control is the #1 Pest Exterminator company in Melbourne. We offer the best pest control services at affordable prices. We are 24×7 available at both commercial and residential places with the fastest booking.

Our specialists having best-in-class knowledge and experience who dedicatedly and carefully work to make your home free from any kind of pests. At the end of the process, we provide reliable pest prevention tips to our clients in order to save themselves from pest infection again for a longer period of time.

Rodent Removal Treatment Melbourne

Rats and mice at home or nearby are very harmful to your health. They spread many types of diseases and it is a necessity to remove all of them from your home and workplace. It is also very important to hire professionals to do so. We, at Mark’s Pest Control, use advanced methods for eliminating all types of rodents from your home and workplace. We offer pest control services to keep the rats out at all costs.

Fleas Infestation Removal in Melbourne

If you are a pet lover and have a pet at your home, then most likely it might get fleas infestation. You will get an indication of the flea infestation if your pets keep on scratching continuously. If your pet gets flea infestation, it may be a case that you also get infected and suffer health issues. Mark’s Pest Control provides a high-level flea control service on the same day of booking. If fleas are irritating your lovely pets, then it’s your first duty to hire a professional flea controller.

Spider Control Melbourne

Australia is home to many different types of spiders, which can be a source of fear and anxiety for many people. If you have a spider infestation, it is best to get professional help to remove them. At Mark’s Pest Control, we use specialized methods and tools to get rid of spiders and their webs completely.

Bee Control Melbourne

Bees can pose a serious threat to your family, so you should never ignore an infestation. They can sting you, causing pain and discomfort, and they can build their nests anywhere in or around your home. Mark’s Pest Control can provide you with the best treatment to remove bees and bee nests within 24 hours of booking. We can also take preventive measures to stop them from coming back.



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