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3 Best Video Surveillance Companies in Singapore for Construction Site Safety

Hikvision Singapore

Construction site safety is of paramount importance in Singapore’s thriving construction industry. Implementing robust video surveillance systems ensures a secure and protected environment. In this article, we will explore three of Singapore’s top video surveillance companies that specialize in enhancing construction site safety. 

These companies, namely Invigilo, ACE Security, and Hikvision Singapore, have established themselves as industry leaders, providing innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology to create safer construction environments.



Invigilo is a prominent video surveillance company in Singapore that leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform construction site safety. 

With their state-of-the-art technology and expertise, Invigilo offers innovative solutions that enable proactive monitoring, real-time incident detection, and efficient construction site safety management.

  1. AI-Powered Video Analytics: Invigilo’s video surveillance systems employ advanced AI algorithms to analyze real-time live video feeds. Using object detection, facial recognition, and behavior analysis, their technology can identify potential safety hazards, unauthorized access, or non-compliance with safety protocols.
  2. Real-Time Alerts and Notifications: Invigilo’s system triggers instant alerts and notifications when it detects anomalies or safety breaches. Site supervisors and security personnel receive timely alerts on their mobile devices, empowering them to take immediate action to address safety concerns and prevent accidents.
  3. Intelligent Incident Management: Invigilo’s comprehensive platform includes incident management features that efficiently handle safety incidents. The system provides tools for incident reporting, evidence collection through video footage, and incident resolution tracking, ensuring a streamlined and organized approach to managing safety-related incidents.

ACE Security

ACE Security

ACES Security is a trusted provider of video surveillance solutions in Singapore, specializing in enhancing construction site safety. With their expertise and dedication to security, ACE Security offers a range of reliable and effective video surveillance services tailored to the unique needs of construction projects.

  1. Customized Video Surveillance Systems: ACES Security designs and deploys customized video surveillance systems that cater to the specific requirements of construction sites. Their solutions include high-definition cameras, video analytics, and integrated access control systems, providing comprehensive coverage and enhanced safety.
  2. Proactive Monitoring and Response: ACE Security’s video surveillance systems enable proactive monitoring of construction sites, detecting potential safety hazards or unauthorized access. With their 24/7 monitoring services, trained security personnel can promptly respond to incidents, mitigating risks and ensuring a safer working environment.
  3. Remote Video Surveillance: ACE Security offers remote video surveillance capabilities, allowing construction site managers to monitor activities remotely from any location. This feature enhances situational awareness, facilitates prompt decision-making, and enables immediate response to safety incidents.

Hikvision Singapore

Hikvision Singapore

Hikvision Singapore is a renowned global leader in video surveillance solutions, providing comprehensive offerings to enhance construction site safety. With its cutting-edge technology and extensive product range, Hikvision Singapore has established a strong presence in the industry, delivering reliable and advanced video surveillance solutions.

  1. Wide Range of Video Surveillance Products: Hikvision Singapore offers a wide selection of video surveillance products, including high-resolution cameras, video management systems, and intelligent analytics tools. Their diverse product portfolio ensures construction sites can find solutions tailored to their safety requirements.
  2. Intelligent Video Analytics: Hikvision’s video surveillance systems incorporate intelligent analytics features such as motion detection, intrusion detection, and facial recognition. These advanced capabilities enhance safety monitoring by automatically detecting potential safety risks, identifying unauthorized personnel, and alerting security personnel in real time.
  3. Integration with Access Control Systems: Hikvision’s video surveillance solutions seamlessly integrate with access control systems, enabling comprehensive site security management. This integration allows centralized control and monitoring, ensuring only authorized individuals can access restricted areas and enhancing construction site safety.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Video Surveillance Company in Singapore

When choosing a video surveillance company for construction site safety in Singapore, it is essential to consider several key factors. By carefully evaluating these factors, construction companies can ensure they partner with a reliable and competent service provider that meets their specific needs. Here are important considerations when hiring a video surveillance company

  1. Expertise and Industry Experience: Look for a video surveillance company with extensive knowledge and a proven track record in the construction industry. Consider their experience in designing and implementing video surveillance systems for construction sites. A company with relevant industry experience is more likely to understand the unique safety challenges in construction and offer tailored solutions.
  2. Technology and Solutions Offered: Evaluate the company’s range of technologies and solutions. Ensure they provide state-of-the-art video surveillance equipment, intelligent analytics capabilities, and integrated systems that align with your safety requirements. To enhance construction site safety, look for innovative features such as AI-powered video analytics, real-time alerts, and remote monitoring capabilities.
  3. Customization and Scalability: Choose a video surveillance company that can customize its solutions to your needs. Construction sites vary in size, layout, and safety requirements, so working with a provider that can adapt their systems is crucial. Additionally, consider the scalability of their solutions to accommodate future expansion or changing project requirements.
  4. Reliability and System Performance: Ensure the video surveillance company has a reputation for delivering reliable, high-performance systems. Construction sites require continuous monitoring; system downtime or malfunctions can compromise safety. Check for testimonials or reviews from previous clients to assess the reliability and performance of the company’s solutions.
  5. Compliance with Regulations: Verify that the video surveillance company adheres to local regulations and industry standards. Construction sites in Singapore must comply with data protection and privacy laws. Ensure the company’s solutions align with these regulations to protect sensitive information and maintain compliance.
  6. Integration Capabilities: Consider the company’s ability to integrate video surveillance systems with other security measures, such as access control or alarm systems. Seamless integration enhances overall site security and streamlines management processes. Verify if the company’s solutions can easily integrate with your security infrastructure.
  7. Customer Support and Maintenance: Assess the level of customer support and maintenance provided by the video surveillance company. Construction projects have dynamic environments, and timely support is crucial in addressing issues or resolving technical difficulties. Ensure that the company offers responsive customer support and has provisions for regular system maintenance and updates.
  8. Cost-Effectiveness: Evaluate the overall cost-effectiveness of the company’s solutions. While it’s important to consider budget constraints, prioritize the systems’ quality, reliability, and effectiveness. Look for a company that offers competitive pricing while delivering the necessary features and functionalities for construction site safety.


The construction industry in Singapore places significant emphasis on ensuring the safety and security of construction sites. Video surveillance systems are crucial in achieving this objective by providing real-time monitoring, proactive incident detection, and efficient management of safety incidents.

Invigilo, ACE Security, and Hikvision Singapore are three good companies at the forefront of video surveillance technology in Singapore. Through their innovative solutions, advanced analytics, and commitment to safety, these companies empower construction companies to create safer working environments. 

By leveraging the expertise and technologies offered by these companies, construction sites in Singapore can enhance their safety protocols, mitigate risks, and protect the well-being of workers. Ultimately, adopting reliable and effective video surveillance systems contributes to the successful and secure completion of construction projects in Singapore.

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