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3 best heic to pdf converters

If you use an iPhone, iPad, or any other Smart device where the images come in high quality, even holding smaller terms of data, then it’s due to the HEIC image format. Yes, it comes with properties that can retain the quality of the images up to the mark and never compromises on the high-end quality of the images. That’s why smart device users always save such types of Images files.

Now, the problem is that their quality gets compromised when you share those photos with someone else. Well, it’s due to the policies of several platforms where you share it. So, there is nothing you can do about it.

But wait, there is a way you can retain the quality of the heic files even after sharing them with others. Well, it’s to convert heic to pdf. Yes, that’s how to retain the quality of the images. Heic to pdf converter online options are available for you to do it. However, we are here to mention the 3 best heic to pdf converters for you. It will bring value and an outstanding impact on your heic files. So, let’s talk about them below. is an outstanding tool platform that provides you the services of converting PDF files into other formats or other format files into PDF for free and paid too. It all depends upon the services you demand from this platform. If you want to do complex tasks, you will have to pay for them monthly.

Besides converting files, also provides other services such as compressing, editing, re-arrange, and many more. So now, as you are here to convert HEIC into PDF for transferring it to another platform, you can easily use this platform.

You only need to open it on your web browser from Smart phone or PC. Now, search for “HEIC to PDF,” and it will show you the link. Click on the link to show you another page where you must upload the HEIC file for conversion. The best part is that you could not only convert the HEIC into pdf but also select 50 other formats available on the screen at the time of conversion. Meanwhile, if you have various HEIC files, you can re-arrange them and click on the convert option. It will take a few seconds to convert the file for you.

Another heic to pdf converter online platform you can blindly believe after is It has an easy-to-understand and fast interface where you can convert heic to pdf without any limitations.

You have to create an account on this platform to get the latest updates and improvements about the services. However, it’s optional for you in terms of using this platform. Without having an account, you could easily use it.

To convert HEIC to PDF, click on the “Tools” feature on the home screen. From there, you need to click on the image converter, which will show you plenty of the options on the screen. After that, you can search “heic” and click on the link. Now, upload the file and get the file converted into a PDF format. is another free-to-use platform where you can convert, combine, Split, Edit, or read PDF format files. The platform comes with an outstanding interface that is easy for anyone to understand and provides numerous other options. Moreover, an amazing thing about this tool is that you can also download it on your devices to do several things without opening the platform.

You must upload the HEIC format files on the platform and click on the Convert button. Like other platforms, converting the images into PDFs will take a few seconds.


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