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3 Benefits of Using Technology for Filing Taxes in Canada

Today, more than ever, businesses rely on technology to meet their goals and stay competitive in the marketplace. Technology can streamline business processes and make operations more efficient. 

In Canada, technology adoption is growing. Data shows that 46 percent of businesses used industry-specific software. Those using cloud computing technologies increased their 2021 spending by $15,000 from 2019. 

Technology is growing in adoption due to its many benefits, particularly for many businesses. One of the activities they can help with is filing taxes. 

Why Use Technology To File Taxes in Canada

The benefits of using technology to file taxes in Canada are many. With accessible software, companies avoid making large and costly paper transactions through an online service to accomplish the same transaction. 

Why wouldn’t you use technology to take care of your taxes? The following are some reasons you should consider:

More cost-efficient

One of the benefits of using technology to file taxes in Canada is that it can save money. It can reduce the cost of filing your taxes and speed up the process. Businesses can apply some techniques to make tax filing using the software more affordable. One of them is installment-based accounting. This allows taxpayers to make lighter payments throughout the year rather than paying in a lump sum come the deadline.

Another one is the promos offered by software providers. Some online tax service providers will give a considerable discount for tax filers with basic returns. While some business owners may pay more, they are still cheaper than paying tax preparers. However, if you’re dealing with personal tax problems, it might be best to work with a tax professional. 

Furthermore, incorporating a software application into your business structure doesn’t cost the company or customers.

Less time-consuming

Another benefit of using technology to file taxes in Canada is that it can make your life a little easier. This can include scheduling your tax return, staying on top of your finances, and filing your taxes on time. You or your employees don’t have to spend as much time looking through your tax return and looking for deductions and credits. 

Choose a software program that automatically tracks expenses and files a tax return. With the right software, you can track your income and expenses and plug in your tax payments. This way, you can readily see your payable tax. This process takes only a few minutes monthly and can save you from looking through endless pages of excel spreadsheets. 

Using digital services cuts costs and makes it easier for employees to work. They only have to use one platform to collate finances and tax requirements. 

More efficient tax administration

Using tax software can streamline your tax administration process. One of the most critical aspects is record-keeping. Most tax software saves previous years’ tax information, which would be extremely useful in case of a CRA tax audit. 

It can also make it easier to keep track of your finances so that you don’t lose track of what you paid for what.

Make Tax Filings Easier

The key with technology is that it needs to be appropriately used for it to be a benefit rather than a hindrance. With the proper use of technology, filing taxes in Canada can be faster, easier and less expensive. 


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