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top 2d Animation Trends of 2023

2d Animation Trends You Absolutely Must Try in 2023

With people’s tastes and preferences changing all the time in today’s fast-paced world, animation, and motion graphics have become powerful tools for creative advertising and marketing. However, with such need to reinvent you cannot expect to achieve the desired results by repeatedly publishing the same old style of animated videos.

Having said that, the world of motion design is a vast reservoir of knowledge from which you can draw inspiration. Hence, to create something truly unique, you must be willing to experiment with new ideas while maintaining contact with old ones. 

To give you a clear perspective of what I mean, in this post I have highlighted some of the newest and most popular trends in 2D animation of 2023 that are blowing up the internet. These trends have caught everyone’s attention and are quite readily available through 2D animation services if you do not have the time to dwell on them.

Limited color palette 

The limited-color palette trend in 2D animation involves telling a visual story with only a few primary colors rather than a rich palette with many semitones. Your animation can focus on clear and concise storytelling while adopting your brand colors with a simple color palette and a few colors. 

For example, you can use 2D vector animation to tell the brand’s story with a limited color palette. Such animations frequently exude a sense of retro and nostalgia.

2D and 3D combo 

Combining 2D and 3D has become popular because combining these elements creates a seamless attention-grabbing method that captivates viewers.

Furthermore, by combining 2D and 3D techniques, you can take advantage of the advantages of each technique and thus create a better animation. Furthermore, people enjoy how the combination of video and text tells the story, and the best part is that blending the two has become easier with the help of modern technology. 

Thin-line animation

Thin line animation is a type of animation that uses thinner lines, round shapes, and noodle-like appendages. Even though this type of animation has been around for decades, graphic designers have been leaning towards making their animation look like real hand-drawn pictures by using super thin and distinct line work. As a result, it has become one of the most popular animation styles.

Isometric shapes

Isometric design is the process of representing 3D elements on a 2D screen to successfully draw attention to important objects. The technique involves drawing lines on the same scale for each axis, creating the illusion of 3D perspective.

This animation trend can be used to create dynamic visualizations of the environment, objects, and concepts. Furthermore, this style provides several advantages of 3D animations at a much lower cost.

Retro-inspired designs

Retro design is a style that is inspired by features of an older design style or an updated version of it and uses those trends and characteristics to create animation.

Retro designs, when compared to modern designs, evoke nostalgic memories, which leads to higher customer engagement, attracting a broader audience who appreciates such vintage designs. You can find new and more modern approaches to conveying the nostalgic feeling of frame-by-frame animation with this style of 2D animation.

Final words

Regardless of the trends and popularity of certain types of videos, a motion graphic artist must keep in mind that video selection is highly dependent on the nature of your video. 

Hopefully, the 2D animation trends highlighted in this post will inspire you to create unique and beautiful designs and animation. 

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