24-Year-Old Benjamin Herzog Is a Young DeFi Entrepreneur Revolutionizing Real Estate

Being just 24 years old has not stopped Benjamin Herzog from developing several revolutionary decentralized finance (DeFi) projects that leverage blockchain technology. Founder of ChainXworld, Benjamin is providing a way to make real estate and e-commerce accessible to anyone thanks to investing in the DeFi project’s native CXW-Token.

ChainXworld has become Benjamin’s passion and purpose. Through it, he has ensured that anyone can make money off of real estate and e-commerce, even if they do not own property or online stores. The CXW-Token price is determined by the value of ChainXworlds projects wich companies are located in Switzerlandand Dubai. Whenever the real assets within ChainXworlds portfolios rise in value, so does the company’s internal token. This is a revolutionary use of a cryptocurrency token given that it is not influenced solely by market demand.

Benjamin Herzog has always been an innovator at heart and has hit the ground running within the DeFi sector. The Austrian blockchain tycoon has become quite a successful startup entrepreneur, and has received accolades from the likes of Trescon at World Blockchain summits as being “Best Blockchain Entrepreneur Under 30” among others. Benjamin’s impact continues to increase as his record-breaking launch is poised to transform the entire industry.

Benjamin is certainly no slacker. He has been instrumental in the development of a major wallet provider that has ensured he was able to gain around 100,000 active customers, all within less than a year. ChainXworld is sure to continue attracting an ever-growing client case given just how revolutionary the project is. With anyone being able to be an investor in real assets like real estate or e-commerce businesses, it opens the door to potentially millions of investors all benefiting from what ChainXworld has to offer.

Given how young and ambitious Benjamin Herzog is, we are bound to see much more of him and his innovations in the coming months and years.

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