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21 Year Old Domenic Scopelliti on building a successful business in Photography 

Entrepreneur Domenic Scopelliti

Doing what you love and making a living from it, is what young entrepreneur Domenic Scopelliti does daily.

Always thinking of different ways to make money, Domenic at such a young age has been able to scale a 6 figure business from his love of photography. 

It all started when he picked up his first camera during his final years of high school, thanks to his Visual Arts teacher. Wanting to excel in the subject Domenic Scopelliti learned photography and continued perfecting his craft after school by researching different YouTube videos. Domenic then began photographing events around Adelaide, this is where Visual Domain Adelaide was born. 

With the business growing fast, and word getting around Adelaide, Domenic began taking bookings every weekend and decided to maximize growth he needed to start employing other photographers. 

“I wanted to grow the business, I needed to find ways to maximize the money made, doing jobs on my own just wasn’t the right way” Domenic said. By the end of 2019, Visual Domain Adelaide had grown dramatically with photographers shooting events around Adelaide every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Completing over 20 jobs a week, Domenic had the luxury of making money whilst in the comfort of his own home and focused on diversifying his photography portfolio. 

As Visual Domain Adelaide continuously grew, Scopelliti began to shoot content for brands all around Adelaide, which then allowed him to start up the Marketing side of the business. The plan was to be the one-stop shop for photography, videography and marketing, for small businesses all over Adelaide, as well as online brands. 

Scopelliti with a background in Marketing was able to take small businesses in Adelaide and produce high-quality content and Marketing strategies that allowed them to grow and turn followers into paying customers.  

Domenic Scopelliti and his team, work with brands and small businesses, helping them create engaging content, grow their presence online and scale their businesses, with loads of industry experience, Visual Domain Adelaide, is helping small businesses strive online. “ We create the content and then present and implement the strategies to share that content with the right people, those people being, buyers”.

Now in 2021, at just 21 years old, Domenic has now got his hands full with one of Adelaide’s largest media agencies, producing content all around Adelaide every week. He believes “anyone has the capabilities of turning something they love into something that will create wealth”.

Domenic Scopelliti now wants to share his story with any young entrepreneurs or aspiring photographers, that if you continue to do what you love the wealth will follow. “Work hard and work smart, look at what people are doing and do it even better”.

Follow Domenic on Instagram to follow his journey @domscopes 

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