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2023’s Innovations and Highlights in the Gem Space Superapp: A Conversation with Vage Zakaryan

The year has flown by, and unlike the previous one, the market of communication applications hasn’t seen radical changes, except for the long-awaited ability to edit sent messages in WhatsApp. However, analysts have observed new trends and changes. Some studies have dubbed 2023 the “Year of Superapps,” and Gem Space, a superapp freely available to all users, is at the forefront.

Vage Zakaryan, Head of Development at Gem Space, shared insights about the year’s achievements for both the app’s developers and its users.

Q: Were you able to accomplish all that was planned for this year?

A: For a massive project like a superapp, completing every development is an ongoing process, as its concept revolves around continuous expansion and evolution. However, we managed to accomplish much of what was planned for this year. Some tasks were smoother than others, and some required adjustments during testing, but we always delivered a functioning service to our users. This year was highly successful, allowing us to implement even those features not originally planned.

Q: What would you say was the most important event or update for the development team this year?

A: The most definitive event was the mid-year rebranding of our platform. It was time to assert the role our app plays. Our platform outgrew its previous format due to the sheer number of integrated services. In essence, while we redefined our format to users during the rebranding, the app had already evolved into a superapp.

This is a responsible niche. We offer numerous services, all of which must operate flawlessly. A malfunction in a regular messenger app might lead users to switch to another, but our ecosystem is more extensive. It’s not just about messaging; we offer free video conferencing, blogging, chatbots, and even personalized thematic spaces for work and business. Therefore, ensuring stable performance remains our top priority for the next year and beyond.

Q: What innovation delighted your users the most? Any significant technical updates to the service?

A: All our updates complement each other, forming a cohesive ecosystem for the user. However, one notable update stands out.

We offer call services, including group calls, allowing users to conduct online meetings free of charge, without time limits, and with almost unlimited participants.

Until recently, calls were limited to app users. But we’ve now revolutionized communication by allowing invitations to both individual and group calls to non-registered users via a simple link.

This change has removed all limitations, enabling everyone, including those without Gem Space, to participate in free video conferences and other online call formats.

Q: Which services and features are most popular among your users, in your observation?

A: Our users are accustomed to seeing new features every month and have high expectations. As for the popularity of individual services, while all are regularly used, some are in higher demand. In any communication app, messaging and calls lead the pack. Our blog platform is also rapidly expanding, with users actively creating new communities—recently even outpacing channel creation.

Chatbots are thriving too, particularly our integrated bot that allows communication with ChatGPT. For the holiday season, we introduced a card-generating bot—a small feature that brought immense joy. As New Year’s Eve approaches, it seems every user will engage with it, possibly multiple times.

Free transcription of voice messages is another heavily used feature. Unlike WhatsApp, which doesn’t offer this, and Telegram, which limits it to premium subscribers, we provide it for free.

Q: Can you share any plans for the upcoming year with your users?

A: Our backlog is so extensive it could fuel five more years of development. We’re currently debating what to prioritize. One thing is certain: new features will regularly emerge. Plans set to materialize include expanding our game and store Hub, connecting new bots to ease bloggers’ lives, and several other projects I can’t disclose yet. Rest assured, all services will remain free for users.

Q: Finally, could you offer a few words to all your users—both those actively using the superapp and those planning to join?

A: Our users are located worldwide, each in different settings with unique cultures and New Year traditions. Yet, they share more similarities than differences. They’re all people interested in new experiences, keen on growth, and helping others. Our ecosystem is a unified space where everyone feels at home. I wish for this comfort zone to expand not only within the superapp but in real life for our users. And, of course, may the new year bring all of us new exciting opportunities and the fulfillment of our wishes!

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