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2022 Olight New Flashlight Review: Baton 3 Pro vs S2R Baton

When it comes to the Baton 3 Pro, the Baton 3 immediately comes to mind. In fact, the Baton 3 Pro is related to the Baton 3, S1R Baton and S2R Baton II from the same range. The name Baton 3 Pro is inspired by the Baton 3, Germany’s best-selling Olight flashlight in 2021.

Baton 3 Pro

S2R Baton II

The product is a further development of the S2R Baton II, which was voted second in the flashlight category by Autobild magazine.

The S2R Baton II has been a fan favorite since its introduction a few years ago. For many, it remains an integral part of their EDC gear. It packs a lot of power and features into a relatively compact body that easily fits in any pocket or backpack. Despite being intuitively easy to use, it still offers a variety of modes for any type of use or scenario. Now Olight introduces the next generation with the improved Baton 3 Pro. Every aspect of the S2R Baton II has been improved while keeping what we love about it. Fans will be amazed at the improvements!

Exciting performance improvements!

The Baton 3 Pro packs some seriously impressive performance improvements into a compact EDC light. It has the same number of modes as the S2R Baton II but improves overall performance and runtimes by up to 30%. You hear something in the garden or on a dark street? A quick double press on the switch and up to 1500 lumens of light with a beam range of almost 175 meters are immediately available! With it, you can instantly break through the darkness if you want to see what’s in front of you.

Whether walking the dog or checking the property at night, the 600 lumen high mode is more than enough. Here, the flashlight with a runtime of 3 hours offers more than enough time to walk the pets for several days in a row without having to charge them. Should you come across a wild animal on your walk, you can activate strobe mode by repeatedly pressing the switch to confuse or scare it away.

Low mode is great for general use around the house or at the campsite, especially when you just need a little light and don’t want to disturb your neighbors or other people. When you’re ready to end the evening and need a night light on your bedside table, Moonlight mode is the perfect setting. It provides half a lumen of light for up to 120 days!

Improved design, ergonomics and functionality

In addition to the impressive performance improvements, the Baton 3 Pro has also received a design update that improves the flashlight’s looks and ergonomics. These changes are not only for aesthetic reasons, but also improve form and function.

By installing a distance sensor, the flashlight is now a little longer. It’s not visible, but does a good job and provides extra security by reducing power when an object is too close to the lens. If the obstacle is removed, the light level increases back to the previous value – a great improvement! In addition, the surface structure of the case has been changed to improve grip and reduce the risk of slipping. The surface structure now resembles that of the Warrior Mini

2.One of the most noticeable changes is the improved pocket clip. It is significantly wider and longer than the previous pocket clip and ensures a firm hold. It feels good and reassures you that it won’t just “pop off”. The extra length of the pocket clip is also a very welcome improvement as it allows it to be carried in deeper pockets.

Finally, the side switch is now slightly recessed. This also helps to ensure that the light in the bag is not accidentally activated. It’s also worth noting that the Baton 3 Pro no longer has an integrated lanyard hole on the end cap. Instead, there is a hole on the underside of the clip for attaching a lanyard.

Despite these changes, the overall size and weight of the new Baton 3 Pro is nearly identical to the S2R Baton II. It’s slightly longer and heavier, but it’s hardly noticeable. That’s an impressive tally considering the performance gains!

Housing and light colors? It’s your choice!

housing colors

The Baton 3 Pro is available in three colorways: Black, Desert Tan and OD Green. Finally there is the often requested OD Green in a Baton flashlight!


light source

As with the launch of the lime green S2R Baton II earlier this year, Olight is once again offering a choice of LED color temperatures. The cool white option offers a brighter, white light, while the neutral white option appears a little warmer and more natural. The choice depends on personal preferences and we are happy to continue offering this option.

The color temperature determines the neutral white of the light, click here for details!

Cool White VS Neutral White

Scope of delivery

– Customized 18650 battery

– MCC3 charging cable

– L bracket

– Operation manual


Changing such a popular flashlight is always a risk. However, Olight has really done an excellent job with the Baton 3 Pro and we have made a good EDC flashlight even better and set new standards in terms of brightness, runtimes and beam distance – all in a still compact form factor. The Baton 3 Pro is an excellent upgrade and should definitely be part of everyone’s standard EDC gear!

Here you will find the Baton 3 Pro:Olight Baton 3 Pro rechargeable flashlight in the new version without distance sensor



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