2022 ABGA Blockchain Gaming Summit, Approach a Big Success on September 27

The “Blockchain Gaming 2022 Summit,” hosted by the ABGA (Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance), titled by iPolloverse, successfully took place on September 27 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Singapore. This conference’s subject was “Create a New Way For Gameplay”, presenting new approaches and viewpoints for gaming’s development in the future. 

This conference aims to release the potential of the game industry through gaming technology, empower the game track, explore the huge untapped potential in the field of blockchain gaming and metaverse and provide the industry with a platform for gaming resource sharing and technical exchange. Through jointly efforts to build a positive development ecosystem in the metaverse, the future gaming industry will surely boost.

Kevin Shao, Executive President of ABGA, made opening remarks, mainly introducing ABGA’s history, blockchain industry development trends and technological ecosystem. Investors, he claimed, who have faith in the long-term potential of blockchain will focus on Web3 like blockchain gaming during the industry’s current weak market.

Gagan Palrecha, CEO of NFTStar, said in the keynote speech “Sports and Metaverse: Bringing the World of Sports Fans Together with Immersive Experiences” that more than anything else, it’s about building quality games that are underpinned by some really great enhancements that web 3 can deliver to gamers. 

Sandy Carter, Senior Vice President of Unstoppable Domains, shared how digital identity unlocks the potential of blockchain in the keynote speech “Digital Identity: Unlock the Power of Blockchain Gaming.” Sandy said that “Digital Identity and Web3 will become the new gateway to the internet, where Web2 companies will begin piloting Web3 concepts incorporating digital identity.” 

Marvin, Chief Sentist of iPolloverse, states that the metaverse may be the next major platform in computing after the world wide web and mobile web.

Bybit NFT BD leader Jenny Zheng moderated the roundtable discussion on the theme “What can blockchain technology bring to traditional game companies?” , Razor blockchain leader Lawrence, Fun Topia CEO Andy Xiang, Calvin Ryu, business development director of XLgames, and Paul, CEO of XPLA participated in the discussion.

Ariel Widhiyasa, CEO of Mythic Protocol, provided insights adding value on how to capture the mechanism. “To balance the distribution of value (to each group) to ensure sustainability, the role of ‘regulation’ (whether it’s centralized or decentralized), and how much interference is too much to intervene the invisible hand at work.”

Robbie Ferguson, co-founder of Immutable shared his views on blockchain gaming opportunities in the keynote speech “The Opportunities in Blockchain Gaming”. He believes that user-generated content is the future of all entertainment industries, and gaming is one of them. The Web3 world could redefine the relationship between players and games.

Mark Lee, CFO of Monsta Infinite, said in the keynote “Gamefi and Economic Model” that “when you design an economic model for a Gaming, you should take note that it is not about the revenue model, it’s all about user acquisition. Mark added that in order to be a successful project, it should be self-sustainable.”

Klaytn, Avalanche, Polygon, BNB Chain and other public chain giants were invited to participate in the roundtable discussion. The Public Chain is looking to expand hackathons into different regions to get talented game developers to build, supporting projects more than funds but also on the business and tech sides. The future of Dapps will be web 2.5, a combination of web 2.0 and 3.0.

Beryl Li, the co-founder of YGG, shared the role of the Blockchain Games Association in the industry in the keynote speech “Why Blockchain Games Need Gaming Guilds”. In 2020, YGG discovered the game Axie and launched a scholarship program to provide opportunities for players without funds to participate in the game, helping the local community in the Philippines through the difficult times of the epidemic. 

Joshua Galloway, Chairman of Candy Club, made a keynote speech on the theme of “How To Fight The Bears” that “Candy club is all fun, no dramas. Very seamless, just a few minutes to integrate everything together, designed for the crypto world.”

Guests from Marblex, Mythic Protocol, Polemos, and Savanna Survival participated in the roundtable session on “The Blockchain Gaming Ecosystems in Different Countries”. The guests summarize the current development status of blockchain games in various countries. In general, the challenge for gaming is to be a seamless experience game that is safe, easy to onboard and fun to play, which will come by in the years of development and education for the game players.

Mary Ma, CSO and co-founder of MixMarvel, shared her thoughts on Web3 MMO GAMES in the keynote “Web3 MMO Games: the Metaverse Express”. She believes that the current chain games are full of challenges and opportunities. Players are the key to the future of blockchain games. The next generation of blockchain games or Web3 games should develop and explore more player-oriented mechanisms and attributes.

The roundtable discussion on the theme of “Investment Strategies for Blockchain Games” was moderated by Simon Li, co-founder of Chain Capital, and specially invited Simon Jeung, general partner of HG Ventures, Michael Chen, co-founder of Lead Capital, and founding partner of True Global Ventures, Kelly Choo and Hashkey Investment Director Xiao Xiao participated.

The afterparty, hosted by ABGA, title sponsored by, started at 9:30 p.m. at CÉ LA VI. With More than a thousand participants, audience, and visitors celebrating and conversing freely with high excitement, the summit has reached a successful conclusion.

In the future, ABGA will focus on the blockchain gaming industry’s technological development by hosting more events and offering a broader platform for practitioners to enable industry development.

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