2021 Trends in Bitcoin Investment

You can hear many cryptos professionals and investors explaining their way of making money, but there aren’t too many trends you can follow. But, of course, the biggest name on the market is Bitcoin, so it is responsible for most of the things that happened in the past in this industry.

Even if it is some kind of gamble, there is much more to it when whole countries consider it a valuable substitution for fiat currency. Of course, we will have to switch to digital payment one day, so it’s expected, but no one knows how it will happen. Until then, you can follow short-term and long-term trends so you can stay informed and make the right decisions.

Further Regulations

Some currencies have significant influence, and the biggest countries know pretty well that a lot of money is being poured into something that brings returns without anyone losing. This is the biggest threat for banks because they won’t earn through transactions and other fees. So China is the first one to focus on regulations but in a negative way for most investors.

They are not letting companies provide crypto-related services or payments. They even started arresting people when they found evidence of such actions. The most significant changes we can expect are tax-related, and the U.S. has already made moves.

This doesn’t have to be primarily bad because regulating it can mean a safer market for investors. You should use this trend to figure out what opportunities will occur when everything is regulated. For example, you might be able to provide different kinds of services.

Cloud Mining

Cloud mining has been here for a while, but only in the past couple of year, it becomes a trend. The reason why people talk about it more is that it’s harder to mine yourself. So, as a great alternative to traditional mining, large companies decided to offer their equipment as a service. Check this list here for more info.

It works like a renting business where you will borrow something for money and get some value. In this case, you will be renting hardware and gaining crypto. There are many options when it comes to hash power, investing period, and more.

It’s estimated that more companies will own hardware and share it with their clients and fewer people mining on their own. This is like we have with money printing which is regulated by the state. So if we compare these two, we can conclude that countries will regulate mining in a couple of decades or more.

NFT Marketplace

Non-fungible token or NFT is unique, unlike other coins, you can trade and you will have the same thing. So, for example, when you give someone 1 BTC and they give you their 1 BTC, you’ll have the same coin.

When you look at the market, most of them are involved in the Ethereum blockchain, which can store more information. It’s excellent that anything can be an NFT, including music and drawings, but digital art is mainly seen nowadays.

There isn’t an exact purpose unless you look at it as art or investment. Some have proven to be a great asset because the price jumped drastically as soon as they became popular. The problem happens when big influencers promote their work which immediately costs more. Most people will be able to screenshot the picture, but because it has the code embedded, it’s easy to identify the original.

Price Analysis

At the beginning, every investment was wise, so everyone could be the right person to recommend something. Nowadays, it takes some knowledge and analysis to do so. But, some people that are following what is happening for a while think that you shouldn’t even look at the price predictions.

The reason is that too many people are involved in making big decisions, so it is counterproductive. Because it’s straightforward to gather information about the market and new trends, everyone knows what to do, which was never the point in investing. In the past, only a few people would make a significant profit while others lost.

It may seem like something terrible, but that’s what is happening in global trade. When you are not looking at the predictions everyone is talking about; you might figure out something new lurking to make something big.

Social Media Influence

Social media platforms completely changed the world and the majority’s behavior, so they had to influence crypto. For example, tweets from people with large followings helped some coins to get in the top 10 list and proliferate. Even if we can’t do anything about it, it can be considered a monopoly when talking about new coins.

Every post about Bitcoin and its growth this year added additional value because it brings trust and more investors each day. So follow what influential people have to say but only those that can make a difference.

Some of them provide excellent knowledge about new cryptos and on which principle they work. Every day we have innovative ideas that are changing the market forever. Elon Musk was a pioneer when it comes to these influences people can make. He had a few posts about Dogecoin, which has become one of the top options to buy.

Holding the Coin

After breaking the record for the Bitcoin price this year, it also brought more trust to the coin, so many realized that keeping is the best way to go. Of course, it has its ups and downs, and some people lost their money when they pulled out early. So, after a few ups and downs, we can say with confidence that it will stay at a high point.

Many speculated if it would drop under some other cryptocurrency, but there is a tiny chance it will happen. Everyone nows believe that it will reach $100k at one point. This is based on the analysis from the start and compared to other cryptos; it has never disappointed.

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