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2021 Tech Changes in the Private Jet Industry

When you hear the term “private jet”, your mind most likely wanders to a highly exclusive and expensive place. Maybe 6 or 7 years ago you were right to think that way, but today? Not that much… The best jet charter companies saw an opening – middle to high-class families, as well as businessmen and women – two sectors it was not taking advantage of. With that in mind, they not only dropped some prices for their less expensive experiences, but they also started selling shared private jet charters, where you can share the experience with friends or strangers and get yourself a great trip, for half the price.

Now, with more customers using their services, this industry had to adapt and improve – but how so? Today, we will be talking about those changes, especially in the tech department.

Customer Service

As we’ve mentioned previously, there was a big boom in the use of this kind of jet, so companies had to adapt to be able to offer more efficient and quicker customer service. The first step was cost estimator calculators, which gave the possibility for instant quotes. Then, some companies like Monarch Air Group started accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method, also improving their conversion rate and offering people a more direct and easier booking.

Lastly, the ability to let the passenger tailor the trip to his necessities was very important, and it included letting him choose the departure and landing point, the aircraft, the in-flight amenities, and the ground transportation.

Cruising Through the Air

Most people choose the luxury of a private jet for its comfortability, as they want an easy and smooth trip, where they can close their eyes and sleep till their destination. Other people want that time to be productive, and so they want a place where they can do some work, while not being bothered. Be it the first, or the second, there was a major improvement in the aircraft industry that has definitely been positive for those people – the noise. Nowadays, technology has allowed aircraft to be much more silent than before, and each year that passes that trend just keeps getting better.

Cabin Pressure Sensors

Anyone who flyers often knows that sometimes not only do you get that annoying sensation of your ears popping, but also some painful headaches. This is due to low air pressure. Luckily for you, some jets, nowadays, have the ability to monitor that pressure and even control it, in order for it not to affect the people inside the jet.


Lastly, but not least, you can have a strong wi-fi connection on-board. This might look like a simple feature, one that should be implemented for a long time, but in reality, it depends on some crazy and complex logistics, which ar enot easy to figure out. Luckily for you, the signal is provided through a land-based or satellite antenna, meaning you’ll most likely get a good signal, throughout the flight.

Sit Back and Relax

The advances of technology scare most people, but they should also make our lives easier. That is what the jet industry saw, and that is what they did! Next time you’re on a private jet charter remember that to get there, a lot of effort was made, so be sure to experience it to the fullest!

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