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20 Profitable Youtube Business Ideas

Youtube Business Ideas

There are a host of reasons why making money online has become a focus for many individuals and whether you’re hoping to make a few extra pennies or generate a significant income, a little time and dedication can go a long way.

One of the most diverse platforms out there is YouTube – and there are opportunities for almost anyone to get involved and start earning. All you’ll need to do is sign up, select a name and niche, and brand your channel. Getting a stunning, professionally designed logo has never been easier, so why not get started right now?

20 fantastic YouTube business ideas

If you’re wondering just how you can take advantage of YouTube’s potential, the answer is that your skills and passions can be top money-makers, but you don’t have to be heavily involved to start getting views and monetising your channel. Here are the top 20 ways to earn money on this platform:

1) Join the YouTube partner program

With YouTube’s worldwide advertising revenues amounting to 7.34 billion U.S. dollars in the second quarter of 2022, there’s certainly room for new channels to get involved. One of the simplest ways to tap into this is via the YouTube partner program. What this entails is signing up once your channel is established and allowing YouTube to place advertisements at the start of, during, or after your videos play.

The good news is that you can tailor these to suit your niche and Google AdSense does the rest. You’ll earn money every time someone watches or clicks through the ads placed, and you’ll get 55% of the fee that Google charges the advertiser.

2) Make use of YouTube premium subscribers

Not many YouTubers are aware of this feature, but when you get premium subscribers, you’ll get a cut of their subscription fee when they follow your channel. While there isn’t much info on how much you can earn or how to target premium users, it’s still worthwhile setting the feature up for a little extra boost.

3) Create a Faceless YouTube Channel

If you feel anxious about creating content and putting yourself out there, the great news is that faceless YouTube channels are growing in popularity. You can use your channel to build a collection of videos that fit a specific theme and earn a passive income every time they rank or are recommended to other viewers via the algorithm. There may be legal requirements when doing this, mostly regarding copyright laws, so be sure to do some research about the content you can and can’t share to be safe.

4) Create and sell courses

You’ve likely heard the phrase “those who can, teach” and YouTube can be a great place to advertise courses. With an endless array of niches (you could be teaching beginners how to crochet, promoting self-help techniques, or even offering tips for learning a new language), simply introduce your viewers to your course and credentials and link to any online training programs you create in the description.

5) Motivational Speaker

Plenty of YouTubers are using the platform to share their motivational messages and linking out to the products they sell, including courses and tickets to real-life speaking engagements.

6) Affiliate Marketing

Creating or compiling content isn’t the only way to make money on YouTube – you can even secure a passive income from affiliate marketing (or boost any efforts you already have up and running). This can be tricky to get into for start-ups, but if you have a decent following or an affinity with your viewers that aligns with the tone of certain brands, they may want you to promote them via your channel.

7) Review products or software

There are capabilities for partnering with brands when you advertise products and services. A lot of channels do reviews and ‘unboxing’ videos and not only will you potentially earn money, but you may also get free merchandise to feature, too.

8) Social Media Influencing

This option often goes hand in hand with affiliate marketing, but instead you establish yourself as someone companies want to work with. Curating consistent, engaging content can potentially attract businesses that will want to work with you in a myriad of ways.

9) Sell stock videos

Creating stunning videos comes more naturally to some than others, so if you have a passion for this, why not sell your skills to others in the industry? Plenty of bloggers and digital marketers are on the lookout for quantity video footage, so why not give it a try?

10) Work with sponsorships

It pays to team up with companies and even other YouTubers to create content that features product placement. If you have a knack for engaging your audience and can help others achieve their business objectives, you could earn a decent wage.

11) Sell group workshops

Do you have specific knowledge on a subject that many struggle with? This could be in the finance niche or even health and fitness; you could offer to review people’s trading plans or diet plans and support your endeavours with group consulting and calls, pre-packaged services, or if you’re confident enough, limit clients for premier pricing.

12) Sell products via live streams

If you want to centre your channel on beauty or fashion, you could sell products as you engage with your audience via live streams. Try-on hauls and get-ready-with-me (or GRWM) lives do especially well.

13) Super Chat and stickers

If you decide to use live streams to generate income, you can add Super Chat and Super Stickers for even more profit potential. All you’ll need to do is enable the feature and viewers will be able to pay to have their comments pinned during lives, as well as custom badges and emojis, members-only exclusive rewards and more (you must be over 18 years of age, and you need to have at least 30,000 subscribers, however).

14) Video Content Creator

Some YouTubers don’t want to be influencers, but are happy to vlog their lives, pull pranks and essentially engage with their viewers via relatable content. Some use animations and comedy sketches, but the aim of the game is to get viewers and earn as you talk about your day.

15) Sell merch to subscribers

Lots of YouTubers branch out into selling their own merchandise, but with platforms like RedBubble and TeeSpring out there, you could do it too, without having to create more than custom designs.

16) License viral content to media outlets

It may seem strange, but media outlets will source interesting content wherever they can and YouTube can be a great resource. This means that if you have videos that have gone viral or are deemed as ‘newsworthy’, they may be interested in buying them from you.

17) Online TV

If the above applies to you, you could look into starting your own TV station on YouTube instead. If you’re personable, you could conduct interviews, broadcast news and relevant facts and grow an audience in real-time.

18) Use Patreon with YouTube

If you’ve heard of Patreon, did you know that you can link your YouTube channel and promote your services there too? Content creators and artists find that the additional avenue to connect with their fans increases their profit potential and audience, so it’s a win/win.

19) Create video resumes and compile portfolios into video format

As more and more employers are looking to hire individuals who think outside the box, video resumes and portfolio compilations are growing in popularity. YouTube can be a great place to showcase your skills and land well-paying clients.

20) YouTube keyword research

This money-making idea doesn’t involve creating videos, but focuses on undertaking keyword research for those that do. After all, SEO can be pivotal to a channel’s success.

Why start a YouTube channel today?

The best way to make money via YouTube is to get started now. If you take a look at How to Get Views YouTube For the Best Video Promotion or 7 Tips to Promote Your Business on YouTube from Tech Bullion, you could gain some fantastic insight into how to maximise your efforts.

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