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20 gbps dedicated server – What Where When?

20 gbps dedicated server – what where when

The 20 gbps dedicated server is a powerful machine for premium customers worldwide. It opens new possibilities and challenges for businesses and private customers around the world.


Its primary advantage is higher speed. The 20 gigabytes per second virtual server hosting allows more customers to use your website simultaneously. This system’s unshared ports provide unmetered bandwidth for the intensive resources. That means each user who visits your website will watch the promo videos or transfer heavy files without pauses.

Besides, you get:

  •   The newest antihacking and antivirus software. Our team will keep an eye on the security of your data and privacy. Any bot except searchers and rankers will disturb your customers.
  •   Choosing the data center of your dream. VSYS Host has multiple data centers in the Netherlands, Ukraine, the United States and other countries around the world. You can choose the server with the best ping in the targeted area.

NOTE: We can’t guarantee the availability of the resources on our servers in Russia, China and territories where the Internet is controlled or restricted.

  •   Flexible settings. Choose the features you’re interested in. Control it and change the options you need.
  •   24/7 support. Feel free to ask any questions from any point of the planet. This option includes 3 hours of our server administration per month.


The heart of our servers is the 12- or 24-core Dual E5 processor by Intel. These monsters save energy but provide the full spectrum of multistreaming and performance. They work in pairs with 32 to 128 GB of RAM. This factor is important if your company deals with resource-intensive applications like video encoding or games.

We provide at least 1 TB SSD capacity for any purpose. It’s quite enough for the corporate networks. This volume replaces 1300 wardrobes with catalogues or documents. You can store 6.5 million pages there. It’s really cool, right? Our Supreme 20G package includes support of the new memory standard – NVMe. It provides full-duplex access to files and parameters of the system.

Our customer feels free to buy up to 8 extra RAM modules, 150 IP addresses or 4 additional 1 or 2 TB SSDs. Such option is important for a multi-sectoral environment. One disk contains video, the second contains text and image information, two other are duplicate ones.

This configuration welcomes any modern operating system. Our library consists of the Centos, Debian, Ubuntu OS families and Windows 2012 server edition. If the customer desires, it can send us the link to its ISO and our specialists will install it on your server equipment.

Beneficiaries of such servers

The 20-gigabyte per second dedicated server is essential for hosting a VPS server. Dedicated equipment uses virtualization to distribute the tasks between separate branches and groups. That’s like a room where remote employers gather to solve business questions.

Such systems have increased their popularity in the 2020s when the pandemic has stopped global migration. The corporate VPSs represents a set of automatized working stations with enough resources for every team member.

Another use is the file-sharing system. Its legal examples are libraries, educational systems or entertainment platforms with high traffic levels. The customers reading online don’t disturb those who download the content to their personal devices. These processes maintain in parallel.

The powerful server is a must-have for resource-sensitive online games. Maybe you or your colleague were bored when your favorite online game paused or disconnected. The reason is that its developers didn’t choose the 20gbps dedicated server for their business. It reduces these risks.

This server helps to mine cryptocurrency or control the process as the wide bandwidth and powerful processors are its primary benefits. This business isn’t legal everywhere. We recommend you to study the legal issues in the desirable country if you want to deal with this business.

Cloud systems are solutions for multiple tasks. It may be personal or corporate storage archives, control or bank systems. You’ll get the benefits of your cloud 20 gbps server due to a high-speed independent environment with unmetered bandwidth.

Actions needed

Installing of your business in the international (e.g., Ukrainian) vps) 20 gbps dedicated server is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just follow the instructions:

  1. Visit our website to see the offers available at the moment.
  2. Choose the required server configuration and extra options like RAM volume, number of SSDs, operating system on the bin page.
  3. Fill out the form describing your business and contact details.
  4. Receive the bill and pay the monthly or annual plan according to your choice.

When you complete these steps – enjoy your dedicated server brought to you by VSYS Host – the reliable Ukrainian hosting provider.

Visit Redswitches to learn more about the benefits and advantages of choosing dedicated servers for your website.

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