20 Effective Car Maintenance Tips

Car Maintenance

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Proper maintenance of a car is crucial to keep it in top condition. Whether it’s a new car or a pre-owned one, regular check-ups and maintenance routines can extend its life, while making yours easier! Not only will it save you from spending money on heavy repairs, but will also ensure your safety along with that of your fellow riders’.

Here are 20 basic car care and maintenance tips from to help you get the most of your car in Bangladesh.

1.    Drive with care: If you love your car, it will love you right back! A little care while driving can go a long way to give your car longevity and keep you from spending on unnecessary repairs and sudden breakdowns.

2.    Wash your car regularly: Wash your car regularly to keep it free from accumulated dust, mud, dirt and bird droppings. Use a good vehicle cleaning formula and micro fiber towels to avoid damaging the paintwork.

3.    Wax your car regularly: Applying wax on your car protects the paint and makes it look glossy and new. It also saves your car from harmful UV rays of the sun.

4.    Keep the interiors clean: Clean and vacuum the interiors regularly to keep off dirt, bad odors, and allergens. Remember, the interiors can leave lasting impressions on people who ride your car.

5.    Park in the shade: Parking in the shade prevents exterior damage by UV rays and protects the paint job. It also prevents interior damage caused by excessive heat trapped inside. Alternatively, you may also use a car shade to minimize the impact.

20 Effective Car Maintenance Tips

  1.   Change engine oil regularly: Frequent oil changes help flush out abrasive dirt and metal particles out of the engine, leading to longer engine life and better performance.
  2.   Check engine air filters: A mixture of air and fuel is needed for effective working of a car engine. The air filters ensure that no particulate matter, debris, etc. is sucked into the engine. Dirty and clogged filters can lead to lower mileage and low performance.
  3.   Check the fluids frequently: There are several fluids that should be kept at the appropriate levels to keep your car running smoothly. These include: coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, etc.
  4.   Maintain the tires: Get the tires inflated to manufacturer recommended pressure. Underinflated tires can lead to lower mileage and poor handling. Regular checks for wear & tear or damage can help avoid major incidents while driving.20 Effective Car Maintenance Tips
  5.   Check the bulbs: Keep the headlights, tail-lights and indicators clean. Replace faulty or broken bulbs that can be safety hazards during night driving.
  6.   Go for regular check-ups: Some routine car care chores can be done at home. But others need professional equipment and trained technicians. Scheduling regular tune-ups and check-ups can go a long way in preserving your car in good shape.
  7.   Heed the warning signs: Most modern cars use sensors and warning lights to notify about issues that require urgent attention. Get to know the meaning of these warning light indicators on your instrument panel and work accordingly. Get professional help if needed.
  8.   Keep the windows clean: Ensure that all windows and mirrors are clean and not broken  before driving to avoid safety issues due to low visibility. Car Maintenance Tips
  9.   Replace faulty wipers: Damaged or worn out wiper blades can reduce visibility during a heavy rain or snow. They can even lead to ugly scratches or streaks on the windscreen. 
  10.   Check the brakes, belts and batteries: The braking system of a car should be maintained in top condition always to avoid serious crashes. Batteries and belts should also be inspected and replaced periodically to avoid major breakdowns.
  11.   Lighten up the keychain: Having too much weight on your ignition key can impact your ignition. Do not use the car key chain for other keys. The weight of multiple keys along with a bouncy ride can lead to quick wear and tear of the ignition switch. 
  12.   Do not fill-up when you see a tanker: If there is a tanker filling the tanks at the gas station, go to a different station. When the underground tanks are filled, the turbulence can stir up sediment, which in turn can clog fuel filters and injectors.
  13.   Get wheel alignment checked: If you find steering harder than usual, or feel the car pulling to one side, get the wheel alignment checked. Get the wheels aligned after fitting new tires as well. Improper alignment can shorten the life of tires as well as result in poor handling. 
  14.   Change spark plug: Replace your spark plug if your engine misfires, or gives trouble while starting. Other symptoms of malfunctioning spark plug include high fuel consumption, lack of acceleration and low engine performance.
  15.   Review emission control: Bangladesh has been working towards reducing vehicle emissions and improving air quality.  Get your car checked for emissions periodically to maintain the country standards. Remember, a cleaner environment begins with you! If you enjoyed reading this article, please visit Garirbazar’s blogs to read more news and articles.

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