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20 AI Tools that Revolutionize Decision-Making in Startups

20 AI Tools that Revolutionize Decision-Making in Startups

20 AI Tools that Revolutionize Decision-Making in Startups

In the dynamic world of startups, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way decisions are made. From streamlining research with to predicting market demand with Demand Oracle, we’ve gathered twenty diverse perspectives, including CEOs and marketing directors on AI tools that have reshaped their strategic processes.

  • Streamline Research with
  • Automate Tasks with Automat
  • Enhance Decision-Making with ClickUp
  • Create Impactful Presentations with
  • Design with ChatGPT Pro Edition
  • Accelerate Analytics with Athenic AI
  • Improve Language Skills with PronounceWell
  • Optimize Content Strategy with MarketMuse
  • Boost Workflow Efficiency with GitHub Copilot
  • Inform Real Estate Investments with Propmodo
  • Monitor Sentiment with MonkeyLearn
  • Strategize with IBM Watson Analytics
  • Refine Sales with Pipedrive’s AI Assistant
  • Forecast Trends with Tableau or Looker
  • Track Leads with Google Analytics 4
  • Optimize Inventory with Findly AI Assistant
  • Edit Videos Effectively with Descript
  • Prioritize Spending with Ask String
  • Streamline Legal Research with ROSS
  • Predict Market Demand with Demand Oracle


Streamline Research with

We use to streamline our competitive research and market positioning.

With new customer engagement tools launching constantly, comprehensively tracking the feature sets and capabilities of everyone in our space is enormously time-consuming yet essential.

This is where Perplexity has been invaluable—rapidly digesting vendor websites, collating pricing tiers, and identifying crucial differences in onboarding flows, among other things.

Nitai Aventaggiato, Founder and CEO, Helpmonks


Automate Tasks with Automat

In our startup, Automat has greatly changed our decision-making process. It combines AI, like ChatGPT, and computer vision in its robotic process automation (RPA). I find it really effective because it’s much quicker and cheaper than traditional automation tools. It’s about ten times faster and costs just a tenth. Our team uses it to automate tasks with video and talking, which is a big help.

Automat has taken away the cost problems that usually hold back small companies like ours from automating their work. In my experience, creating automation workflows with traditional tools takes a lot of time, but Automat makes it much easier. Since Automat aims to make automation easy for everyone, we can automate our tasks no matter our deadline or budget.

This tool has influenced our decision-making in several ways. First, it allows us to take on more complex projects without worrying about extra costs or time. It also lets us be more flexible in how we approach automation, giving us a range of options that weren’t possible before. We’re now more confident in committing to ambitious goals, knowing we have the tools to handle them efficiently. Lastly, Automat helps us stay competitive in our market, as we can deliver results faster and at a lower cost than before.

Patrick Beltran, Marketing Director, Ardoz Digital


Enhance Decision-Making with ClickUp

Decision-making is a skill that will always be overpowered by the human brain (which AI cannot replicate with 100 percent accuracy). However, times have changed, and there are various tools available that aid in the decision-making process. Since AI revolves around real-time data and insights, and has evaluative accuracies reaching the top, it’s beneficial to consider it. 

We’ve been using ClickUp for a long time now, and it’s all worth the effort. It has its own native AI assistant, which is highly capable of aiding in the decision-making process. One feature I love the most is that it reduces time and makes the overall process much simpler. All you need to do is write good prompts or select from over 100 prompts, and see what’s the best course of action for you. 

I think utilizing such AI tools can be great, simply because every aspect of the subject matter can be covered. There are instances when humans have different perspectives but lack a few facts and figures. AI, being well-versed with the data part, and the trends relevant to the subject, can establish a direction for the decision. Based on such insights, you as a leader can discuss it all with your team, and decide!

Stefan Campbell, Owner, The Small Business Blog


Create Impactful Presentations with

An AI tool that has significantly influenced my decision-making process is Utilizing AI for transcripts and pitch decks provides a hidden advantage in data-driven decision-making., in particular, stands out for its automation capabilities in creating visually appealing graphs and presentations through data visualization and expertly-crafted decks. 

Whether presenting complex data or developing proposals, this tool streamlines the process, leading to more efficient and impactful communication. The tool’s ability to enhance the visual representation of information has made significant impacts on key decisions and conveys insights to stakeholders in a compelling and accessible manner.

Neil Hodgson-Coyle, COO, TechNews180


Design with ChatGPT Pro Edition

Utilizing ChatGPT Pro Edition provides you with the ability to design images or even create virtual videos. This ultimate tool is recommended for all our employees. Educating the team on its usage or granting them the ability to use it has proven to be a highly beneficial process. We strongly recommend that more companies explore incorporating similar practices.

Nick Eischens, COO, Popl


Accelerate Analytics with Athenic AI

One AI tool that has influenced my decision-making process is AskEdith or Athenic AI, which acts as a game-changer in the startup environment. 

This enterprise tool has been seamlessly integrated into our operations, especially for teams that are keen on graphs and metrics. What makes Athenic AI exceptional is its ability to provide self-service data analytics, redefining the way we understand and apply intricate information. The capability of the tool to quickly analyze and present key data has greatly shortened our decision-making time intervals. 

When it comes to analyzing market trends, assessing user behavior, or perfecting our strategies, Athenic AI has become a reliable friend in our startup’s journey. Its influence reaches beyond our ability to make decisions swiftly and equips teams with the capabilities needed for data analytics, building an environment of informed and evidence-based decision-making.

Marty Aghajanyan, Founder and CEO, JBoard


Improve Language Skills with PronounceWell

One specific AI tool that has significantly influenced my decision-making process as a co-founder of an online Spanish school is a speech recognition and pronunciation assessment tool called “PronounceWell.” This tool utilizes advanced speech recognition algorithms to analyze and evaluate students’ spoken language skills in real time. It provides instant feedback on pronunciation accuracy, intonation, and fluency, allowing learners to improve their speaking abilities effectively. 

We can track students’ progress, identify areas for improvement, and tailor our teaching methods to address their specific needs. This tool has been crucial in helping our students develop accurate pronunciation and gain confidence in their spoken Spanish.

Connor Ondriska, Co-Founder and CEO, SpanishVIP


Optimize Content Strategy with MarketMuse

I’ve been at the forefront of implementing AI-driven solutions to empower startups in their growth trajectories. One AI tool that has substantially influenced our decision-making process is a comprehensive machine-learning platform known as MarketMuse. 

MarketMuse leverages AI to evaluate content quality, strategic gaps in topic coverage, and the potential for content improvement. In one particular case with a startup aspiring to dominate a niche market, we used MarketMuse to analyze existing content and identify underexplored areas that held opportunities for organic growth. The AI’s suggestions not only sculpted our content strategy but also provided actionable insights on optimizing web pages for search engines, which resulted in boosting the startup’s visibility and engagement. 

Moreover, the platform’s ability to predict content performance allowed us to prioritize high-impact topics and allocate resources more efficiently. This strategic edge was evident when, within six months, we noticed a 45% increase in organic traffic and a 30% rise in customer engagement metrics for the startup. 

By integrating AI like MarketMuse into our decision-making process, we’ve helped startups gain a competitive advantage through data-backed content strategies, thereby impacting their bottom line positively.

Haiko De Poel, Jr, Chief Marketing Officer, Jed Platform


Boost Workflow Efficiency with GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is certainly one of those AI tools that has significantly helped us optimize and improve the workflows and decision-making processes in our startup environment. It’s an AI tool that essentially behaves as an additional team member and assistant, which helps us stay efficient, more organized, and get our work done quickly by eliminating decision fatigue. 

Copilot is a great addition to any startup environment, and it will help you make better decisions as a team on top of enabling you to complete projects faster.

Max Wesman, Chief Operating Officer, GoodHire


Inform Real Estate Investments with Propmodo

One AI tool that has significantly influenced my real estate decision-making process within the startup environment is Propmodo. This platform utilizes artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms to provide data-driven insights and predictions for the commercial real estate market.

With Propmodo, I am able to access a wealth of information on different properties, including market trends, occupancy rates, rental prices, and more. This has greatly streamlined my research process and allowed me to make more informed decisions when it comes to investing in new properties for my startup.

Additionally, Propmodo also offers a feature called Smart Advisor, which uses AI technology to analyze my preferences and past investments, and then suggests potential properties that align with my investment goals. This has saved me both time and effort in searching for suitable properties, and has helped me discover new opportunities that I may not have considered otherwise.

Keith Sant, CMO, Eazy House Sale


Monitor Sentiment with MonkeyLearn

One AI tool that has significantly influenced my decision-making process is MonkeyLearn, which is a natural language processing tool. 

I use this tool to analyze all the comments across our social media accounts as positive, negative, or neutral in order to monitor and assess sentiment from our followers. That way, I can regularly adjust the types of content and messaging we publish to better serve our followers. For example, our team recently shifted our social media strategy toward using more visual content based on negative feedback we received regarding our educational posts.

Mathias Johansen, Co-Founder and COO, Guide2Fluency


Strategize with IBM Watson Analytics

The IBM Watson Analytics AI tool has dramatically changed decision-making in our startup environment. This tool leverages artificial intelligence capabilities for the processing of large datasets of complex data to establish patterns and insights that are used in making strategic decisions. 

Its ability to process large volumes of data and identify patterns has enabled our startup to make well-informed decisions in areas like market trends, customer preferences, or even resource allocation. Its predictive analytics capability has been particularly successful in forecasting changes throughout our field, which opens doors for us to adapt at the front end. IBM Watson Analytics stands as a unique AI tool that has become very critical in the evolution of decision-making within our startup.

Sanket Shah, Founder, The Opal


Refine Sales with Pipedrive’s AI Assistant

One AI tool that has significantly influenced our decision-making process in the startup environment is Pipedrive’s AI Sales Assistant. This tool analyzes sales data and provides personalized tips and recommendations to improve our sales processes. It identifies patterns and trends in our sales activities, suggesting where to focus efforts for the best outcomes. 

For instance, it might highlight a particular communication style or time that yields higher response rates from clients, enabling us to tailor our approach for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. By leveraging these AI-driven insights, we’ve been able to make more informed, data-backed decisions, significantly enhancing our sales strategy and overall business performance.

Jaya Iyer, Marketing Manager, Teranga Digital Marketing LTD


Forecast Trends with Tableau or Looker

One AI tool that has significantly influenced my decision-making process in the startup environment is predictive analytics software. Specifically, tools like Tableau or Looker have been game-changers. They use AI to analyze large datasets, identify patterns, and forecast trends. 

For instance, in my startup, we used predictive analytics to analyze customer behavior and market trends. This helped us anticipate demand for our products, optimize our inventory, and tailor our marketing strategies more effectively. The ability to predict and react to market changes quickly was crucial, especially in the fast-paced startup world where resources are limited and competition is fierce. 

The insights gained from these tools not only informed our strategic decisions but also reduced risks and maximized opportunities for growth. It’s like having a crystal ball powered by data; you get a glimpse into future trends and can plan accordingly.

James Parker, Co-Founder, LEONID


Track Leads with Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4, with its AI capabilities, has been extremely useful for our startup. This analytics tool from Google is invaluable for tracking the sources of our leads and revenue. In my opinion, Google Analytics is among the top tools out there, and the fact that it’s free is a huge plus for anyone in digital marketing or running a business. You really can’t formulate a digital marketing plan effectively without integrating Google Analytics. It offers deep insights into revenue generation and lead acquisition.

With Google Analytics, we’re able to precisely monitor our needs by setting up Goal IDs, aligning closely with our business objectives. Once these goals are in place, we utilize the data to pinpoint where our leads originate from. This insight is crucial for making informed decisions about our budget allocation and evaluating our return on investment.

For instance, a while ago, we noticed a significant difference in lead generation between Facebook and Twitter. Facebook was bringing in about 2,000 leads, while Twitter lagged far behind. This information was pivotal in deciding where to allocate our marketing funds more effectively. It also aids in analyzing our traffic sources. If we see a decline in organic search leads compared to direct or referral traffic, it indicates a need to enhance our SEO. Improving SEO is vital for increasing visibility in search engine results.

Henry Brook, Founder, The Page


Optimize Inventory with Findly AI Assistant

The Assistant feature has been a tremendous help for us to stay on top of the latest e-commerce trends, so that we are a step ahead of everyone else. 

Using the Findly AI Assistant, we are able to identify products that are the most ordered or returned by our customers recently, which then becomes our basis for restocking our goods. This saves us the guesswork in replenishing our inventory and guides us in spending our capital strategically, so that our products and cash flow can run without a hitch.

Meg Hellerstedt, President, Sylvane


Edit Videos Effectively with Descript

We used to work with a video editor, but now we use Descript’s AI editing features to make social media videos that effectively do the job. 

The biggest surprise in using Descript is that we get to make multiple versions of the same video, which then helps us understand the introductions and hooks that resonate with audiences. Thus, by simply being able to quickly create multiple versions of the same video, we have garnered insight into phrases and methods that work on social media.

Robert Brill, CEO, Brill Media


Prioritize Spending with Ask String

Ask String, an AI-driven analytics tool, has profoundly influenced my decision-making at our Basic Life Support startup. For instance, when faced with budget allocation challenges, I utilized Ask String’s predictive analysis to prioritize our spending. 

This tool’s insights on market trends and customer preferences enabled me to channel funds effectively into marketing strategies that significantly boosted our enrollments. Its impact was remarkable; it felt like having a seasoned advisor at my side, turning complex data into actionable, straightforward strategies tailored to our unique needs. This experience underscored the transformative power of AI in guiding startup decisions.

Hafsa Unnar, Manager, Basic Life Support Training


Streamline Legal Research with ROSS

Utilizing legal research AI tools such as ROSS Intelligence has had a profound effect on our decision-making in the startup legal landscape. ROSS proficiently analyzes extensive legal databases by utilizing natural language processing, thereby furnishing nuanced insights that are essential for making informed decisions. 

By facilitating legal research, this tool allows us to maintain an edge over swiftly evolving regulations and precedents. We are able to allocate additional time toward client-focused initiatives and strategic planning by utilizing ROSS to streamline information retrieval. The agility and responsiveness of our firm are significantly improved by its capacity to process intricate legal information, both of which are critical elements when navigating the ever-changing startup landscape. The incorporation of these AI tools has become crucial to our ability to provide our startup clients with current and effective legal counsel.

Ahmad Faraj, Owner, Principal and Senior Criminal Lawyer, Faraj Defence Lawyers


Predict Market Demand with Demand Oracle

Launching my e-commerce platform was a nerve-wracking tightrope walk. Should I stock trendy attire or focus on classic outdoor gear? Enter Demand Oracle, my AI market analytics savior. It devoured competitor data, social media trends, and even weather forecasts, spitting out a detailed report like a digital crystal ball. Gone were the gut-wrenching guesses; Demand Oracle clearly depicted what customers craved. 

Based on its insights, I pivoted toward sustainable activewear, a niche booming with demand but underserved in my region. Within months, sales skyrocketed, proving AI wasn’t just a buzzword; it was my secret weapon in the startup jungle. The trust I built in its data-driven predictions became the compass that steered my young company to success.

Fahad Khan, Digital Marketing Manager, Ubuy India


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