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2 Ways To Confirm Polish citizenship

The confirmation of Polish citizenship seems to be an interesting topic among foreigners with Polish roots. As you are here, you probably also wonder what it means to confirm citizenship and how can it be done, don’t you? In today’s article, we will let you know who can confirm citizenship in Poland.

What is the process of confirmation of Polish citizenship?

The current legal regulations clearly define the common ways of acquiring citizenship in Poland. Of course, we do know that not everyone keeps following the principles and that’s why we are here to dispel doubts associated with such a case.

As you probably know, citizenship may be obtained by the right of blood or the right of soil. It also needs to be said that any individual may become a fully-fledged citizen at own request. What does it mean? If you have strong connections with our country (e.g. you run a business here or you are proficient in Polish) and are able to prove them, you can get Polish citizenship by naturalization. In this case, the President of the Republic of Poland has the competence to give positive consent on the application.

The other situation concerns a foreigner who has at least one Polish ancestor and, at the same time, can demonstrate that citizenship was not lost on the way. The process we just pointed out is well-known as a confirmation of Polish citizenship. That means an individual is Polish but still does not have his state confirmed. How to do it?

How to trace Polish roots?

Polish citizenship by descent applies to foreigners of Polish origin but, as we said before, the eligibility must be proved first. We understand it might not seem easy. However, you are still able to take a few steps on your own.

Where to start? If you would like to trace your roots and, based on that, confirm citizenship in Poland, you should visit your family home. We are pretty sure that your grandparents or great-grandparents still have any old vital records. Just go and look for them! The more documentation proving your ancestry you have, the better for the whole process.

You should also ask yourself whether your ancestors were born in Poland or its former territories and resided there after the 20th of January 1920. If the answer is ‘yes’, that is a great starting point. The Polish citizenship test might be helpful too!

The second option is research across the archives in Poland and not only. Do not stress about it! You do not have to do it on your own. Click to find out more about Polish citizenship confirmation. The experts are here to assess your case individually and ask you some detailed questions about your genealogy. If you have any key information, just let them know. Also remember to share the evidence, such as birth or marriage certificates. They need to check everything before they are able to confirm your roots.

As you can see, the citizenship by descent confirmation process may extend in time but it is also good to take some steps on your own and later on ask the experts for help.

How to get Polish citizenship by descent?

When it comes to the confirmation process, what matters is the fact your ancestors once held Polish citizenship and due to various factors did not lose it. Once the experts prove your family members passed it to you, you need to lodge an official motion and wait for a decision to be issued.

The motion must be filled in Polish. Moreover, you need to include the found evidence. At this point, we cannot tell you how long it takes to confirm citizenship because it all depends on the complexity of your case. Nevertheless, you are one step away from becoming a Polish citizen. After that, do not forget to apply for a Polish passport too.

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