1World.Fund has launched the world’s first agrocrypto to help reverse climate change

The1 is the crypto altcoin created by 1World.Fund to create a movement to help reverse climate change.

1World.Fund has launched the world’s first agrocrypto to help reverse climate change. The1 is the crypto altcoin created by 1World.Fund.

The1 is the world’s first agrocrypto created with the lofty sole purpose of reversing climate change. Every token purchased plants a tree, making it the most carbon-negative cryptocurrency and also making 1World.Fund, the creator of The1, the most carbon-negative company in the worl, an auspicious position at an age when corporations are increasingly utilizing social awareness campaigns to distinguish themselves as consumers demand higher ethical standards in business practices. 

The1 is based on the well-established and extensively proven Stellar blockchain technology protocol, which is already arguably the most energy-efficient crypto protocol available, more than 99.995% more efficient than Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other mining-based blockchain protocols. This energy efficiency combined with the unique tree planting initiative The1 ForestFarm achieves the “most carbon negative impact possible,” setting an entirely new standard for fintech, blockchain, and industry in general. 

The concept of carbon impact is a simplified net evaluation considering the carbon emissions output (greenhouse gases) an organization puts out in order to produce, weighed against the carbon offset achieved by actions the organization takes that clean the air. To achieve carbon neutrality means they balance each other out (no net emissions), and carbon-negative suggests the overall effect of the organization on the environment is making the air cleaner. 

The1 has achieved the most carbon negative impact possible, which means it is legendary among tree huggers and oxygen lovers worldwide. 

Older crypto technologies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) utilize outdated blockchain technologies that require mining, which is very energy-intensive. Simply put, mining crypto is horrible for the environment. In fact, it is estimated that if all Bitcoin miners were a country, they would represent the 6th largest polluter of greenhouse gases. Bitcoin mining produces more greenhouse gases annually than 150 countries combined. Suffice to say, mining is old technology. Newer blockchain technologies are simpler, more elegant, faster, cheaper, and much more energy-efficient, such as Stellar, Ripple, etc. Ripple is pretty much controlled by the big banking industry. However, Stellar-based technologies represent one of the hottest and most promising blockchain technologies widely available, which, let’s face it, breeds interchangeability, which is the definition of security/stability.

Speaking to the media, the spokesperson of 1World.Fund said, “The launch of The1 agrocrypto represents the birth of the greatest movement to reverse climate change ever. Every token plants a tree. Imagine that. 900,000,000,000 trees, so yes, it does represent the greatest movement ever to reverse climate change. ”

The1 is the hottest alt token out there. It is the number one pick for not only the hottest altcoin of 2022 but the hottest token ever created.  

This genius utility token concept is refreshing at a time when so many meaningless crypto tokens are being released. The1 represents utility and a purpose that should be important to all of us – the environment. The concept is simple – but incorporates the most advanced technology available.  

1World.Fund creates forest farms that clean the air and provide sustainable crops for generations of farmers. The Forest farm starts with overexploited land, and as the nutrients have been depleted, the land no longer produces crops, leading to increased poverty amongst farmers. 1World.Fund analyzes the soil and environment and teaches the farmers how to replenish the land and regenerative agricultural techniques. Together, 1World.Fund works side by side with the generational farmers and plants, climate-changing trees with agricultural farming crops, to create sustainable forest farms. These forest farms provide climate-changing trees to get rid of greenhouse gases and economic stability for generational farmers. Furthermore, 1World.Fund continuously monitors these forest farms through LIDAR, satellite imagery, and remote field monitoring for each individual tree. This ensures maximum carbon offset and mitigation opportunities. The entire project is readily accessible on the blockchain for transparency with all the necessary foundations for leading the metaverse (web3) movement.

“I have been researching crypto space for years and have never seen a project like this. They have a very detailed plan on their website. It is impressive, very informative, and transparent, utilizing the best of open source. It is clear that The1 is my pick for the hottest crypto of 2022, and I would venture to say the greatest crypto pick ever. Here is what I am seeing: underground following, less poverty, cleaner air, and global adoption. But maybe I am just an optimist.”  said one of the crypto experts.

The1 is available on the Decentralized Exchange (Dex) and, at the time of this publication, is being actively traded on SDexexplorer, Scopuly, LOBSTR, StellarTerm, and Interstellar, among other exchanges.

For more information, please see the official website:

Or on the Stellar network explorer:

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