18-Year-Old Justin Liwen Leading the Youth in Modern Entrepreneurship

Virginia native – Justin Liwen, has succeeded from his peers with the strides he’s made in the entrepreneurship field. Opening his own digital marketing agency, Feuhle Media, at age 16; Liwen has used growing up with social media to his advantage. Going from a social media addict to “know-it-all” Liwen has been able to break down social media applications to their core to provide unorthodox marketing strategies.

Being only 18 years old, Liwen possesses an advanced understanding of the psychology behind digital marketing. Basing much of his work on what actually grabs attention, stating “Much of business failure isn’t the product, it’s the marketing and sales. Almost any product has a potential buyer market – the challenge is making them want it.” Liwen has spent countless hours studying and learning about algorithms to get maximum organic outreach, soon creating effective marketing campaigns for low budget businesses off that knowledge. Affordability of many common advertising mediums is overlooked; it is a competitive market that will eat your wallet up.

Later noting, “One TikTok can go viral and change someone’s life, there’s countless stories of traditional mom and pop shops that finally find success through a viral video. Social media is beyond powerful and will only integrate with our daily lives in the future.” It’s true, social media is going to just be an aspect of the future. Liwen and his agency Feuhle Media are an explementary example of a useful skill. Providing the building bridge for the disconnect that older generations face with social media.

Playing into that young/Gen-Z look has widely benefited Liwen. Noting that many clients initially decide to hear him out because of his age, seeing something potentially interesting to hear out. He urges his peers and even those younger than him to take action on their plans, explaining “Being young with a finished polished product and a plan looks very good on your ‘social resume.’ It’s almost being easier young because there’s less expectations to achieve from potential clients.” This is exactly the type of attitude that enabled Liwen to stand out from the crowd, being self-aware of his position in the business world and playing it to his advantage.

Providing the effective service on top of the initial pitch is Liwen’s specialty, he accredited a lot of success to his sales team as well. Noting “I brought together the brightest people I know to be involved with Feuhle Media, I had to say no to a lot of good people because the value wasn’t there. It’s business and that’s that, the people I did bring on have out-performed way beyond expectations.” Another key trait of entrepreneurship is networking. Many adults struggling to build an effective network is just another solution Liwen has solved through social media.

Looking at opportunities given to kids even just 20 years ago compared to today are apples and oranges. Technology has swept the world up and Justin Liwen is one of bright members of the youth figuring out how to capitalize on it.

For further information view Justin Liwen’s website or connect with his social media.




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