17 Video Messaging Ideas to Power Your Business

Video Messaging Business

Video messaging is used across many businesses for collaboration, connection and conversion. Video has become a great tool for communication as it proffers a wide range of benefits. If you are looking for such apps to incorporate in your business, here we have handpicked the best ones that are infused with the new-age technologies that can help you reap the best benefits beyond the conventional roots of training and marketing products.

Video Messaging Apps For Employee Collaboration And Communication

1) Team Knowledge Sharing: This app helps in capturing new lessons along with the best practices in a simplified way so that others can learn from it and better retain the important aspects.

2) Sales Enablement: It helps in recording a fast walkthrough for the business sales team on particular resources available for supporting them along with the conversation with their consumers.

3) The Meeting Recap: This screen recording app can help in recapitulating meetings real quick along with brainstorming sessions for sharing key aspects with the others for better idea retention.

4) Executive Updates: If you are looking for an app that lets you the keep the entire team engaged and updated with the business updates from the authorities.

5) Virtual Introductions: This screen recording app allows sending one to one personal message including introducing yourself to a new colleague.

6) New Hire Introductions: Quite similar to Virtual Introductions, this one also lets you add a face to any name and send quick videos for introduction.

Video Messaging Apps for Sales Professionals:

7) Pre-meeting connect: With this app, you can bring down the frequency of meeting cancellation by sharing a video message before the meeting for confirming the details and building better human connection.

8) A Warmer Cold Outreach: This app helps in using webcam as a great way to reach out to cold prospects and also carve out ways it can help you run the business.

9) Account Executive Introduction: This again allows you to introduce an individual to newer accounts by creating a short video.

10) Email Signature Video: If you are looking to upscale your email signature game by creating a short introductory video for introducing yourself along with the job role, then this one is perfect for you. You can also add it to your email signature along with a thumbnail image.

11) Event Follow-up: This video messaging app is great when you wish to reach out to better leads following the events by creating a short video.

Video Messaging App For Talent Development And HR

12) Welcome New Hires Abroad: When you wish to make your new employees feel part of the team, then this app will make the task of welcoming them easier by creating a personal video message.

13) Recruiting Videos: Use videos for promotion of job opportunities in your company.

14) HR Business Partner Introductions: This application lets you put a face to any name by sending personal messages in videos for introducing yourself to the new members of the team.

15) Pre-Screen Interview Invite: If you are willing to excite and surprise your new recruits by declaring it to them that they have met the eligibility criteria for starting with the selection process.

Video Messaging Apps For IT and Help Desk

16) Application training and FAQs: This is also a voice messaging app that aids employees to understand how to use the various applications with the assistance of custom walk-through videos.

17) Here, Let Me Show You: This is both a video and voice messaging app that lets you show it to the employees how they can resolve common problems with a customized screen recording so that there is no confusion.

How can Stork Help Your Business

No marketer can deny the impact of a powerful video in engaging audience and this is how Stork can also help a business in connecting at a more human level and deliver information way faster than human communication. With video messaging app there will be no limitation of the voice messaging so that you can keep the duration as much as needed. The best feature is perhaps the speech recognition that lets you reach the voice message in place of listening to it.


Among the many benefits of video for business likes its ability for capturing and holding attention, influencing buying decisions and driving organic traffic and increasing conversions. These, in turn help in growing revenue.

You will be surprised to know that 20 percent of people tend to read text information while the remaining 80 percent tend to watch video for the same. The best video messaging apps help connecting more at a human level and delivering information in a faster way.

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