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16 Facts You Need to Know About Video Marketing Strategies By Small Businesses in 2020

Video Marketing

Most people are visual learners. They respond to pictures much better than text. The video takes it a notch higher and allows people to engage with content. The job of marketing teams is to get to improve the recall of the product. 

Videos, if made the right way, do a great job of improving product recall and boost sales. Many surveys by leading measurement surveys show videos work quite well. 

For instance, over 70% prefer videos to texts, and over 60% of customers said videos influenced buying choice. Because of this, over 70% of marketers use videos, and you should use them too!

What Is All This Buzz About Marketing?

The simple definition of video marketing is using video to share a marketing message. Most brands add video marketing to the mix of their marketing strategy. 

Video marketing is a progressive trend that has become popular in the last ten years. This trend picked on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and became popular. 

It is easy to create video content these days. It does not cost much, is easy to upload on preferred platforms, and easy to track impact. Video marketing is a boon to the small businesses that run on shoestring budgets. 

Using phones is especially useful if you cannot afford it. There are tools like YouTube video editors with remarkable features for you to edit videos with little training or experience. It only takes a few hours, and you have your marketing video ready!

The Importance of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

You might wonder why there is so much hype about video marketing. As a small business, you can benefit in the following ways:

Increase Brand Awareness

Video marketing is a proven tool for boosting sales. Video marketing is one area where small businesses can compete with big brands. In the video marketing world, ideas win over budgets.

If you are a small business owner, consider using video as a means to market your product or service. We curated and outlined the benefits of video marketing for you here:

Videos Build Brand Awareness and Improve Recall

Video marketing reaches a large group of audience that otherwise would be unreachable. Especially if you are running low on cash, video content builds an identity for your brand that you can use to drive your message engagingly. 

Videos Represent Your Product Better

Video marketing drives a better understanding of your product by adding context to its use. Well created videos will make your audience relate to you. You will be able to build an emotional connection between what you want to sell and the potential buyer. 

Videos Sell Your Product

Most of the video hosting platforms like YouTube provide useful tools. You can use them to understand the segment of the audience that is showing interest in your product. You can also identify how your audience is discovering you and the path they are following to make a sale. 

Videos Are Two-Way Street

Video marketing allows the unique opportunity to interact with your potential customers. While it can be a double-edged sword, the ability to communicate with your customer base is precious. The data you collect helps you dig deeper. For instance, you can conduct polls to verify patterns.

How Can You Build A Strong Video Marketing Strategy?

You can use videos in an unlimited number of creative ways for marketing. People have been experimenting with this format for a while now with great success. We are sharing the tried and tested practices with you here to aid in your success.

Trailers and Teasers

The entertainment industry has mastered the art of teasing the audience with trailers. You can use videos as a part of your pre-launch strategy by sharing the preview of your launch. 

Pre-launch trainers help in generating interest. They improve recall when the product launches. We recommend YouTube Intro makers for this purpose.

Product Experience

One of the most searched for phrases on the Internet is “How to.” Products these days, be it online products or physical ones, have complicated interfaces. Creating a series of how to use the product and how to troubleshoot for simple issues goes a long way. 

Engagement on your video marketing content also reduces your customer support costs needs to some extent. 

If your product requires assembly, instruction videos are a must. Showing the step-by-step process of putting your product pieces together is a necessity. There are bound to be people who will struggle with this and will seek various ways to get answers. If you can answer yourself, you build a bond with your customers.

Review Videos

Have relevant influencers review your product. Influencers can change brand perception, so use them well. You also have professional product reviewers who have made reviewing products their profession. They either accept a fee for their service or free goodies. Many honest and positive reviews have shown to increase sales.

Founder Interactions

There is an increased trend of people wanting to know who is behind a particular product or service. Analysis of search terms shows that customers search for the developer of the product. 

The leader of the company is another commonly searched term. Take advantage of this trend and use real people instead of models in your videos. Let the message come straight from the people that matter. 

This strategy personalizes your product, shows you care. Your target audience will be able to see that you are willing to be vulnerable. Putting your reputation in the line for your product demonstrates honesty. Emotions drive video success and recommend InVideo for creating impactful introduction videos that stick.


People these days want to see the real human face behind the product. They want to see past the well-curated marketing campaigns. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there. The simplest way to achieve this is by releasing blooper reels. While intro videos themselves humanize your brand, bloopers make you relatable. 

Bloopers have shown to increase the video views to the main product. They bring repeat visitors to your content and improve recall. 

Behind-the-Scene Videos

Incorporate honesty into your video marketing campaign through behind-the-scenes videos. Behind-the-scene videos allow you to show how you make your product. It can showcase the culture of your company and all the hard work that went into building your dream. Hard work generates positive emotions and making a behind-the-scenes display of that.

Video Marketing Strategies is a Great Way to Grow a Business 

Video marketing is an art as much as it is a science. Well-made videos that build trust with your target audience deliver results. You do not have to be a professional video expert to create compelling video content for your marketing efforts. Know your audience, have the right tools, invest in learning, and always listen to what your customers say. 

In addition to this, follow the changing audience video consumption behavior and closely watch changing trends. Pay attention to new video hosting platforms that your audience is moving to and know your influencers. Incorporate all of this into your video marketing content, and you are golden!

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