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15 Icebreakers You Need To Be Interesting To Anyone By Talkliv

It would be beneficial if you had a tonne of suggestions for the ideal icebreaker inquiries to put to your loved ones, friends, and strangers on internet when things start to feel awkward or when you run out of things to talk about. 

It takes a lot of practice to become a conversational guru. You should keep a running list of topics that would make a conversation engaging enough to last as long as you like. In order to completely capture the interest of anyone you should try to be funny, sensible, cultured, and engaging.

A fun and simple approach to meet new people and lighten the mood is using ice breakers. We’ve created a chat-em-up cheat-sheet with startling, smokin’ icebreakers that will quickly transform you from oddball to suave. We’ve thrown in some entertaining icebreaker games and fun activities for meetings, training, and team-building exercises.

There is no quick method to become someone who is “excellent company,” unless you have the innate ability to charm your way into everyone’s heart. It would be quite beneficial for us mere humans to practise ourselves and perhaps prepare a dozen or two sets of subjects and questions that will make everyone crave your presence! 

To practice those icebreakers, you can use Talkliv, a platform that’ll help you improve communication skills and get in touch with different kinds of people.

Spark Fun And Have Engaging Conversation With These 15 Icebreakers:

You can never go wrong by mentally preparing a tonne of topics to discuss. The following are some of the frequent and fascinating subjects you can discuss:

1.Family Background

For those who are just meeting for the first time, this is the greatest option. You’ll be curious to learn all about the upbringing of your new acquaintance. This is a solid way to initiate any conversation on Talkliv.


Regardless of who you are speaking to, complimenting someone on their appearance, accessories, or even mood will typically be well-received.

The individual who is complimented will express their gratitude and may even compliment you back. With this, a conversation starts. Ask questions to continue the conversation, such as, “Where did you hey the earrings? They look stunning!”

3.Talking About Childhood Memories

The ideal topics to discuss with family and friends whenever you’re together are childhood memories. You’ll remember the good ol’ days as a result! So, while talking to strangers or trying to make new friends on Talkliv platform, talk about childhood memories to make other people more comfortable.

4.Sometimes You Can Make a Small Chat

Discuss the weather. Although it may seem cliche, it really does work. Everyone has an opinion about the weather, thus people frequently discuss it. Consider how you might have an opinion about the appropriate attire or style for various weather conditions. You can start a discussion with a “small chat” such as, “The wind is so strong; it almost blew me over!” once the other person answers. 

5.Play Games

If you want to make your bond comfortable and special, try to play games. Games like Paper Airplane, MM or many more. In this game you must give each group member a piece of paper on which to write their name and two questions. Ask them to create an airplane out of the paper. Set a five-minute timer. Each participant should launch their paper airplanes into the air, choose one, launch it again, and keep doing so until the timer goes off. Each participant should go up to the person whose plane they are carrying when the timer goes off and ask them the two questions written on the paper. 

6.Talk About Your Hobbies & Interests

It’s usually a good idea to look for shared interests when you’re among friends or coworkers so you can come up with things to do. This will make your conversation steady, and you may bond with other people while talking on Talkliv platform.

7.Discuss Your Firsts

This is undoubtedly one of the coolest and most fascinating topics you may discuss with your closest friends if you want to have fun, since secrets will be revealed! You will get closer to your friend and further strengthen your bond.

8.Talk About Unpleasant Situation You Caught Up In

Another great tactic for starting a conversation is to just make a comment about an uncomfortable or unpleasant scenario that you both encounter in your immediate surroundings. You can complain about a long wait in line or a chair that is unstable.

You deftly con the other into an unsuspecting pact that unites both of you against a shared foe by focusing on an unfortunate position that you both find yourselves in and discreetly grumbling about it. This is also one of the best ways to start a conversation with another person on the Talkliv platform.

9.Share Comic Jokes

Excellent conversational skills should go hand in hand with humor and wit. Your casual conversation can someday become an amazing narrative if you throw in some wicked jokes!

10.Discuss Your Food Habits

Everyone enjoys food and beverages. Comment on how great (or not tasty) the burger is if the individual you wish to start a conversation with has a nice-looking drink or a delectable-looking burger. Alternatively, inquire as to what beverage they are consuming.

When they respond, ask a follow-up question, such as “Do you truly enjoy it?” or “Can I buy you another?” Don’t forget to introduce yourself and smile your most endearing smile.

11.Talk About Your Professional Profile

Ask a person whether he/she works there or not? This also functions well in a professional context when name badges are worn. Ask if he works there even if you already know the answer. Mention any coworkers you may know that are related to this person.

Asking follow-up questions like “What do you do here?” will help. “How long have you been employed here?” “Are you enjoying it here?” and “What do you like/dislike most about your job? will work well. 

12.Talk With Honesty

Honesty can occasionally be the best and most enjoyable icebreaker. Simply approach them and speak the truth. Let the other person know you want to speak with them. Make it clear that you are both in an uncomfortable and humorous situation and that you are attempting to make the best of it.

Honesty is often the best course of action. To approach a person, go with your honesty and initiate your conversation on the Talkliv platform.

13.Memorize Other’s Name

The group members need not know each other’s names for this to operate well. Form a circle for this brief game, and have the first player declare their name and then link an action to it. The second person will then say the first person’s name and action again before coming up with a new action of their own. Continue doing this until the first participant can name everyone in the circle and carry out the correct actions.

14.Tell About Your Favorite Movies

Another common and best way to start a conversation with another person is to talk about your favorite movies. What is more enjoyable than viewing your favourite films and discussing them with your loved ones together! Try it now and start chatting on Talkliv.

15.Discuss Your Favorite Places

While trying to initiate conversation with your friends, talk about your favorite places and try to maintain your conversation steady.

We hope this article is quite helpful for you to break the ice and start having conversations freely and comfortably. 

To practice the icebreakers, join Talkliv and start chatting! 


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