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15+ Free Advertising Ideas to Make Your Business Popular

Free advertisement can be a lifesaver for small businesses on a limited budget.

However, these opportunities should be taken advantage of by larger companies as well.

You can do your advertising for free while avoiding some costs, allowing you to allocate your budget more efficiently. 

This article shows you the best free advertising strategies for your business.

Here’s how you can implement them.

Advertising Tips to Promote Your Business

Following are some of the best ways that you must need to consider to market your business online. 

1. Get listed on Google My Business 

One of the best free ways to advertise your business is to create a Google My Business listing if you have a physical location.

This is beneficial to your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts, as it adds credibility to your listings in Google searches and on Google Maps, while also improving your search engine ranking.

You should include information like your address, phone number, website URL, and other pertinent information in your Google My Business listing.

2. Make sure your business appears on other business listing websites.

You can also advertise your business for free on many other websites in addition to Google. The Business Journals, Yelp, Yellow pages, TripAdvisor, and Angie’s List are just a few examples.

You can maximize your chances of being discovered online by choosing the ones that are most suitable for your business.

3.  Utilize user-generated content for the best results

It serves as a way to demonstrate to potential customers how your products are used, and it lets you show off how your products are used by others.

Make sure that you ask your clients to upload photos and videos of their experiences using your products on social media. This content can then be reposted on your social media accounts, featured on your website, and included in your newsletter.

Make sure to create your own for your brand such as #brandname

4. Establish an active presence on social media

Social media has become a staple of everyday life in one form or another.

According to Facebook, there were about 2.5 billion active users as of April. This is an enormous opportunity for free advertising for businesses.

LinkedIn and TikTok are a few of the social media networks available. Ensure that you choose the social media platforms that are most popular with your target audience if you want your social media advertising to be successful.

Each social network will have a different frequency of posts. Make sure that you’re not only sharing promotional content with your audience to avoid turning them away. A combination of creation and curation is best.

5. Organize a giveaway

Giving away products and services is another way for your business to get more exposure online.

To make your giveaway successful, you should offer a prize that appeals to the target audience. Nevertheless, you should make sure that it relates closely to your company, otherwise the leads you generate will be less valuable.

You might also consider using your own products as a prize, since we are talking about free advertising here. 

Make sure the giveaway’s rules are clear and easy to follow. Your campaign’s end-goal will determine which rules you need to use.

It would be great if you directed contestants to share your posts, subscribe to your newsletter, and follow you on social media.

6. Free Classified Ads Posting

A successful advertisement tells people about new products or services that have just been released. The purpose of such a strategy is to enhance the chances of the sale of corporate products and services. Various types of classified ads can be put up on classified ad websites, including ad postings for job postings, real estate sales, matrimonial ads, obituaries, business needs, services, etc. 

Despite the fact that classified ads might seem out of date in today’s time, you should not underestimate their power to promote your products and services for free. 

We live in an era when online platforms are widely used for various businesses, so we need to keep upgrading our skills. Online platforms feature ads for products and services and also facilitate the exchange of business deals between buyers and sellers.

Therefore, it is recommended to avail this nice opportunity as well to promote your services since there is nothing to lose.

7. Blog about your business

You can use a company blog to advertise your business for free if you enjoy writing.

Blogging has many benefits for businesses. Education, building brand awareness, driving traffic to websites and product pages, and posting quality content on social media are all ways to educate your target audience.

An SEO strategy must include a blog as a key component. Make sure to have one on WordPress or any other CMS. 

You can significantly improve your Google rankings and boost your online visibility by consistently publishing relevant SEO-optimized content relevant to your industry.

8. Write guest posts on other sites

It is a good idea to write guest posts for industry publications and other websites in addition to having your own company blog.

A quick scan of a website’s published content or a look at their Contact Us page will reveal whether or not it accepts guest posts.

By outreaching to bloggers, you can also be included in guest posts. Your product or service can generate tons of new leads if you can convince the right person to promote it.

In addition to allowing you to reach new audiences, guest posting can be beneficial when it comes to building your brand. 

9. Invite your customers to leave online reviews

Your business can benefit from positive online reviews, so you should ask your customers to leave their feedback on Google, Yelp, Facebook, or directly on your website.

The fact that ratings and reviews come from actual users rather than from the company trying to sell the product makes them more credible than advertisements.

Every review, whether positive or negative, should be read and responded to.

So, you demonstrate that you care about your customers’ experience and are open to their suggestions and willing to resolve any issues.

10. Create a newsletter

By signing up for your mailing list, people are interested in receiving news from you. Your customers can stay updated with your latest blog posts, offers, product releases, and more with a regular email newsletter.

An email marketing case study by Monetate found that 4.4% of email subscribers make a purchase compared to 2.4% of search engine visitors and 0.5% of social media visitors.

Therefore, you should not ignore email marketing when thinking about your free marketing strategy.

11. Develop visually appealing content

Grabbing your audience’s attention requires visual content in an ever-shrinking world where attention spans are continually decreasing.

There is a growing demand for video platforms like YouTube or Pinterest, with YouTube ranking as the second most popular social network after Facebook.

Video storytelling has quickly become one of the top marketing strategies in recent years.

Because of this, you should consider setting up a YouTube channel for your business, where you can share free advertising, how-to videos, and other contents that your audience might find interesting.

Infographics, featured images, banners, and cover photos also deserve attention. The purpose of these visual assets is to keep your blog and social media visitors engaged, make it easy for them to share your content, and help your website rank on Google Image searches as well.

12. Interact with industry forums and Reddit

Join online discussion forums related to your industry and contribute insights and how-tos by answering users’ questions.

A single Reddit community has millions of users. Don’t hesitate to browse and find the subreddits that match your business’s niche, as there is a subreddit for almost anything. Additionally, you can run a Q&A session using r/AMA (Ask Me Anything).

It is advisable to avoid spamming these forums with promotional materials and advertisements, since doing so can have the opposite effect, attracting negative attention. Certain pages may even ban you for excessive advertising, so use them wisely.

13. Obtain partnership opportunities

If you want to expand your reach even further, think about partnering up with companies in your industry that sell complementary products. This is an effective way to advertise your small business for free.

The owner of a coffee shop can sell his products at the local donut shop, as well as vice versa, since it is a local business. 

For example, you can advertise your products for free on the website of your partner company, and they can do the same. The two companies benefit from working together.

14. Quora Questions

Anybody can get answers to their questions on Quora, the leading Q&A website.

Quora, like forums, can help you be seen as a leader in your field if you answer questions there.

But be careful not to overdo it with promotions. Focus on answering questions in a helpful manner instead.

15. Conduct a webinar

Due to the lack of offline events and conferences in the near future, webinars are gaining in popularity as a way to spread business information online.

Your company can benefit from hosting a webinar or contributing as a guest speaker. You can boost your credibility in the industry, expand your audience, and boost company awareness.

A number of free webinar platforms are available. As long as you have fewer than 100 attendees, Zoom, for example, offers basic features for free.

16. Invite podcast hosts to interview you

In the same way that you can reach a wider audience by writing guest posts for a variety of websites, being a guest on relevant podcasts can help you reach new audiences. These might be people who don’t have time to read articles and prefer listening to podcasts instead.

Send interview ideas to podcast hosts in your industry to get started. In order to succeed in your pitch, familiarize yourself with the program first and discuss the value you can bring to its audience.


Regardless of whether you are a small business owner or a Fortune 500 company, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money advertising online for free. Your challenge is to figure out where to begin.

Would any of these ideas work well for your business, and which tools do you wish to try out?

Let us know in the comments section.

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