15 ECommerce Website Design Tips To Reach More Customers

Getting people to buy from you is one of the main goals of your website. But did you know that how your website looks has a big impact on whether or not a visitor just looking around becomes a paying customer?

Building an Ecommerce websites means making a design that looks good and is easy on the eyes. A good website design also greatly affects how well your site works and how many people buy from it.

Consistent use of Branding:

If you want to turn people who visit your website into customers, keeping your brand’s look and feel the same all over your site is important. Your logo, colour scheme, and overall design should all show your brand. A consistent brand KITO INFOCOM will make your business look more trustworthy and professional, leading to more sales. A strong brand makes it easier for people to remember your business.

The Rule of Thirds:

The rule of thirds is a basic rule of web design that can help you use website layout to turn visitors into customers. It says that the most important parts of a page should be in the top third or the left third so that visitors are more likely to see them. This content should be something you think will persuade a user to become a customer.

Cut down on the options for visitors:

When you give your visitors too many options, they may need clarification and decide not to do anything. But if you give them fewer options, they’re more likely to buy from you. People often call this problem “paralysis by analysis” because it happens when you have too many choices and don’t know which to choose, so you don’t select any.

Display Reviews from Customers:

The best way to get people to buy from your website is to show reviews from others. Customers will likely buy from you if they know you have good reviews. When you build your website, adding a section that draws people’s attention to customer reviews is a good way to give your business social proof and a sense of reliability, which will help your conversion rate.

Use lead magnets:

Lead magnets are freebies that customers can get in exchange for giving you their contact information. According to a new study of marketing experts and CEOs, the most effective lead magnets are eBooks, discounts, and webinars. Other financial incentives, such as free shipping or cashback, are especially good at getting eCommerce businesses their first sales.

Put in Breadcrumb:

Web breadcrumbs are links visitors can click on to see where they are on a website. They show users where they are and how to return if they get lost. Also, breadcrumbs can help increase conversions by making it easy for visitors to find their way around your site.

Add a FAQs section:

By answering common questions in a FAQ section on your website, you can increase the number of people who buy from you. This can reduce the number of customer service questions you get and make it easier for people who might buy from you to find the information they need.

Compress Images:

The pictures on your website are very important! Not only do they make your site look better, but they can also help people decide to buy from you.

Use the Psychology of Color:

Colour psychology looks at how colours affect the way people act. It strongly influences how people think, feel, and act. And when it comes to Ecommerce website designing, it can be used to get more people to buy something.

Use “White Space”:

It’s all about persuasion to turn website visitors into customers. And white space is one of the most powerful tools a designer has. Adding white space to your site will make it look bigger and more inviting, which can lead to more sales.

Include the Face of the Person:

Putting a face on your website is a great way to get people to buy from you. People are more likely to trust a website if it has a picture of a real person on it. A face adds a personal touch to your website that can be very convincing.

Group things in a logical way:

When designing your website using WordPress (WooCommerce) or PrestaShop, it’s important to put things together in a way that makes sense. For example, if you have a page about the history of your company, you should put all of that history’s information on that page. You wouldn’t put it on a page that talks about your products.

Watch how visitors move around:

Successful websites put a lot of effort into figuring out how people use them. Keeping track of how people use your site will help you determine which pages turn visitors into customers and which don’t bring in any money.

Keep it easy:

Keeping your website simple is a great way for people to buy from you. People who visit your website should be able to figure out what it’s about and move around it easily. More stuff on your website can be confusing and make people leave.

Be careful with pop-ups:

Pop-ups are a great way to get someone’s attention and get them to join your email list or do something else you want them to do. But it would help if you watched out for pop-ups. People will only leave your site if you have enough pop-ups or if they are annoying.


Web Agencys web design isn’t just about making your site look nice; your choices can greatly affect how well your site works and, in particular, how well it converts visitors into customers. Using these 15 design tips on your website will help you get more conversions and make more money.

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