14 Simple Ways To Promote An App

“Without promotion, something terrible happens…………..nothing!”, says P.T. Barnum.

Nothing can more clearly define the importance of promoting than this statement. Especially when it comes to apps, promotion is the only way you can reach out to customers and grow further. Since there is such outright competition in every field today, your unique efforts at promoting your app will make you different from your competitors. 

Since simplicity is the key to brilliance, here are some simple and easy ways by which you can promote your app and reach out to the target market. Let’s read ahead/


This is quite an obvious way, but the most important one. You can advertise your app through mobile advertising apps, on websites, influencer marketing, email marketing, etcetera.

Advertising is often considered the same as promoting, but promoting is a broader concept, and it also includes other things, as mentioned below.

Pre-launch promotion

Before your app launches, create an image in the minds of the people about what your app is all about and how it will help them. Using creative methods like creating teaser videos about the app will help a lot.

Social media

Social media is here to stay; it is not a trend that will pass on with time. It will stay with us, evolve, and grow. Apart from entertainment, social media is also used as a platform to promote businesses, and it has proved to be effective.

Be active

Being on social media just for the sake of being on social media will not help. Having accounts and access to all the social media platforms out there will help only when you stay active on each one of them. Regular posting, commenting, and other forms of engaging the customers are what you need to do.


A video before the launch of the app does wonders, but don’t worry if you have already launched your app without it. You can still use video promotion as an effective tool to promote your app at any time of your operation. This is a visually appealing and more understandable way to tell about what you do.


This has become more of a trend now. Even small and medium businesses have come into the practice of writing blogs relating to their fields of operation. And no doubt, it is an effective way of promotion if done in the right manner.


To encourage more people to use your app means to convince them that your app will help solve a bigger problem that will otherwise bother them. Create the image of your app as the problem-solver, making them believe that you are the best in what you offer.


Don’t just help people solve a single problem through your app. Show them that you can also provide useful information about various other things in the related field. Simple information can be made unique and attractive by converting it into graphs and other pictorial forms.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

This is one of the ways that are more on the technical side but not difficult. There are proper procedures to improve the ranking and visibility of your app on various app stores. You can hire experts to carry out this procedure.


Promoting simply means being in the eyes of the people, that is, making them aware of your existence. The easiest way to do this is by engaging with people through various activities like contests, games, and other interesting tasks.

Offer free trials 

If your app is not free for all the users, or even if it has some in-app purchases, try to offer free trials for short intervals so that people can experience what you are offering. This is just like tasting different flavors of ice cream before deciding which one to buy.

Develop PR

Clearly defined PR strategies help you target the correct audience and save your efforts. To develop good public relations, you can even hire personnel, or — as it is found convenient these days — you can outsource this function.

Offline marketing

An app is made on a computer, downloaded by a customer on a mobile phone or a computer; all its marketing and promotion is also usually done online. But this is where you might go wrong. Offline promotion is often more effective and can be made more interesting.

Accept criticism

This helps in two ways; one is you get to know about the loophole, and secondly, if you publicly accept criticism positively, you will be able to impress people, which directly or indirectly promotes your app.


With the changing market conditions, methods and ways of promotion also evolve. You have to keep up with these changes and try to invent newer, innovative, and more engaging techniques to promote your app.

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