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14 Green Paint Ideas To Refresh Your Kitchen

Green kitchen cabinets design has become the latest trend. Various shades of green cabinets and islands can be seen in modern kitchens. This natural hue is popular because it complements various farmhouse kitchen decor elements, including hardwood floors, rustic beams, and finishes like stainless steel, brass, and copper. Plus, with various green paint colors, one can achieve any desired aesthetic, whether traditional, modern, or vintage.

While a classic all-white kitchen is undeniably beautiful and offers countless design options, a change of pace can be refreshing. Take a warm sage green and accent them with gold hardware for a traditional yet stunning look. Consider dark green cabinets with white countertops for a bolder statement and sharp contrast.

No matter your green hue or kitchen style, you can easily achieve a new look by visiting a paint store near you!

1. Green Kitchen Cabinets

Apply a new coat of green paint to the kitchen cabinets to give the entire space a new look. The color of the cabinets complements the existing backsplash and countertops. Additionally, the dark green range blends perfectly with green cabinet colors.

2. Sage Green Kitchen Cabinets

Sage green is not that dark and belongs to the Morandi color family. If you’re worried about green not matching the style of your kitchen, try sage green. Combine neutral elements like black marble countertops, gold hardware, and terracotta tiles with inviting green cabinets in this cozy kitchen.

Moss green cabinets adorn this kitchen, low wooden ceiling beams and a central wooden island.

3. Emerald Green Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen uses a two-color design of emerald green and white. Paired with gold hardware and green plants, the entire kitchen looks lively. Patterned carpets prevent water droplets from soaking the floor and add an artistic touch to the kitchen.

4. Moss Green Kitchen Cabinets

The lower cabinets currently have a new coat of moss green paint, specifically Behr’s Russian Olive. Wooden beams, pine farm tables, and authentic hardwood floors have been maintained in their original condition, highlighting their innate warmth.

5. Mint Green Kitchen Cabinets

Mint green can be incorporated into any style of kitchen, be it modern, minimalist, ornate, or vintage. Choose a two-tone kitchen with mint and contrasting colors for a more modern look. Pair the mint hue with a creamy white tone for a more vintage feel. This color, paired with a vintage sink and original dining table, gives the whole space a slightly antique vibe.

6. Olive Green Kitchen Cabinets

Olive green cabinets blend into this kitchen. The existing windows are now surrounded by identical cabinets with glass front columns on each side, displaying beautiful china and glassware. A storage space underneath also holds party essentials and small kitchen utensils.

7. Green Kitchen Cabinets With Wood Tones

Choose a bold approach and use rich and intense shades of green. In this design, the upper and lower cabinets and the window trim receive a fresh coat of paint, while the countertops and backsplash feature warm, natural wood tones.

8. Forest Green Kitchen Cabinets

A forest green kitchen will bring country charm if you want to incorporate nature into your home’s style. Rich dark green. , paired with simple hand-carved wooden knobs, add a warm touch to the kitchen.

9. White And Grass Green Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen is all white, then you can accent the colour with something else, such as a floor painted in bright grass green, which will give your kitchen a layered look. Of course don’t forget about the lighting layout and displaying vintage collectibles.

10. Green Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Choose a soft teal for shaker-style cabinets in a bright and airy modern farmhouse kitchen. The teal contrasts with the white walls and natural colors through the windows. This color pairs well with sandstone and butcher block countertops.

11. Light Green Kitchen Cabinets

To help a historic kitchen maintain its nostalgic charm, choose a color that feels like it’s from that era, like the emerald green of novelist Jean Hanff Korelitz’s circa 1890s home.

12. Gray Green Kitchen Cabinets

A soothing green with a little gray and a little blue was chosen for the Shaker-style cabinets. It changes with the light and the color pairs particularly well with soapstone countertops and unlacquered brass handles and knobs. Floor tiles add a unique richness to the artfully layered kitchen.

13. Soft Green Kitchen Cabinets

The owner of this charming farmhouse-style kitchen opted for a soothing green paint shade for the paneled walls and cabinets, achieving a tastefully understated look. This soft green palette includes natural elements such as reclaimed hickory beams, honed granite countertops, and slate floors, elevating the overall aesthetic to refined elegance.

14. Grass Green Kitchen Cabinets

In the kitchen, color can extend beyond the walls. The use of blue and green evokes feelings of tranquility, comfort, and joy, and the presence of this color on the kitchen floor harmonizes beautifully with the crisp white walls and lively plaid curtains.

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