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13 Must-Have Golf Items For Every Golfer

Golf is a passion for many people worldwide. If you’re one of those passionate golfers, then you know that having the right golf gear is essential to playing your best game. With so many items on the market, it can be challenging to determine which ones are worth your money. 

We’ve put together a list of 13 must-have golf accessories that each golfer needs to carry in their bag to help you make the best choice. Whether it’s a golf glove or the best golf GPS watch on the market, we hope this article will help provide you with some ideas. The golf accessories list has everything you need to improve your game, from clubs and balls to the best GPS golf watches and rangefinders.

Must-Have Golf Items For Every Golfer

The best musthave golf items are useful when they are most needed. You cannot go to golf courses without these things. Some of them are weather dependent but still important to have around. Moreover, these items can make excellent gifts for your golfing buddies.

They need to be chosen carefully because high-quality instruments last longer. Here is a thorough list of the things we tried and evaluated this year so that you can determine the best.

1. Practice Golf Balls

Everything gets better with practice, including golf shots. You can adjust your stance and learn the club’s grip with practice. It is not the best for practicing on a golf course because practicing requires a lot of repetition. Since real golf balls are hefty, they could harm the areas you use for practicing.

It would help if you had practice golf balls made of foam or plastic for use indoors because they are lightweight and may be used without harming the environment or the people nearby. 

You can practice your shots before the main game by keeping practice golf balls in your bag. You can choose from various different types of balls that are designed with different specifications. Some are for different levels of spin while some are focused on distance.

With so many different types of balls and purposes, picking the best practice ball brand was challenging. However, we will only suggest the balls that stood out during our testing. You might have heard of the more premium brands like Callaway and Taylormade, however, it is definitely worth checking up on companies like Srixon and Wilson who have some great budget-friendly options too. Moreover, you can buy great second-hand practice balls usually at your local golf club which could be missing balls from the lake and is still in great shape.

Overall, keeping good practice balls with you on hand is always important as you may want to practice your chipping or even something like clearing a water hazard. This can get very expensive if you use your expensive balls. Make sure you first try out different options on the market as you will be spoilt for choice.

2. Golf GPS Watch

The golf GPS watch is one of the musthaves for a golfer. A few extra yards can have a significant impact on your golf game. Nothing is worse than thinking you have picked the right club and nailed your shot to see the golf ball fly 20 yards further or short of the hole. For this reason, a golf GPS watch should be a part of your equipment so you know your exact distance.

At the touch of your wrist, GPS watches can provide accurate yardages, water hazards, bunkers, and the contour of the green. GPS watches can be utilized on plotted courses, so you can get the data before the game starts. Some GPS watches are not accurate and can compute distance incorrectly.

The GPS uses satellite technology to calculate the distance between you and the flag post. Additionally, sometimes GPS devices require subscriptions, and course data updates are sometimes extra charges. However, if you are someone that plays more than once or twice a week, the confidence this gives you when selecting which club makes the investment worthwhile. Garmin and Shot scope are the most well-known brands and have a fantastic selection of watches.

Overall, GPS watches are a great tool when it comes to golf items. You will walk up to take your shot with more confidence knowing the exact distance to where you are trying to reach. It will also make selecting which club you want easier for you instead of trying to work out which club you should hit with.

3. Golf Gloves

The golfer needs the ideal grip on the club to hit the ball perfectly. Because of this, golf gloves are essential on the golf items list. A good set of gloves can help you play better. Moreover, golf gloves shield your hands from weather-related injuries and blisters.

Your golf gloves have openings that allow air to flow, preventing your hands and gloves from drying out. There are typically three types of golf gloves: leather, synthetic, and hybrid. The softest gloves are leather, but they deteriorate more quickly. 

Synthetics, on the other hand, are less breathable but more flexible and last longer. Gloves with hybrid palms feature leather to provide traction and polyester to provide flexibility.

Overall, we are sure you have seen professional golfers all wear golf gloves apart from when they are putting. It’s very important for avoiding any blisters on your hands especially if you are playing more than once or twice a week. It’s also worth considering keeping a spare pair with you in your golf bag.

4. Golf Driver Head Covers

Golf driver head covers are highly recommended for protecting your valuable investment from harm such as scratches, scrapes, and dents.

Driver coverings often include an inside lining made of latex or rubber and are constructed of materials like fabric and neoprene. Most golfers choose these head covers when purchasing a driver club, but there are a variety of other designs available.

Custom-made novelty or specialty golf covers feature stuffed animals, university logos, and NFL logos shaped like frogs and lions. You can also buy head covers featuring Popeye or boxing gloves.

Overall, these are a personal touch and add style to your golf bag. If there is a particular animal or show that you like, it’s more than likely that you will find a head cover for it. We are sure you will have seen the likes of Tiger Woods and Bubba Watson on TV rocking some headcovers so you are in good company.

5. Golf Umbrellas

Another one of the musthave golf items for your golf bag is a golf umbrella, especially if it’s hot or raining outside. Rain can harm your golf equipment, and you definitely won’t be able to concentrate on the game with water soaking everywhere.

Golf umbrellas are larger than regular umbrellas, making it simple to cover the player and their entire bag. They are available in various sizes and shapes, such as a spherical form or a canopy. Different fabrics include polyester, pongee, nylon, and PVC (for transparent umbrellas).

Golf umbrellas can be a little weighty due to their size. Manufacturers frequently use fiberglass drums for axles and separators to solve this issue. Due to its lightning resistance, this material keeps golfers safe while they play through thunder.

Overall, these are a must-have as rain could ruin your round of golf. If you are getting rained on then it’s very obvious that being soaked will affect your game. Apart from your waterproofs, umbrellas are a must-have.

6. Professional Golf Tees

Golf tees frequently get much less attention, but the ball needs to be placed properly to hit the perfect driver. A golf tee is a stand that raises the ball to the proper level so that the player can strike it. Since most golfers frequently misplace their tees, many golfers will readily admit that they carry a lot of golf tees in their bags.

Tees can be made of wood or plastic. Plastic golf tees are popular because they are less likely to shatter than wooden ones. Selecting the correct ones can be challenging because they come in various styles and heights. 

Tees come in multiple sizes, with the 4-inch tee ideal for large-headed drivers and the 2.125-inch tees excellent for fairway woods and irons. So it’s important to always have a few tees in various sizes and utilize them as needed.

Overall, these are usually required on every tee before taking your shot. They are easily forgotten about or can often break so it’s worth having quite a few spares in your bag.

7. Golf Towels

A towel is one of the golf accessories lists. The golf towel is a cheap, portable utility with many uses. You may use it for several things, including wiping your face, drying the grips on your clubs, cleaning muddy balls, covering your neck on hot days, and cleaning your clubs. 

If you don’t have your gloves on, you can also use the towel to provide your grip on the golf club with more strength. Moreover, get a clip-on towel to attach to your bag to avoid missing it on the course.

Overall, this usually goes with the umbrella especially if you are playing in wet conditions as you may need to clean and wipe your golf clubs. You may also decide to wipe your ball on the putting green before taking your shot. Definitely, a must-have!

8. Golf Rangefinders

Golf laser rangefinders have made measuring yardage easier than in the past when we had to walk off the distance. The most precise and fastest method of measuring distance is with a laser rangefinder. 

You need to peek through the viewfinder on a handheld gadget and press the button. Finding and measuring the right target could take a few tries, but you’ll have the perfect measurement.

Furthermore, before using rangefinders on any golf course, there is no need to download any data. Unlike the GPS watches which will have pre-downloaded courses from which you are able to take your measurements, here with the rangefinder, it will be simply a point in the direction of the flag.

The most well-known brand when it comes to rangefinders is Bushnell which has dominated the market for many years. However, the likes of TecTecTec and Mileseey have recently populated the market with their more budget-friendly options. 

Overall, these are relatively similar to GPS watches in terms of showing distances. Potentially, these are more accurate as you pinpoint directly at the flag which will give you more confidence in the yardage measurement and the golf club you should pick. Obviously, you need to know the yardage you can hit with each club, and will depend on your level of playing and accuracy. But, will definitely help any golfer out on the course.

9. Golf Ball Marker

Golf ball markers are also one of the must-haves for a golfer. They are flat, tiny items that indicate where a player’s ball is on the course. To allow another player to play without interruption, they are used to moving the golf ball.

As long as it doesn’t hinder another player’s position, the regulations state that the ball makers can be anything, such as a coin or paper marker. 

Today’s market offers a wide range of ball markers, some metallic, and can be personalized with a company logo or your initials. Others combine a ball marker with a divot tool or hat clip for the ideal two-in-one gear. All of these combinations are quite common.

Overall, these are used on the putting green which is laid out before cleaning your golf ball. It also makes it easier to spot the green and usually has various different designs and colours for you to pick from.

10. Golf Hats

It should go without saying that a nice hat can keep you out of the sun to prevent heat stroke and shield your eyes from excessive sunlight so that you can concentrate more on your swings. 

Nearly all top brands offer premium golf hats because they are more noticeable accessories that act as advertisements on the list of things needed for golf.

Overall, you want to go for a nice comfy hat that is light enough for the warm weather and heavy enough for colder conditions. Obviously, we recommend one that is adjustable and fits nicely on your head. 

11. Golfing Shoes

Golf shoes are a crucial component of your game. They help you achieve the best balance and posture while helping you refine your golf swing. The best pair will increase your playing power, control, and stability. 

They must be able to endure the lengthy course of walks in comfort. Leather golf shoes offer a more upscale appearance and better protection, while synthetic materials provide excellent comfort and airflow.

All the major brands such as Callaway, Adidas, and Taylormade offer various choices of golf shoes but there are also some lesser-known brands such as Sketchers and FootJoy, who provide golf-specific shoes that are very popular for their comfort.

Overall, there are more than 50 different pairs of golf shoes on the market and it might get a little overwhelming when trying to find a pair that you like. We recommend spending some time trying different ones because as many professionals will say, it starts from the ground up. Choose one that will be very comfortable and will last you for years to come.

12. Metallic Organizer Racks

With a golf bag organizer, you can store your bags and any accessories you may have neatly arranged and secure in your garage or basement instead of having everything lying around. 

Metal construction ensures the rack’s durability. The organizer will undoubtedly last a lot longer than it would with any other material.

Overall, this might be quite an unusual item that you may have not seen before but also one we have seen make a huge difference in some households especially if you have a partner who has golf equipment all over the house. This is the perfect way to keep the items organized around the house and will go perfectly in the garage or basement.

13. Golf Alignment Sticks

To properly align your body and club face during the address, golf alignment sticks are two sticks placed on the ground before a shot. Golfers of all skill sets use the sticks, but those with alignment issues benefit the most.

They also help demonstrate good posture and stance, which are crucial for regularly hitting shots. Simply, feed them through the belt hoops on your trouser, and you have a visual aid to help you align your hips and shoulders.

If you watch any instructional videos or have lessons, then you have most probably come across alignment sticks. You may even have heard many say that going down the driving range is a waste without these as you are hitting balls aimlessly without any guidelines. 

Overall, if you speak to any professional golfer or coach, they will tell you that alignment sticks are a game changer. Many coaches preach that you should always have these in the bag and can be used with so many drills as well as being laid out on the floor. If you are heading down the driving range, make sure you do not forget these.

How to Select Affordable and High-Quality Golf Items?

Please consider two factors as you consider the musthave golf items discussed above. First, you don’t have to go out and get many of these at once. You can gradually expand your collection as you learn about your on-course requirements. This enables you to spread out the cost of your collection of golf bag accessories.

Second, you must understand your style of play to choose the appropriate golf items. Are you a social player or a serious competitor?

Do you play golf to socialize with friends or to record a score? As you buy a golf accessories kit, keep the answers to these concerns in mind.

We don’t think you’ll need all 13 items on our list, but combining the above will help you make the most of the time you spend pursuing the tiny white ball, regardless of your strategy.

Final Words

Every golfer needs a good set of clubs, a bag to carry them in, and a few other essential items. This article provided a list of 13 musthave golf items for every golfer. Do you agree with the list? What would you add or remove? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are golf shoes necessary?

Except on certain more prestigious golf courses, golf shoes are not required. You can play golf in trainers or sneakers, but golf shoes provide a superior grip, especially in wet and rough terrain.

Q: What should I wear for golf?

You can generally enter most golf courses wearing a collared shirt, Dockers-style shorts or pants, and golf skirts for women. Denim shorts or blue jeans are also acceptable for many less expensive courses. However, most luxury courses have a no-denim policy and demand collared shirts.

Q: Are golf gloves necessary?

A better grip is the main benefit of wearing a golf glove, especially when hitting drives and long iron shots. The club may turn or move in a player’s grasp during a swing if they have bare hands, which can happen more frequently on warm days.

Q: Why don’t golfers wear more than one glove?

Golf gloves can lessen the harm done to your hands or perhaps prevent it. Why, then, do the majority of golfers use one glove? That’s because holding onto the club requires the most effort from the weak hand, which also needs the most defense.

Q: Are All Those Items Really Required?

While all you need to begin a round of golf is a set of clubs and balls, some essential golf accessories will make your time on the course more comfortable. You won’t want to carry all your clubs in your hands, so a golf kit or bag is the first thing you’ll need.

To protect yourself from warm temperatures, rain, and other weather changes, you must have towels, umbrellas, jackets, and other essential items. GPS and rangefinder gadgets will help you become a better player. So, even though you can omit a few, having at least the basic devices with you is crucial.



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