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13 Best WhatsApp Marketing Strategies for a Successful Business

According to reports, around 2.4 billion users spend 40 minutes daily on WhatsApp globally. If you own a business and want to reach a wider audience, WhatsApp is the best platform to achieve this goal, as the number mentioned above showcases. Whether it is an e-commerce store or an educational institution, companies can leverage this messaging app to streamline their business processes and grow their brand regardless of their business type and size. Besides, businesses can also opt for CRM with WhatsApp integration to streamline internal work procedures. It will help them automate their customer service and improve their customer engagement.

If you want to know how WhatsApp marketing benefits your business, stay tuned. In this article, we’ll delve into the 13 best WhatsApp marketing strategies businesses can use to gain success. Keep reading to learn more.

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing for a Business

Let’s first learn about the benefits of WhatsApp marketing before we discuss the 13 best WhatsApp marketing strategies. Here are the various benefits of using WhatsApp marketing for businesses:

  • Better Brand Positioning: By using WhatsApp marketing strategies, businesses can enjoy better brand positioning as it allows them to connect with their customers actively, instantly, and effectively.
  • Higher Open Rate: WhatsApp has a 98% open rate, which means that your messages have a great potential to be opened by users so that they won’t neglect them. When they read your messages, they might even convert into customers if they find them engaging and convincing.
  • Better Sales: WhatsApp generates higher response rates from customers. The messages and conversations enable companies to understand their customers better, which can drive better sales.

Grow Your Business with These 13 Best WhatsApp Marketing Strategies

You can use the 13 best WhatsApp marketing strategies to grow your business.

  1. Automate Reminders and Notifications

WhatsApp allows you to set up automated notifications for multiple processes like shipping, delivery, order confirmation, abandoned carts, and the like through integration. When any event triggers, you can automatically send notifications to the users, such as appointment or order confirmations, abandoned cart reminders, and delivery updates.

  1. Send Retargeting Campaigns

Businesses can leverage the ‘WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns’ to send a WhatsApp Broadcast Campaign to a particular set of users and retarget them. This way, you can give users, your targeted audience, more potential to purchase your services and products and send them more engaging messages that will encourage them to convert.

  1. Use WhatsApp Catalogs

Customers will want to know about your products and services before purchasing. You can give them this knowledge by creating catalogs and sharing them with them. What’s best is that they can buy WhatsApp itself.

  1. Send Carousel Messages

Meta has recently launched the new template type ‘WhatsApp Carousel Message,’ which companies can use to send around ten carousel cards per message. Carousel messages generate more clicks than average messages due to their intriguing factor. Using carousel templates, you can creatively display exclusive product launches, discounts, and offers.

  1. Collect Payments Directly

Businesses can collect their payments through WhatsApp using the ‘WhatsApp Pay payment feature that supports various payment methods. Using this, you can facilitate and provide an end-to-end shopping experience. These WhatsApp marketing strategies reduce drop-offs because customers can stay on the platform and complete their shopping.

  1. Send Personalized Messages

If you want to offer personalized communication to customers, look no further than WhatsApp. You can send engaging and fun messages using multiple rich file formats, such as videos, images, emojis, etc. It will make your customers feel more connected with your brands and likely make them more loyal to your services.

  1. Broadcast Promotional Messages

With a 98% open rate, sending promotional messages and offers via WhatsApp can significantly benefit your business. You can allow users to opt in for updates about your company and send unlimited bulk broadcast promotional messages, such as promotions, discount offers, and the like, to users.

  1. Run Direct Ads

You can redirect users to your WhatsApp using the ‘Direct to WhatsApp Ads’ and engage with them in a live conversation. You can instantly drive lead generation and enjoy lower lead costs by running these ads. It is an effective and cost-efficient way to engage with your leads and convert them.

  1. Host Quizzes and Challenges

Hosting challenges and quizzes on WhatsApp for customers is another excellent WhatsApp marketing strategy you can employ to understand their preferences and needs better. You can encourage users to participate by rewarding them with offers and discounts.

  1. Use Quick Reply

Using WhatsApp Business API, you can create more interactive messages by adding clickable predefined buttons such as ‘Call to Action’ and ‘Quick Replies.’ Quick Replies can help customers reply to businesses without typing a message, saving them time. It can be a convenient feature for them; hence, they may find it easy to interact with your business messages.

  1. Automate Support and Sales

Integrating WhatsApp Chatbot into a CRM tool is a brilliant idea to keep your business active 24/7. It performs the functions of a human agent and can respond to your customers instantly without any error. From completing sales to sending personalized recommendations, it will engage with your customers effectively without human intervention.

  1. Employ Loyalty Programs

As per studies, businesses implementing loyalty programs generate 88% more profit than companies that do not employ the same. They include incentives for regular customers so that they feel special and attended to. It can also help attract new customers and convert them into regulars. You can increase sales and drive new customers by hosting loyalty programs via WhatsApp.

  1. Redirect Website Traffic

A website landing page is reported to have a 2.35% average conversion rate. WhatsApp can help you increase this number by engaging users more actively and successfully by integrating your website with the platform. Any queries and conversations can be executed via this integration.

Final Words

Want your business to reach new heights? The WhatsApp marketing strategies mentioned above will surely help you achieve growth and progress for your company, but with a robust CRM platform, these strategies will become more fruitful. Hence, using the amalgam of the tools and techniques in this guide, your business will see the light of day!

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