13 Best Cloud Hosting for a WordPress Blog

Before you start building your blog, you must set up a digital presence. You need a website and live-streaming video capability that caters to readers and potential advertisers. You also need a platform for storing and updating the content on your site.

The good news is that WordPress, one of the most well-known websites, can help you do this. In this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about using WordPress as the foundation of your blog. Given its popularity, numerous hosting companies offer their own branded versions of WordPress solutions, so you don’t have much choice when choosing one.

However, if we’re honest, not all offer the best possible experience for users and bloggers. So that you may get the most out of your website while still maintaining within your budgetary limits, we’ve outlined some essential elements that will help you locate the most Cloud Web Hosting for WordPress Blog in 2022.

Why you need a WordPress hosting platform:

The most widely used content management systems include WordPress (CMS). It powers over 60% of the world’s blogs, websites, and other online content. In addition, it’s a very secure CMS that offers a wide range of features and functions.

These include

– Ease of Management: Many bloggers find WordPress easy to use and intuitive. It comes with drag-and-drop functionality and a customizable interface. Therefore, you can easily modify the layout and add custom functionalities. It offers built-in security features to defend against attacks and ensure that your content is safe and secure. For example, it uses a security plugin system and has a built-in security scanner. Moreover, you can set up a secure server using a dedicated server.

– Speed and Reliability: WordPress is one of the most reliable content management systems. It uses several techniques to help ensure high availability and fast page loads. One of these is caching, which stores content on the server. It helps to improve page loads and speed up your site.


One of the most outstanding Cloud hosting providers for WordPress is Cloudways. It lacks a self-contained cloud hosting infrastructure. Instead, you must select one of the top 5 cloud services from a managed cloud hosting service.

After selecting your resources, you don’t need to communicate directly with the Cloud hosting. Cloudways handle everything for your WordPress site. It also provides many valuable features for automated backup, security, and other tasks.


  • Being able to select the server and cloud infrastructure of your choice.
  • Limitless access to apps.
  • Utilize an intuitive control panel or user-friendly dashboard to manage the server and tools.
  • Include servers with automatic backups and healing.


  • After selecting your resources, you don’t need to communicate directly with the Cloud hosting.
  • Cloudways handle everything for your WordPress site.
  • It also provides many valuable features for automated backup, security, and other tasks.


  • It’s not the simplest one to use and harder to set up in comparison.
  • Registration of domain names is not feasible.


Here is DigitalOcean if you need Cloud hosting for your developer-friendly website. Developers may design and host their websites with the help of its cloud website hosting service. Additionally, they will benefit from a scalable infrastructure and reliable performance for their bespoke website initiatives.


  • Up to three static sites may be produced using the free App Platform.
  • A scalable domain name system service is offered.
  • Includes a tone of developer features and tools.


  • They will benefit from a scalable infrastructure and reliable performance for their bespoke website initiatives.
  • It is very upgradable.


  • None that is You must thus set up and maintain yourself.
  • To host your server, only 8 data centers are available.


Another top-managed cloud hosting provider for WordPress websites is SiteGround. Your cloud account may be configured and managed using a fully managed service. You may also easily manage and host your customers on your cloud account.


  • Provides WordPress updates automatically.
  • Free SSL certificates are available for any domain.
  • On-Click WordPress Installer is present.


  • You can easily manage and host your cloud account.
  • Test the modifications in a staging location before deploying them.


  • Plans with somewhat higher prices.
  • Does not provide a free domain.

The Google Cloud:

With Google Cloud web hosting, you can host static and dynamic websites in the Cloud. You can select a straightforward deployment or fully personalized WordPress hosting option for your WordPress site. But the easy deployment option for WordPress on Compute Engine is the one that is advised.


  • Offers quick, safe, and dependable WordPress cloud hosting.
  • WordPress plugins can be used to operate WordPress on App Engine.
  • There are three types of WordPress hosting: low to medium, high, and heavy traffic.


  • Uses the Google Cloud hosting calculator to estimate the cost.
  • Saves 57% or more of the burden.


  • Limited user assistance.
  • Less memory and storage, in comparison.

WP Engine:

Another managed WordPress hosting service comparable to SiteGround is WP Engine. Specialized technical assistance gives you great speed, security, and help. With that confidence, WP Engine hosts 1.5 million WordPress sites for companies of all sizes.


  • A variety of solutions for people, businesses, organizations, and developers.
  • Ability to frequently run automatic WordPress upgrades and perform daily backups.
  • Includes tools for cloning the sites and creating a staging environment.


  • Free website repair for compromised sites.
  • 24/7 assistance from knowledgeable professionals.


  • The number of people that can view your website is restricted.
  • Compared to other hosting companies, less storage and bandwidth is available.

Amazon Cloud:

Amazon Cloud offers a range of goods and services platforms for on-demand cloud computing. One of them, Amazon LightSail, is the quickest and easiest method to create tiny WordPress blogs since it has cloud resources and a WordPress application that is already configured. Checkout groovy bot.


  • Provides 400 Gbps ethernet networking and the fastest processors.
  • Has 81 availability zones worldwide spread across 25 areas?
  • Supports compliance certificates for 89 security standards.


  • Availability for each Amazon area is 99.99%.
  • Ideal for novices.


  • Quite
  • Restrictions on how many people can access the site each month.


Vultr is used by thousands of customers and has 45 million instances. This platform makes use of high-frequency, high-performing servers. Additionally, it includes bare metal and dedicated servers with a tone of functionality and cloud computing. Therefore, many options for quickly installing even a complicated cloud infrastructure may be available.


  • Integrated support for various OSs (Operating Systems), including Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, etc.
  • A robust control panel that allows you to launch additional instances, check on performance, check CPU consumption, and more.
  • It can quickly add another layer of defense against DDoS attacks.


  • A simple interface and additional options to tailor you’re setting.
  • Although it is designed for developers, even beginners may use it.


  • A stringent no returns policy is present.
  • Average technical help provided via a ticketing system.


Looking for a straightforward and cost-effective Linux cloud hosting solution? If yes, then have a look at Linode. Networking, storage, and cloud computing products may all be easily deployed here. And you may accomplish it using a user-friendly cloud manager interface, an API, or a command-line interface.


  • Select whether your CPU will be dedicated or shared.
  • Allows one-click deployment of pre-configured programs like WordPress.
  • Node balancers for intelligent traffic load distribution are present.


  • You may incorporate whatever third-party tools and infrastructure you choose.
  • Option for free migration.


  • Cost increase for managed plans.
  • Fees for the backup service.


You may operate any website from Kinsta, a well-liked WordPress hosting service. Additionally, the hosting procedure is much quicker here. Kinsta’s premium managed hosting service is an additional option. Additionally, it offers excellent hosting performance and knowledgeable assistance.


  • It has an application built-in to track performance and uptime.
  • DDoS protection is achieved by integrating the firewall with Cloudflare.
  • Includes English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese among the many languages it supports.


  • If paid annually, free for two months.
  • SSL, CDN, and website staging are all free.


  • Reduced storage space and monthly visitation restrictions.
  • In the Starter package, there is just one free premium migration option.

Dream Host:

Another top WordPress hosting option is Dream Host, which also offers fantastic Cloud hosting options. For immediate project hosting, it provides robust cloud computing and object storage. Both Dream Compute and Dream Objects are their names.


  • Several programs, such as CloudBerry, DropShare, etc., make it possible to create cloud backups.
  • The DreamObjects Connection plugin makes it simple to upload photos, create auto-backups, etc.
  • It enables you to effortlessly transfer your private cloud by offering open-source code.


  • The hosting packages have affordable prices.
  • For a limited period, free bandwidth.


  • The exact amount of SSD and block storage space is provided.
  • There aren’t many data centers available to host your WordPress website.


Are you looking for a WordPress cloud hosting solution with unlimited bandwidth and storage? Select HostGator in such a situation. Additionally, shared WordPress and website builder hosting options are provided by this host. At the same time, the cloud option gives you a faster, safer, and more dependable way to host your WordPress website.


  • Get unrestricted subdomains and free domain names for them.
  • Offers all domains a free SSL certificate.
  • Accounts for free email.


  • Both bandwidth and storage are limitless.
  • High availability service with a 99.9% uptime rate.


  • While the least expensive Hatchling plan only enables one site, other options offer unlimited
  • A free dedicated IP may only be kept while utilizing the Business plan.


InMotion Hosting offers scalable cloud VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting. Here, you may swiftly implement and grow the service to the needs and budget of your project. Additionally, it features an integrated redundancy feature that guarantees the dependability and uptime of your website.


  • Root access with your choice of the operating system.
  • Includes Corero DDoS defense.
  • Able to maintain a specific IP address to preserve your online reputation.


  • Customer service options include live chat and phone calls.
  • The low monthly starting price of $5.


  • A self-managed hosting option that’s solely appropriate for power users.
  • CDN isn’t accessible.


Hostwinds is another dependable and quick hosting company that offers top-notch cloud server hosting solutions. You can deploy and set up your server in a matter of seconds. Additionally, it’s crucial to be aware that invoicing is done hourly. As a result, you must pay for the resources you consume as you use them.


  • Redundant networks to ensure no single point of failure and to increase availability.
  • Simply upgrade to the next tier of the cloud server plan by scaling your server resources.
  • To restore your server from any significant failure, take snapshots.


  • A ticketing system and continuous server monitoring for customer assistance.
  • Option for free website relocation.


  • No free domains are offered.
  • Limited server locations compared to other hosting companies.

Things to look for in a WordPress host:

When looking for a WordPress host, ensure it meets your needs best. To do this, consider the following factors:

– WordPress Compatibility: Ideally, your chosen hosting provider should offer support for WordPress versions 4.9 and above. If possible, ensure that they are supporting WordPress 5.0 and above too.

– Performance: When choosing a WordPress host, you must ensure that it offers optimized servers that consume fewer resources. This way, you get a higher performance level with a lower budget.

– Security: Make sure the host you choose is secure enough to keep your content safe. For example, ensure it has a firewall and intrusion detection system (IDS) to defend against malware, hacking, and other threats.

– Storage and Bandwidth: Finally, ensure the hosting provider you choose offers sufficient storage and bandwidth to run your site comfortably.

When to pay for premium hosting?

There’s also a premium option for hosting WordPress sites, known as managed WordPress hosting. This hosting is perfect for prominent, medium-sized blogs with many posts and pages.

Managed WordPress hosting offers full scalability, high availability, and speed. It also has security measures to prevent hacking, including an intrusion detection system and a firewall. It is the best choice for bloggers who wish to expand their internet presence and monetize their blogs. It’s a tad pricy, and small firms might not need it.


The best WordPress host is a decision that requires careful thought. To ensure you find the right one, you must consider a host’s features, security, reliability, and performance. If you do this, you should be able to find the best hosting platform for your blog.

There are many WordPress hosts available, each with advantages and disadvantages. It’s essential to consider the features and benefits of each host to find the best one for your blog.

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