12 Legit ways to earn and make money with Bitcoins


Yes, Bitcoins can be useful too. Many others like you are trying to make use of the opportunity with bitcoins. You might find it confusing, but once understood, one can make it an excellent extra income. It could help you save expenses online. You must know that, like regular money, bitcoins, though cryptocurrency, requires time and effort. Some ways require investment too. 

Many people have misunderstood bitcoins as free money, which is not the case. It would help if you had worked for bitcoins, and at times, you use the wrong strategies, which can turn your efforts futile.

What are bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that you can earn and spend only on online platforms. You won’t find any currency notes or coins for bitcoins. People store it online on their bitcoin wallets and manage it there. It first came into origin in the year 2008. The inventor or group of inventors used the Satoshi Nakamoto, but we are not aware of their real identity. 

People started using it in 2009 after they released it as open-source software. It has been in use since then, as a digital currency only. Hal Finney, a cypherpunk, received the first bitcoins. He downloaded the software and obtained ten coins after nine days. You will find many predecessors for bitcoin, such as b-money and Bitgold.

The Bitcoin transaction first occurred in 2010, when a programmer bought pizza using 10,000 bitcoins. In the same year, Nakamoto disappeared and left all the domain to Gavin Andresen. It always faced controversies from then till date. Even then, you will find that its value increased in the following years up until 2017. In 2014 the prices rose to $770. 

Many controversies and frauds led to governments seizing bitcoin accounts. It led to a reduction in prices; though prices have reduced, you can still find bitcoins useful. You need to spend time, and if you follow fool-proof ways, you can benefit from them. Read ahead to discover more about bitcoins.

How do Bitcoins work?

Bitcoins are exclusively available online. You must understand that bitcoins are just computer files you store in a digital wallet, either in your smartphone or computer—every transaction made of any of bitcoin a database known as the blockchain stores it. You can call the blockchain a digital ledger that works for the cryptocurrency. In the blockchain, you will find every transaction ever made of bitcoins. It makes copies of the ledger and distributes them. Thus you can call it a ledger. 

The blockchain uses an immutable cryptographic signature to record the transactions. One can call this firm cryptographic signature a hash. You can generate bitcoins by solving problems on your computer. Many people to earn or create bitcoins install powerful computers, but to stop generating too many bitcoins. They make issues more difficult each day. The process of generating bitcoins, you call it mining. You can also buy bitcoins with your real money.

Bitcoins do not have any banks, and technicians and programmers manage them. There exist online organizations that help you get a bitcoin account, but no bank or government controls it. It is one fact that makes bitcoins attractive to those who spend a lot of time and money earning bitcoins. 

Since the blockchain records every transaction and finds it public, people seldom make copies or fake bitcoins. Though you will find that, such incidents have occurred. 

Ways to earn bitcoins for free.

You can find many ways to earn bitcoins, but you must understand that it requires time and money like standard money.  However, you can make use of several bitcoin investing platforms like too. Apart from that, here are a few more ways to earn bitcoins:

  1. Earn while shopping

Yes, you heard it right! One can earn bitcoins amidst online shopping. Many e-commerce platforms provide free bitcoins every time you make a purchase. Many companies, including Nike, provide up to 30% cash backs in bitcoin rewards. In this way, you can earn while spending.

  1. Micron earnings

This method is time-consuming and generates fewer bitcoins, but you will find it risk-free. It is a cheap yet easy way to earn bitcoins. It involves performing small tasks online and earning fractions of bitcoins. For example, when you continuously log in to certain websites every few minutes, you can make fractions of bitcoins. They call such websites as bitcoin faucets. 

  1. Interest method

You are guessing it right, and the method involves storing your bitcoins in accounts where you can generate interests. You will find specific bitcoin organizations that provide reports bearing parts. You can make use of them to create more bitcoins. 

  1. Having your Bitcoin Faucet

Micro earning through bitcoin faucets is time-consuming, but you will find it relatively easy when you own your faucet. You can quickly build a bitcoin faucet today; making from the faucet involves selling ads. You earn more bitcoins with your faucet than using the existing ones.

  1. Signature campaigns

BitcoinTalk originated this method, and it started running signature campaigns. In this method, you make use of your BitcoinTalk signature and run ads. You get paid in bitcoins for every post you write. But you will find payments possible only if you are a member of BitcoinTalk. Membership involves a lot more effort, writing as many posts as possible.

  1. Crypto trading

Highly risky, crypto trading generates an equally high income. The process involves buying bitcoins when it costs low and selling it when the price is high. It consists of many risks, and you can quickly lose your bitcoins before you manage to sell them. Traders spend time coming up with strategies, and there is no guesswork involved.

  1. Affiliate marketing and bitcoins

Affiliate marketing involves organizations that help entrepreneurs and companies in digital marketing. They run campaigns and get paid for an increase in sales and leads. Mostly it is sales. When you advertise for such affiliate marketing organizations, you can earn bitcoins. You can promote products and earn bitcoins. This way, you can use bitcoins from affiliate marketing.

  1. Become a bitcoin author

If you have a knack for writing, you can make use of this method. It involves fewer risks and generates an adequate income. It would be best if you wrote about bitcoins; in other words, become a crypto-journalist. If you submit useful articles about bitcoins, you can earn a lot in bitcoins.

  1. Digital marketing and related services

You can earn bitcoins by providing digital marketing services such as creating a website and marketing products. BitcoinTalk provides this opportunity for people who are good at marketing to earn bitcoins.

  1. Be a bitcoin lender

Bitcoin works just like a standard currency. Knowing this, many agencies have erupted to allow the lending and borrowing of bitcoins. They connect bitcoin owners to borrowers. The owners can lend their bitcoins for an interest rate. 

  1. Bitcoin Forks

From 2017, when bitcoin values began dropping, bitcoins were associated with other cryptocurrencies. Though a risky method, forking tended to bring money out of nowhere. Forking refers to the process where bitcoin users get the new originating cryptocurrencies for free. They get Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold equal to the number of bitcoins. 

  1. Staking

Cryptocurrencies allow you to store or lock up a part of your savings. They allow this to get you involved in the transaction validation of their network. They call this method staking. When you stake a lot of currency, you get a chance to be a validator and earn rewards. 

You can earn bitcoins by the following means. Many other ways exist in which you can earn bitcoins, but there are specific methods you should avoid. One such method you must prevent is HYIPs. Such websites take money from new users and pay old users. You must know that this is highly unethical, and thus, experts suggest avoiding this method.

Uses of Bitcoins:

 Cryptocurrency has many uses; here are some of the primary benefits below:

  • Faster and low-cost money transfersYou can use cryptocurrency for transactions of standard money. It reduces the transaction fees, and you will find it relatively quickly. 
  • Your cryptocurrency can become your censorship-resistant alternative store of wealth–You can store your bitcoins on your digital wallet. Only you can access it with your private keys to the wallet. It is bitcoins’ most effective use and function.
  • Travel the world with cryptocurrency–you can use bitcoins to travel the world. Certain travel agencies accept bitcoins as a payment to book your flights, and thus you can travel the world using bitcoins.
  • You can send non-cash remittances with bitcoins–SureRemit is a start-up that allows you to send remittances without cash to certain African countries.
  •  Earn bitcoins with your hard drive–You can earn bitcoins in exchange for renting your hard drive.

Bitcoins have been in existence for a while, and you can earn them with the right strategies. All the methods of earning bitcoins have advantages and disadvantages of their own. Owning bitcoins can be helpful in unexpected ways. Make sure to make use of this opportunity.

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