12 best Sims 4 hairstyle mods


Every year there are new updates and game changes in the world of Sims, with better hairstyles and hair accessories to make your sim look much more beautiful than it does on paper. It’s not easy to find a good hairdresser when looking for quality service, but thanks to these top-rated Sims and 4 hairdo CC mods we can do it in mere seconds… without risking any damage. These mods will make your sim look like they’re living life through you.

Here we put together this list to share our favorite 12 Sims 4 HAIRSTYLE MODS!


This is one of my all-time favorites. I’ve used them too many times so I’d say this one is pretty good to try first! But even before you buy it though, be sure to go through what comes free or how easy and affordable it is to get started.

Yes, you read right. Sims doodle has some cool extensions out there too, but they are mainly focused on making the hair look perfect.  There are multiple ways to use their app that you can install on your phone, PC/Mac, tablet, etc.!

Maxima Hair extensions

That being said, if one is looking for something a bit unique, then I highly recommend Maxima. Their design is very sleek, modern, and extremely stylish (I love that about the design). It’s a great way to keep your hair looking like it’s always been.

From a personal point of view too, the cuter texture makes me feel like it’s getting to the level where I could start dyeing my hair red. It’s also pretty easy to work with. You can add any color and shape to it and it transforms your skin into pink, blonde, blue, green, yellow… just choose when you want.

Wigs and wigs

Wigs and wigs are probably the most popular products in Sims 4 hair CC mods and I can see why they are the most talked about too. When speaking of hair extensions they are very easy to do, but when talking about wigs and wigs its a little harder since no two wigs are exactly alike anyway.

I mean, let’s face it, they don’t have lots of features, but when it comes down to it, they are still a lot easier on the eyes and the ears, so again just choose when you want to have a nice change. If you don’t know what you want, they come in several different colors, so whatever color you like to use, can choose that color.


Varnish isn’t just another extension that costs a big chunk of your sim money but works wonders in your hair too. Not only does it makes the entire length of your hair look good, but your tresses and long hair can be dyed with anything from bright neon colors to natural color.

Plus, they also give you the option of mixing and matching the color for a better color match. It’s truly versatile, so you can never go wrong with any of their extensions! Worth every cent!

Long Hair Extensions

Of course, this is the newest product in Sim 4 hair CC mods and it’s pretty pricey. However, for people who hate short extensions, it’s worth buying because if you’re going to wear a wig it should all look great.

So after you choose the ones your liking and you check out their instructions, make sure you have some extra pieces just in case one gets damaged. I would always advise choosing the wigs that are made out of mesh and it only last up to six months.

Curls & Waves

If you love long lashes then you need to check this out! Yes, I know they’re crazy expensive and yes, you can do both, but that doesn’t mean they will ruin your makeup, hair, or dress if you don’t make a mess of it.

There are quite a few ways of doing this. For example, you could use coils, waves, or braids to get the exact shape you want. Either way, it gives your look something new or fresh which it deserves. Also, it gives you more volume depending on whether you do waves or curls.

They’re super simple to use too. I think once you get your head wrapped around it, then you’ll realize how effective they are.

Fave Volume Shimmers

Overall, I wouldn’t say this is the cheapest, however, it’s fairly good. I think, however, it’s important to know how to use it correctly. This model has got a whole bunch of different modes to play around with such as high and low-temperature settings, saturation, bounce back (when you shake the brush), and much more.

I wouldn’t go too far with what’s to come, but it’s a great way to get everything perfect for you. Let’s not forget, they’re also a decent choice to store on your phone; so you won’t go far either.

Scary Dye

Let’s just be honest with ourselves here, scary dyes are safe, so don’t worry about their side effects. All they do is create a slight orange tint in the color you want. And if you’re not using this, try a similar shade until you find the original one, and then apply the same to your grey.

This is the same color but has a little bit of an orange tone; therefore the purple ends up looking slightly purpler on your cheeks. This is easy and a good way to fix your green hair… even if you have to thin.

Hair Color Replacement – Classic Colors

This is probably one of the biggest names and for good reason too. Even better, it provides hair replacement options for men and women too, and they provide really good ones.

Unfortunately, they’re not cheap, but if a man wants his hair colored he probably shouldn’t miss out because they’re worth every penny. Plus when you’re looking for a job you will love the attention you will receive.

Perfectly Straight Hair

If you’re a guy looking for guys, girls, or any sort of hair type, you need to add him to your wish list. Because he has a beard and he looks a bit different than mine, I have to say he is a lot simpler and much more attractive.

He also has this thing called a “real” mustache. I don’t mind at all. As for me, I can have my facial hair styled any way I want. My hair is always perfectly straight and that’s enough to see me through busy days as well.

Braiding Braces – Cylinder

Well, that’s what they do with your braiding braces. They add tiny hooks (called barbs), usually on the sides of your ponytail, that are put into small holes.

Then you can braid your legs, or you can braid your hair to add some flair, depending on what you want to achieve with this. They’re very easy to use, have a wide variety of Sims 4 hair styles, and are ideal for anyone.

High Beam

The name says everything, does it? To be honest, one would think so. One can imagine how hard people could suffer when they have this kind of a high beam. But that’s not all… they give you the option of letting the sunshine right into your forehead, so instead of looking like a freak who’s walking around in public, you look like someone who’s enjoying the sunny day.

They let you choose your light, so you’ll never have to guess what the sunlight is going to be like. I can almost guarantee that you’ll walk around feeling like your favorite actor.



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