12 Best Roblox Games that Support VR

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Roblox was once more popular than Minecraft. These are the top VR games for Roblox users. Roblox is full of fun mini-games, and modes that were created by users for players. Some of the most popular games are available in VR and flat-screen formats. There are so many options. The players have spoken and rated certain games higher than others like blooket.

Roblox’s Best VR Games

These are the best Roblox games for VR:

  1. Project SCP
  2. Opposer VR
  3. VR World Beta
  4. SVR – Simulated Virtual Reality
  5.  Vibe VR
  6. Sked’s Playground
  7. VR Islands
  8. VR Hands
  9. Noodle VR
  10. Edgeworks
  11. Road To Gramby’s
  12. Cook Burgers

Project SCP

Project SCP can be played with or without VR. However, it’s great fun to use the guns and escape the facility.

Although this is a first-person shooter, it is not very competitive. You are shooting AI enemies and not other players. There are many weapons and classes you can choose from to help you escape. There are many levels to the game. Each level increases the difficulty level. Roblox script executor can be used if a player encounters any difficulties. Click here to know more.

Opposer VR

Opposer VR is currently in Beta. It is intended to be played in virtual reality. It is fast-paced and features many unique maps and weapons. However, it is still in beta and underwent many changes. If you’re fortunate enough, you can grab the Nuclear Pistol or smash an enemy player with a crate.

VR World Beta

You can build, cook, or just have fun in VR World. This is probably the best VR Roblox activity, aside from VR Hands. Beta is still available for the game. The game receives updates every now and again with new activities and new ways to play.

SVR – Simulated Virtual Reality

Like other Roblox VR games, this game gives you the opportunity to experience VR in VR, even if your headset is not available. You can still grab things, toss them around and do silly things.

VR Hands no VR is one of many games that attempts to replicate the VR experience. These games are not as immersive as wearing a VR headset, but they can still be very fun!

 Vibe VR

Vibe VR offers a variety of activities that you can do with your headset. These include table tennis, wrestling, and even a dartboard. Although it’s not the most well-known Roblox game, there are still around 30-40 other players online that you can play with. Perhaps you should play the piano for everyone.

Sked’s Playground

Sked’s Playground is a mix of VR and regular playstyles. The VR player is responsible for helping others navigate an obstacle course. To make it through the end, everyone will need to work together and plan.

You have the option to not help them or to just toss them around. The possibilities in VR are endless.

VR Islands

VR Islands is very open-ended because there are many things you can do in order to interact with other players. You can use pool balls and paintball guns to play, as well as cook for non-VR players. If we face any difficulty while playing a game at that time we can use Roblox Exploits. For that, we can get krnl key. In order to use the exploit resources, the user has to enter this text or string of characters in the Krnl key system.

VR Hands

VR Hands is best played on the Oculus VRift. This game is loved by players because of its intricate hands. You have two options: you can grab a pingpong paddle and strike non-VR players from the edge of the map or you can assist them in completing the obstacle course.

Others prefer to interact with VR players, playing various games together using their computer-generated hands.

Noodle VR

You have two options: you can be a VR noodle, or you can choose to play as a classic Roblox player. But VR is clearly the best option since they have all the power. They can also arm themselves with knives and throw Roblox players in jail, as long as they are combat-driven.

As it is designed for all players to interact, they constantly add new places for them to explore.


EdgeWorks is only for VR players. It focuses on solving physics puzzles as well as parkour and climbing. It is a paid game that costs 450 Robux. This is approximately $6.00.

This is a story-based game where you must think critically and use a variety weapons to defeat your opponents.

Road to Gramby’s

It’s basically a simulator. You will be driving long distances to Gramby’s House, encountering many obstacles. You can also create exciting new devices by integrating engineering into the game.

You will be transported on a virtual reality adventure that you won’t soon forget. You can unleash your inner tinkerer, and let your imagination soar in VR.

Cook burgers

You are responsible for managing a restaurant that serves burgers. Similar to Overcooked and similar games, you will experience the real-world stress that comes with running a restaurant. This one isn’t about earthquakes or separating vehicles, as the only thing you will encounter is slim.

The players must cook and buy more products. They also have to catch the rats running around the kitchen. You will have a lot of fun, and the pace is fast.


These games have been played many times over by many people. They provide hours of entertainment for their users, thanks to this testing. These games are great for playing with friends in Virtual Reality.

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