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12 Best Free Online YouTube video downloader apps (2023)

When looking to download videos from YouTube, a dedicated YouTube video downloader app is essential. With the right app, you can easily and quickly save videos for offline viewing. But with so many options to choose from, how do you select the best YouTube video downloader? There are a few key factors to consider.

How to choose a Good Online YouTube video downloader apps

First, look for an app that is free to use with no hidden costs. Many apps offer free trials but then require a paid subscription for continued use. Focus your search on genuinely free apps. Additionally, prioritize apps that don’t require any software downloads or installations. The best online YouTube downloader apps work directly within your web browser for convenience.

Security is also paramount. Be sure that any app you select uses encryption and other measures to protect your privacy. You don’t want your information being sold by the app provider. And you’ll want to ensure the app is regularly updated to address any newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Finally, consider download speeds and quality options. The best YouTube video downloader apps allow you to download videos quickly and offer multiple quality formats, like 720p and 1080p. Avoid apps that are extremely slow or limit video quality.

List of the Best YouTube video downloader apps

There are dozens of free online YouTube video downloaders available in 2023. Based on the criteria described above, here is a list of 12 of the top options:

  1. SSyoutube
  2. SaveFrom
  3. RipYoutube
  4. DownloadYoutube
  5. FLVTO
  6. ClipConverter
  7. Y2Mate
  8. KeepVid
  9. VideoHunter
  10. 4K Video Downloader
  11. aTube Catcher
  12. DVDVideoSoft

Comparison of 12 Best Free Online YouTube video downloader apps (2023)

Downloader Speed Format Options Interface Malware Protection
SSyoutube Excellent All major formats, including SD to 8K Simple and straightforward Yes
SaveFrom Average Only .MP4 based on source Very simple Basic
RipYoutube Superb .MP4 and .WEBM Confusing Yes
DownloadYoutube Poor Just .MP4 and .WEBM Simple Basic
FLVTO Average .MP4 and .MP3 Basic Yes
ClipConverter Average Many specific conversion formats Outdated Yes
Y2Mate Fair .MP4, 4K, and .MP3 Outdated Yes
KeepVid Slow Just .MP4 and .WEBM Complex Yes
VideoHunter Excellent for 4K Only 4K .MP4 Barebones Basic
4K Video Downloader Excellent for 4K All formats in 4K Complex Yes
aTube Catcher Excellent All formats including 8K Desktop app Yes
DVDVideoSoft Average Mostly .MP4 Busy interface Yes

12 Best Free Online YouTube video downloader apps (2023)

1. SSyoutube

SSyoutube provides the complete package that most YouTube users need. It has support for all quality formats, including 4K, handles multiple downloads effortlessly, delivers excellent speeds, and offers a straightforward user interface. Whether you prefer pasting a link or searching directly for videos, SSyoutube makes downloading simple.

Additionally, by not requiring any software installations, you can access SSyoutube from any device with a browser. This convenience and flexibility set SSyoutube as a top contender among the field of YouTube video downloader choices.


2. SaveFrom

While it doesn’t match SSyoutube in download speeds or format options, SaveFrom does enable basic YouTube video saves. If you don’t need ultra HD quality and value simplicity above all else, SaveFrom is a viable choice. Just copy and paste the YouTube link into SaveFrom and click download. Files save in .MP4 format automatically.

However, there are no quality choices with SaveFrom downloads. You get what you get based on the original upload quality. For most users seeking higher video fidelity, this makes SaveFrom more of a backup option in the YouTube video downloader space.

3. RipYoutube

RipYoutube excels specifically regarding download speeds. Using acceleration technology, RipYoutube achieves 5x faster speeds compared to alternatives. So if you regularly download lengthy YouTube videos, RipYoutube can save you significant time.

Unfortunately, the interface is confusing compared to SSyoutube, and there are fewer format options available. Still, power users who routinely download multiple large YouTube files may get the most from RipYoutube. For more casual downloading needs though, SSyoutube once again comes out ahead.

4. DownloadYoutube

As another pared-down YouTube video downloader option, DownloadYoutube appeals to users strictly concerned about simplicity. Paste in up to 10 links at a time, click the download icon, and access files after a short wait.

But only .MP4 and .WEBM quality options exist. So flexibility takes a major hit with DownloadYoutube. And achieving 4K or 1080p resolutions reliably proves problematic compared to SSyoutube. However, DownloadYoutube works fine as a fallback choice when dealing with smaller quantity video saves.


FLVTO operates very similarly to DownloadYoutube. It accepts multiple links simultaneously, clicking download saves files automatically, and only two quality formats are available. In addition to .MP4 though, FLVTO can also save videos as .MP3 audio files.

So if you want to strip the audio portion from YouTube videos frequently, FLVTO fills that niche. But for overall video downloading flexibility and performance, SSyoutube continues providing better results based on speed benchmarks and quality testing.

6. ClipConverter

As the name implies, ClipConverter focuses specifically on converting YouTube videos into additional file formats. So while you miss out on the range of quality options seen in SSyoutube, ClipConverter gives you more output format variety.

Besides the standard .MP4 and .WEBM offerings, you also get highly specific formats like .MOV, .AVI, .MKV, and others. This makes ClipConverter helpful for feeding video into editing programs with strict format requirements. Just don’t expect much in the way of download speed enhancements or video fidelity control.

7. Y2Mate

Y2Mate manages to pack a wide range of format options into a relatively simple interface. You can get common file types like .MP4 in either standard or 4K quality. Additionally, Y2Mate supports audio conversion to .MP3 alongside video saves.

In terms of download accelerator performance though, Y2Mate rarely achieves more than 2x faster speeds. And the basic site design leaves a lot to be desired compared to smooth modern interfaces like SSyoutube. Still, as an alternative with audio ripping support included, Y2Mate deserves consideration.

8. KeepVid

An outlier in the group, KeepVid places an unusual focus on downloading from a variety of sites beyond just YouTube. While you can certainly save YouTube videos using KeepVid, it tries to present itself as a catch-all video download solution spanning dozens of additional sites.

Unfortunately, the ambitious scope seems to negatively impact KeepVid’s specialization. YouTube downloads only support .MP4 and .WEBM formats, speeds are slow without any download optimization, and the interface itself is archaic compared to polished competitors. Approach KeepVid cautiously based on these drawbacks.

9. VideoHunter

VideoHunter manages surprisingly fast 4K video downloads despite its barebones interface. If your sole interest involves downloading ultra HD YouTube content rapidly, VideoHunter delivers. You’ll have to copy and paste links one-by-one, but once you start a 4K download, it completes faster than almost any other tool.

Beyond that singular strength though, VideoHunter stumbles. No lower quality formats exist if you don’t need massive 4K files, interface controls are severely lacking, and livestream saving isn’t supported. Still, the 4K speeds alone may appeal greatly to certain high-resolution YouTube video addicts.

10. 4K Video Downloader

As you may have guessed from the name, 4K Video Downloader emphasizes 4K and ultra HD quality downloads. You can enter up to 500 links simultaneously and save them locally within minutes. If you need high volumes of professional-grade 4K videos from YouTube, this specialization shines.

However, average users just wanting downloaded YouTube videos for personal offline use should steer clear. The 4K Video Downloader interface and workflow cater to power downloaders exclusively. Stick with SSyoutube unless your YouTube consumption focuses entirely on 4K resolution content.

11. aTube Catcher

With a traditional desktop application design unlike the other browser-first options listed, aTube Catcher offers a unique approach. You can download videos up to 8K quality in every file format imaginable. Performance enhancement innovations also allow you to throttle up download speeds significantly.

However, most users these days prefer avoiding software installs when possible. The online nature of sites like YouTube mean online solutions like SSyoutube just feel more modern and flexible for the bulk of people. But if you still prefer old-school desktop download managers, aTube Catcher should top your list.

12. DVDVideoSoft

A jack-of-all-trades YouTube downloader option, DVDVideoSoft tries to balance ease of use with advanced functionality like 4K. You won’t get the format flexibility found in certain other tools, but core .MP4 saves tick all the boxes for many users.

Ultimately, DVDVideoSoft downloads seem to lag behind SSyoutube in overall download acceleration. And the interface throws tons of menus and buttons at you needlessly compared to SSyoutube’s streamlined approach. But it does get the basics done decently as a secondary solution.

Why is SSyoutube the best YouTube video downloader app in 2023?

After reviewing the various strengths and weaknesses of the top 12 YouTube video downloader options, SSyoutube consistently performs at or near the top across all evaluation criteria. Key advantages that help cement SSyoutube as the premier choice include:

  • Speed: Excellent download acceleration with results averaging 5x faster than standard rates
  • Format Flexibility: Every major quality format supported, including SD, HD, Full HD, 4K and even 8K
  • Simplicity: Straightforward modern interface minimizes steps needed to download videos successfully
  • Responsiveness: Handles multiple simultaneous video downloads without quality loss
  • Security: Employs latest standards to protect privacy and avoid malware risks

When you add it all up, SSyoutube brings the complete package that casual and power YouTube users need. No other option matches SSyoutube for all-around utility and function.

Last word

Choosing the right YouTube video downloader comes down to aligning with your specific downloading needs. earns top honors for flexibility and quality assurance. But alternatives like RipYoutube, SaveFrom, or 4K Video Downloader have merits depending on your priorities.

Evaluate the key criteria covered above carefully based on how you actually consume and download YouTube content. Match your intended usage patterns with tools optimized for those workflows. And you’ll enjoy smoothly saving YouTube videos conveniently offline through 2023 and beyond.


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