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12 best Amazon sourcing and research tools for 2022

Sourcing and research tools

B2B eCommerce is a huge market that is estimated to be $1.34 trillion in size by 2022. A lot of people are still turning to Amazon as a way to sell their products. While there are hundreds of different tools on the market for sourcing and research, there are some tools that stand head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. This article will look at some of the best tools available for sourcing on Amazon, and how you can use them.

  1. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is the best Amazon sourcing and research tool for beginners because it offers a free Chrome extension, which lets you search for products on Amazon with ease. You can also find product reviews, sales rank, and best-selling items to help you determine if a product will be profitable to sell on your own website. With Jungle Scout, you can quickly see:

  • The average price of a product in your category (and compare it to the price you’re charging)
  • The number of reviews, and what the average star rating is for each product in your category
  • Which products are selling well, and which ones aren’t
  • What keywords people are searching for when looking to buy products like yours

This one is the best as it provides amazon account management services and amazon marketing service as well.

  1. Helium 10

Helium 10 is an all-in-one Amazon seller tool that helps you find profitable products, manage inventory, create listings, run promotions and much more. The software also comes with a built-in database of hundreds of millions of products from the largest retailers around the world.

You can search for products in real time or browse through a catalog of millions of items in every category imaginable including electronics, apparel and accessories, home goods, health and beauty supplies and even food! If you’re looking for something specific but don’t know where to start, this tool will help you out.

  1. SellerApp

SellerApp is an Amazon vendor management software that helps you with inventory management, shipping, and order management. It also has a built-in research tool that helps you find profitable products to sell on Amazon. You can also use this tool to check out the top keywords that each competitor is ranking for, so that when you pick your own keywords, they’ll be relevant to what people are searching for on Amazon at this moment in time!

  1. AMZScout

AMZScout is a powerful Amazon research tool that allows you to search for products on Amazon and find out how much they sell for, how many reviews they have, and more. You can also use it to see what keywords people are using when they search for your product, so you can use those for Amazon Product Listing Optimization.

  1. AMZBase

AMZBase is a comprehensive product research tool that can help you find the best product for your needs. It provides information on pricing, reviews, and shipping times for more than 100 million products from over 2 million sellers. You can search by keyword or browse by category to find items that match your specifications. AMZBase also lets you compare multiple products in one screen and see their prices side-by-side so you can choose the best one for your business or personal needs.

  1. CamelCamelCamel

This free tool allows you to track price changes over time so that you can make smarter decisions about when to buy products from Amazon sellers. It’s one of the most popular tools in the world, and it’s incredibly simple to use: just head to the website and enter your product name or ASIN into the search bar. You’ll see a list of all of your options, along with their prices, dates, and shipping speeds. If you’re looking for something specific, like an MP3 player, it can even tell you whether there are any sales happening right now or coming up soon!

  1. Sonar

Sonar is a tool for sourcing on Amazon that helps you find new suppliers and products. It’s easy to use and has a simple interface, so it’s great for beginners. You can also use it to build a list of products you want to sell, which will help you create an inventory of items that are selling well on Amazon.

  1. Keepa

This is a tool that allows you to track the price history of a product on Amazon. It will show you the price history of any product on Amazon and how it has changed over time. This allows you to see if a product is currently priced appropriately, or if it is being sold above or below its retail value.

  1. IO Scout

IO Scout is a tool for Amazon product research that uses “big data” to help sellers find the best products to sell on Amazon. The tool can help you with your keyword research, product selection, and PPC campaigns. It’s one of the best tools out there because it’s free, easy to use, and has an impressive database of over 30 million items!

  1. Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher is a tool that helps you find the best suppliers and manufacturers for your products. It lets you search by product type, product category, country, and more. The results are ranked by popularity and reviewed for quality by other users so that you can make confident decisions about where to source your products.

You can use Unicorn Smasher to analyze any product on Amazon, including your competitors’ offerings. This will help you see what’s selling well so that you can see what kind of products are likely to be successful in your niche.

  1. FBA Wizard Pro

FBA Wizard Pro is a really cool tool for anyone who sells on Amazon. It’s a comprehensive tool that lets you monitor your inventory levels, find new products to sell, and even track your sales with a simple dashboard.

The service is free to use and comes with some nice features like being able to export your data into an Excel file, which can be helpful when it comes time to do tax season.

  1. ZonGuru

ZonGuru is a great tool that helps you find products to sell on Amazon. It’s easy to use and has an intuitive interface. The search options are extensive and allow you to filter by category, country of origin, and other criteria.

You can also use ZonGuru to check out the competition and see how well-selling products in your niche rank against one another. You’ll be able to see pricing trends for each product as well as how long it’s been selling for. The app also lets you set up alerts so that when a new product gets added that fits your criteria, you’ll be notified immediately!

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