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11 Ways to Maximize Your Social Media Presence: Tips & Best Practices

Social Media Presence

If you are a brand looking for ways to grow online then having a social media presence is what you should go for without wasting a second. But that’s not all! We see numerous brands having a social media presence but still they are unable to get sales. In that case, what they are missing is an effective, planned strategy that could maximize their social media presence. In this post, I am going to discuss 11 ways to maximize your social media presence. So, better let’s begin:

Know your goals: First and foremost, you need to know what you want from social media, particularly what your target is. It is important to know your goals even before getting on social media. To make it easy, there is a rule known as SMART Rule which covers five elements. SMART indicates goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Now, talking about this, it says that your niche should be specified so that you can target an audience. Alongside that, you must stay relevant to your niche and set deadlines to achieve these goals.

Know your audience: Building a social media presence is all about building and knowing who your audience is, what they want from you, and what you should provide to entertain them as an individual or a brand. With the help of insights, you can know about your audience through their interaction. The best you can do is to target the pain point of people you want to attract and provide them with the solution with your services.

Engage with the audience: When you know what your audience wants, you will post the relevant content. This will automatically allow the audience to engage with you. But most importantly, you need to put more effort into it. You can engage them through stories, live sessions, by asking questions through polls, you can ask them to comment, like, or even watch your videos. Aside from that, you can triple your engagement by including the stuff they ask you about.

Be active: Being up to date, and staying active on social media platforms can also maximize your presence. You should come up with new trends, memes, and aesthetics. You need to put good quality graphics, and nicely written captions that are informative yet engaging to make yourself stand out. On the other hand, if you are short on time and have a lot on your plate, you can trust perpetual group which is a branding agency in Riyadh. Perpetual groups prioritize collaboration and can assist you in quickly establishing a distinctive presence in the market in no time with all the effective ways. 

Be real: Your authenticity matters the most when it comes to personal branding or a strong social media presence. Also, it would be no wrong to say that to an extent your engagement depends on your authenticity. If you are real and care for your audience, your audience will respond to you the same way. You need to build a connection with them and must provide them value to maximize your social media presence.

Stay consistent: You can’t build an audience by posting at random hours or by posting after days and months. Building your online presence requires your time as your family or friends, so it’s a serious job. When brands look on the internet to collaborate, the first thing they notice is consistency as it highly affects engagement and tells them whether you can meet their criteria or not. For that, you need to show up almost every day and if not, you must post on alternate days.

Use new features: In order to keep users interested, many social media networks release new modifications every other month. Talking about that, recently Instagram has shifted completely from a photo sharing application to a video sharing platform seeing the growth of TikTok. Also, they have come up with the notes features that people are enjoying a lot, so are the reels

Post more real content: People can now easily see which posts are sponsored or promotional and which are not. Therefore, people are less interested in such promotional postings than in the ones you create yourself so you must maintain a balance of 30 & 70. Even for promotional content, you must build a trust factor so they value your recommendations. 

Expand to other platforms: Once you have built a specific audience on one platform where you started with your social media journey, then it will be time to move to new platforms. You can also ask your current audience to follow you on new platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or any other when you do so. It will help you in kickstarting your journey on new platforms. Recently, a great number of content creators and brands from Instagram and Facebook have shifted to TikTok seeing a greater audience on the platform. So, it’s always a good idea to move on!

Create a schedule: If you are using one social media platform or more than one, creating a schedule/calendar can help you greatly. You may quickly create a calendar that shows what you need to post, when you’ll talk about each particular issue, and so forth. Meanwhile, you can even schedule your posts for posting. By doing this, everything will be coordinated well and your profile grids will be organized. On top of that, you will stay consistent with your platforms as they will be posted on their own.

Examine your competitors: The final step is to know what your competitors/fellows are posting on their platforms as it will help you identify your mistakes and shortcomings. But be careful not to copy them as this may invite hate and reduce the number of followers you have? Through great branding company in Riyadh, which overtime has led to brand recognition allowing brands not even needing their names mentioned and people knowing who they are – colors, logos, fonts, and icons do all the talking.

In conclusion, it is high time to build your social media presence and these are the most effective ways with which you can maximize your presence. With social media presence you can see the potential of your brand and can also advertise your brand. So, whether you are a small business or a big brand, following these tips can lead to significant growth.

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